Eversley Brothers Up With BEDCO–All He Has To Do Is Dream

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart writes about the latest meeting of the Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation, the agency Bill Finch directed before he was elected mayor in 2007. One of the topics was Don Eversley’s job description as the agency’s project manager. Eversley was the city’s top development official for about four years until David Kooris replaced him this summer. Eversley was moved out for a variety of reasons including a habit for snoozing at city meetings. The mayor thought Eversley was a better fit for his old job, especially with generous cups of joe laced with the Everly Brothers song “All I Have To Do Is Dream.” See report below from Lockhart who deserves kudos for prodding agency officials to make meetings public. It appears Eversley managed to stay awake for the meeting.

I attended Wednesday evening’s board meeting of the re-organized Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO).

Members of the private/public entity talked about revised bylaws, potential projects and officially voted to, as promised, abide by the state Freedom of Information Act.

They also discussed Don Eversley’s job description. When Mayor Bill Finch announced in July he was teaming with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council to revive BEDCO, he also said Eversley, the city’s head of planning and economic development, would leave that job to become BEDCO’s executive director.

But since then Eversley’s job title has changed to project manager. That caused a bit of confusion for some board members, who were advised it was a better description of Eversley’s responsibilities.

Below you’ll find Eversley’s new job description.

Finch briefly attended Tuesday’s meeting to thank the board and to reiterate his confidence in Eversley, who has his share of critics. Don’t we all.

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  1. Finch is proof positive this is the perfect job for someone who likes to sleepwalk through their duties and doesn’t care to break a sweat.
    And although you would get all kinds of BS about it, this job is paid for with your and my tax dollars.
    Another taxpayer ripoff courtesy of the Bill Finch Administration.

  2. And with Eversley on board, BEDCO has just scored the biggest loser ever. Who is going to monitor his productivity? He managed to sleepwalk his way through four years in his previous position with nary a scrap of development to show for it.

  3. Happy Labor Day weekend, especially to those of you who continue to work (because they have to as well as those who love their work and would do it anyway).
    Of course there are those in public employ who provide an easy target for comments about their “work product.” Don Eversley has been such a person in Bridgeport for years now. Whatever you think of him personally, or his work product or just the sense Bridgeport is still paying with your tax dollars and no good way of telling whether you are getting any value from the employment, isn’t there a real problem that pops out in this as in so many Bridgeport ‘workers?’

    What role does regular performance evaluation play in City work from employees, consultants, board or commission members, etc.? If there are no evaluations (measured against work expectations and departmental objectives), how is municipal governance accountable for managing its workers effectively???

    (My guess is evaluations do occur in some areas, for instance with teachers. However, it does not occur with Boards and Commissions, and it did not occur with certain City workers in recent years who asked for evaluations, which requests went unheeded. It does not occur with Boards and Commissions and the WPCA with two vacant positions and three serving terms that are cumulatively 16 years beyond expiry makes a mockery of any claim to accountable, timely, and administrative leadership on the part of Mayor Finch.)

    I guess taxpayers who work for City government are unfamiliar with expectations, objectives and evaluations in the private business world. But increasingly this appears to be such a gap between how things are run in Bridgeport (and the increased expense of City employees) relative to the private sector. Time will tell.

      1. JML sees a public sector with standards below the private sector. Life is more complicated than that but simplification is my modest goal, so here goes: In my opinion, the standard between the public and private sectors is narrowing, not widening. Standards are highest among the people who have opted out of the private sector (think hedge funders running away from former employers) in favor of a world of uncertainty. For those just mentioned, Bridgeport is an ideal location. Several examples already exist. When will they be noticed? (shrug) Time will tell.

  4. What the Godiva is wrong with Lennie Grimaldi? Not one word about the GOP convention and all he can come up with is BEDCO, Obsitnik, and Barbour who? Please Lennie, make my day, someday. Let me give you some GOP 2012 convention trivia. Did you know the empty chair used by Clint Eastwood during his GOP convention speech was actually Chris Murphy’s congressional chair? No Chris, I can’t do that to myself.
    www .youtube.com/watch?v=qiHNVYRTKP8

    1. Joel, I saw Clint’s speech. Did you write it? He made my day. So on your behalf I share a few words on the GOP convention. The buildup was so inspiring most of the local elephants on the ballot didn’t bother going. We’ll see if the donkeys do better.

  5. If you all don’t mind, let’s get back to the subject. Who does Don Eversley report to, who pays his salary, what is the job description, and who and how is he held accountable? It is our taxpayer dollars involved and we deserve answers–who wants to file the FOI for the Donald’s contract?

  6. Doesn’t anybody realize Finch held the very same job Eversley has right now before he became mayor? What on earth did Finch accomplish when he was responsible for economic development at BEDCO?
    Now we have Eversley whose legacy is he frequently dozed off at meetings. Now he is in charge of BEDCO’s economic development. This goes much deeper than Timpanelli. I am still wondering why the BOE audit money Russo got for us went to Timpanelli. Who is conducting the audit? Why is it taking so long? Where is the report? The report was paid for with public funds. The public has a right to know what’s in it. Who is performing the audit?


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