1. The Oracle of Omaha Steaks!

    This a Fall Classic!

    It wasn’t the curve ball that was making his knees buckle. Imagine getting tagged sliding head first into home to her mitt and I don’t mean Romney.

    I think the Cougar should have to take one for the team with Coulter.

  2. News flash: Lucille Bruno has been hired in a clerical job in city hall replacing a nage union employee who was laid off. Add her to the list of political cronies hired during a freeze when hard-working union employees are being laid off. No offense TC and any other senior citizens on this blog but what does a 70-something-year-old woman with no skills have to offer?

    1. Hey Fixer … sounds like you have a bit of a problem with women and the elderly. Bet you hate animals too!!! I don’t see how you can blame the new hire for the lack of respect this administration has for union employees. They seem to have union employees with their backs against the wall by forcing layoffs and implementing high insurance contributions along with furloughs. Things aren’t going to change until we change leadership … 1 more year!

    2. Fixer I am not offended, sometimes us old farts need a kick in the ass. I think hiring Bruno was a major mistake. I told the powers that be they should not have hired someone on social security and a City Pension all the while laying off a younger person who must now collect unemployment and worry about benefits.
      What I don’t understand is a few years ago she was anti-Testa and anti-Finch and now she gets a job. Jesus if those are the criteria I should be offered a big job in the next few days.
      I always thought if you collected a city pension you were not allowed to collect a city paycheck at the same time.
      This damned administration does what it wants and does not care what’s right or wrong.
      BTW being a senior citizen is no big deal and should not warrant special treatment.

      1. TC is it true the woman who was laid off had serious health problems and the city laid her off because it was costing them so much money? Lucy is a double-dipper already collecting a pension. How does that work?

  3. *** Very nice woman, however she supported Caruso in the last Mayor’s race, no? She knows her voting stuff & has political juice I guess! Also good to be prepared even though this election will have a low turnout! *** SOS ***

  4. I have to agree with the Bruno bashing.
    This is a shame.
    What does the King of Anti Corruption Land, Chris Caruso, have to say about this???
    And let’s not forget the family members also on the city payroll.


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