Duh! Gen Now Cry Babies Lament Moore’s Incompetence – A Parenthetical Understanding Of Dark Money Group’s WFP Attack

So, let’s break this down paragraph by paragraph, the conflicted Bridgeport Generation Now Votes wailing and whining over Connecticut Working Families Party not endorsing its hand-picked mayoral candidate Marilyn Moore so that founders Callie Heilmann and Gemeem Davis can control City Hall. Heilmann and Davis are key reasons for Moore’s failure.

Heilmann and Davis have relied on Big Daddy’s pockets, that be Callie’s millionaire Black Rock hubby Niels, to finance their fantastical voyage to the la-la land mountain top. They collectively had $100K wired for Moore’s campaign, some of it suspiciously coordinated against state law, except something happened along the way. Moore flubbed the signature process for a second straight mayoral cycle, this time to qualify for the September 12 Dem primary ballot. Really, again? What did Callie and Gemeem do to hustle signatures? Nothing. Because when OIB uncovered the coordinated dark-money conflict of law they fled to they woodshed to graze among the political termites, leaving Moore in the dust.

Callie and Gemeem once told me: “Niels isn’t part of our organization we just tell him what to do.” Always good to keep the notes. (I have kept them.) How does that feel Big Daddy? Wifey says you don’t matter, even though you finance it.

From the haters of hierarchy:

On behalf of Bridgeport voters, we are extremely disappointed in the Connecticut Working Families Party’s decision to not endorse any of the challengers to Mayor Joe Ganim. The party had all three challengers apply for their endorsement and collect signatures on their behalf, only to decide to sit on the sidelines during the most competitive mayoral race in the state. We find this disrespectful to the candidates and to grassroots organizers who have been working on the ground here day in and day out to build progressive power – including their own Bridgeport chapter.

Translation: How dare you deny us our god-given right to control City Hall, after our candidate screwed up, and us well, again. (But why should that matter)

Additionally, if the Connecticut Working Families Party could not identify the true progressive in this race – a 5-term State Senator with a powerful electoral history and stellar voting record – and back her wholeheartedly, then they should cease claiming to be a legitimate progressive third party option for voters.

Translation:  So should we.

By refusing to endorse Marilyn Moore and shutting her out from the November’s ballot, the CT WFP silenced the will of thousands of Bridgeport voters who were ready to vote for her, thereby stifling democracy and also rendering themselves obsolete: the opposite of what the national Working Families Party says is their mission. Why claim to be building progressive power only to leave it all on the table the moment that everyday, working people need it?

Translation: We stifled democracy poising $100K for our candidate before knowing she’d be on the ballot. (Genius)

Today, on the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, we are resolute that our movement for a beloved Bridgeport will continue. Our work – to dismantle the oppressive, racist, and corrupt system in Bridgeport and build a multiracial democracy that can work for everyone – will go on. We will remain honest, courageous and unapologetic about the mission of our electoral organizing: to back truly independent candidates who will work on the issues and transform Bridgeport from a city that takes from its people to line pockets and grease palms, to a city that delivers for all.

Translation: we’re not really honest, we are cowards, we grease palms and try to buy elections…because we control Big Daddy.

And so it goes in the land of we say this, but do that. No different than the pols they criticize. Just a narcissistic different breed.




  1. By her own admission, she can “live anywhere she likes”.
    That puts Marilyn Moore on a different page than WFP members.
    She’s at odds with their goals.


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