Downtown Traffic, A Search For Gossip, And A $35 Parking Ticket

Kuchma's new phase
The latest housing phase in Phil Kuchma's development progresses.

Who says there’s no activity Downtown? In a quest to harass city employees Monday afternoon on Lyon Terrace, there were no spots in the City Hall parking lot. No meters available on Golden Hill, nothing on Congress Street. Parked on Elm Street, fed the meter, climbed the Broad Street steps, made the rounds, checked in with some of the usual suspects, then snapped this photo (okay okay, not the greatest photographer on the planet) of the latest phase of Phil Kuchma’s Downtown development.

Kuchma, developer of the cool Bijou Square on Fairfield Avenue, is advancing additional Downtown housing, a new senior center for the city, potential new restaurants and a commercial and fitness center on Golden Hill near the Broad Street steps.

Soldiered back to the car on Elm Street, hopefully to avoid that white parking ticket thing under the wiper. No wait, that dreaded ticket was there in all its glory, fleecing $35 from my pocket. Didn’t waste any time. Bolted straight to the Police Department, parked on the free Congress Street overpass with no meters, skipped into the PD and legally greased the cop on the other side of the glass with $35 cash. He provided a receipt and said thank you for your business.

Argh! All In a day’s work. Mayor Bill Finch needs the budget revenue.



  1. After a lot of talk, Bob Curwen has finally stepped down from the council! I wish Bob and his family well. I can’t wait to see who the district leaders come up with to fill his seat. Perhaps his son? Maybe Judy or Mike will move back into town?
    Oh what a circus these next few weeks will be.

  2. Cathy Curwen retired from her city position last week. Both Curwens leaving at the same time? Something’s up. Is Bobby going to make a run for mayor? Or like Dottie Guman and other loyal Dems, has he just had enough of Finch’s lies, arrogance and bullshit? Time will tell.

    Finch should take a serious look at what happened to Ernie. Ernie’s “army” threw him under the bus because they didn’t get their paychecks. For far too long the Bpt Dems have been paying people to go to the pols and have been telling them who to vote for. There is no party loyalty there, just people looking for a few bucks. Finch’s administration has alienated many loyal Dems who worked hard for the party over the years. When there’s no one left but the “army” and those on the payroll, the Bpt Dems could be in some serious trouble.

  3. Thanks, barney. I still stand by my comments that many loyal Bpt Dems are leaving the party. Soon the only ones left will be the ones on the payroll and the paid “army.” Finch and Adam Wood have singlehandedly destroyed the party. With the lack of fiscal oversight and controls, they are raping the City for everything they can grab. Why do you think they hide the financial statements and delay the audit report?

  4. Thirty-five dollars for an expired parking meter? Jesus Christ. Next time park in a municipal lot and take the bus. Unless you’re too proud to take mass transit with the people of the city of Bridgeport …

  5. *** The meter patrol should only work Mon. through Fri. thus leaving the weekends free for outside visitors to the city’s downtown area for much-needed revenue and attention without clipping them with $40 parking tickets! ***


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