Donald One Day, Hillary The Next

Donald Trump visited Bridgeport on Saturday, Hillary Clinton arrives Sunday in back-to-back presidential candidate visits. When was the last time that happened? While Ganim is supporting Clinton, he made a quick visit to greet Trump at the Klein Memorial rally. Bernie Sanders supporters can see him in New Haven.

From Neil Vigdor, CT Post

Donald Trump barnstormed through Connecticut’s largest city Saturday, returning to the place where he was thwarted from building a casino two decades ago with a more audacious proposition–the presidency.

The enigmatic frontrunner for the GOP nomination defied the traditional roadmap of Republicans in this reliably blue state with a raucous midday campaign rally at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport.

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  1. Very excited to be attending the Clinton event on Sunday. Headquarters was crowded with DTC members from other towns. I guess our Town Committee was canvassing. I guess Bernie felt the Bern last Tuesday and didn’t think Connecticut was worth a visit, putting all his eggs in a deluded hail Mary attempt next Tuesday. We love Bernie but we need someone with proven experience and one who support Dems across the country. Bernie made a huge mistake blowing off the undertickets. I hope Clinton has an outstanding turnout Tuesday. Time to unite the party and Dump Trump!

    1. Fantastic, Bernie in CT. Wish I had the time to greet him even though I am a staunch Clinton supporter. I am glad Hillary is respectful of Sanders. I am sorry Sanders and his supporters have been downright nasty as fanatical Trump supporters.


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