Does That Mummy Play Footsies? And What SuBy Really Wants … AG, Then Joe

Update, SuBy announces AG run

: I’m starting to wonder if the Egyptian mummy from the Barnum Museum that director Kathy Maher is shipping to Quinnipiac for age testing is actually Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa eavesdropping on Q Poll callers. Mario, that you?

What a kooky week. Buried some pols, resurrected others. Does that mummy know poll results we don’t?

Chris Dodd says no more. Attorney General Dick Blumenthal screams … I’m in. A hatchery of fresh political fish (or are they really old fish?) say hey, don’t forget us, including former Republican Congressman Larry DeNardis who says he’ll challenge Tom Foley and Michael Fedele for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. And now Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, leading in gubernatorial polls, announced today she’s switching gears to seek Dick’s seat. Former State Senator and Dem party honcho George Jepsen wants to say something about that. Statement from George:

This week I will open my exploratory committee for the office of Connecticut Attorney General.

If I become Attorney General, I pledge to give my full time and commitment to the position. As part of this pledge, I will not run for any higher office while Attorney General in my first term. Specifically, I will not seek the 2012 US Senate seat or the 2014 Governor’s seat. The next Attorney General needs the professionalism upheld by Richard Blumenthal and the office should avoid immediate conflicts involving electoral politics.

When Richard Blumenthal became Attorney General, he committed himself to the work at hand in his first term and I will give that same level of dedication.

We need an Attorney General who, like Richard Blumenthal, will be a constant beacon for legal leadership and ethics over many years, and not a person looking at this position as a short-term stepping stone. I would ask that other officials running for Attorney General match my pledge.

What’s George getting at? SuBy has had her eye on AG for a long time, so maybe she slips into the AG job for a couple of years and then goes for Joe Lieberman’s U.S. Senate seat? Now that would be fun. News release from SuBy:

Susan Bysiewicz Enters Race for Attorney General

Likely Front Runner Pledges to Continue Blumenthal Legacy in AG’s Office

MIDDLETOWN, CT—Pledging to continue her fight for the people of Connecticut, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz today announced her candidacy for the office of Attorney General.

“As we face our greatest challenges in more than a generation, Connecticut needs strong leadership from its Attorney General,” said Bysiewicz. “It is with great hope for the future and a commitment to fighting for the people of Connecticut that I announce my candidacy for Attorney General.”

As Secretary of the State since 1999, Bysiewicz has fought for Connecticut families, veterans, seniors, and consumers. Bysiewicz’s record includes:

· Cracking down on Illegal Businesses: with Richard Blumenthal, spearheaded the effort to crack down on out-of-state businesses operating illegally in Connecticut, which hurts our economy, threatens legitimate small businesses, and costs us jobs.

· Preventing Identity Theft: safeguarded the privacy of Connecticut citizens by ensuring that confidential personal data within her agency is protected or altogether eliminated from the public domain. In particular, she won passage of a law to remove all social security numbers from voter registration rolls.

· Standing up for Victims Rights: in 2004, Bysiewicz created the “Safe at Home/Address Confidentiality” program, which protects victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by keeping their addresses confidential.

· Honoring Veterans: fought the Bush Administration’s efforts to curtail voter registration at Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals. As Secretary of the State, she has honored World War II veterans across the Connecticut and will continue to fight for their rights as Attorney General

· Defending Our Environment: led the successful fight against the dangerous Broadwater Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal and was instrumental in working to ensure that the U.S. Army used smart-growth principles to protect our open spaces while building a new facility in Middletown.

“I intend to carry on the great tradition established by my friend Richard Blumenthal, a tradition where our Attorney General places the people of Connecticut first,” said Bysiewicz. “My record as Secretary of the State has led to great strides to protect Connecticut residents and keep our state one of the safest in America.”

Bysiewicz’s high approval ratings from her tenure as Secretary of the State, as well has her strong fundraising, make her the likely frontrunner for Attorney General.

Susan Bysiewicz is the Secretary of the State of Connecticut. From 1988 to 1992, Secretary Bysiewicz represented the 100th Assembly District in the State House of Representatives. In that capacity, she also served as House Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee. A graduate of Yale College and Duke University School of Law, she has practiced corporate, international, banking, health care, and pension law at several area firms. A native of Middletown, she continues to reside there with her husband, David Donaldson, and their three children.

All I know is a couple of constitutional offices are still up for grabs including SuBy’s seat and Mario wants to snag one of those for a friend to be named later. That, of course, depends on what guber candidate wants to play footsies with Mario. The leading guber Dems, assuming SuBy runs for AG, are former Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy and Ned Lamont. Hey, anyone hear from Bridgeport native guber candidate James Amann? He has his share of support in the state’s largest city including an endorsement from the Big Wave State Rep. Chris Caruso.

Statement from Malloy

Malloy Remains Focused on Potential Run for Governor

January 13, 2010 – Potential candidate for Governor Dan Malloy, the former Mayor of Stamford, today released the following statement:

“In recent weeks, Connecticut has had its share of interesting political surprises. It’s been fun to watch. But, it changes nothing for me personally. I remain focused on just one thing: a potential run for Governor.

“The Governor’s office is where I believe that my experience and my leadership could best serve the State. As the Mayor of Stamford, I spent 14 years creating thousands of jobs, lowering crime, building affordable housing, expanding access to education and health care for children, and producing honest, balanced budgets. I made life better for the people who were my constituents – and I was proud and honored to do it.

“Connecticut is facing monumental problems, and we need to change the culture in Hartford. We need a Governor who has the vision to put real solutions on the table, and the courage to push them through. I have spent the past 14 years doing that in Stamford, and if I choose to run for Governor, I’m confident the people of Connecticut will stand with me as we work to fix what’s broken in Connecticut.”

Is This Mario Mummified?
Is This Mario Mummified?

GOP Poises Pistols

I get news releases daily from the National Republican Campaign Committee spearing Congressman Jim Himes for this or that. The release below pumps up State Senator Dan Debicella who’s crossed a fundraising threshold that delights DC Republicans. Debicella and former State Senator Rob Russo are the leading challengers to face Himes, unless some big-money candidate emerges to shake up the field.

State Senator Dan Debicella Advances to ‘On the Radar’

Connecticut Candidate Takes Important Step Toward ‘Young Gun’ Status

Washington- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has officially announced State Senator Dan Debicella (CT-04) as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, an important first step in its Young Guns program. Founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program is a member-driven organization dedicated to electing open-seat and challenger candidates nationwide. Debicella is running in Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District.

The Young Guns program is designed to assist Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives achieve goals and benchmarks throughout the election cycle focused on the fundamentals of a winning campaign. By achieving ‘On the Radar’ status, Debicella has already proven his ability to build a successful campaign structure and achieve important fundraising goals.

“The NRCC is committed to working with Dan Debicella as he continues to meet the rigorous goals of the Young Guns program,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions. “Debicella is an accomplished leader for Connecticut, and he already has significant momentum behind his campaign. I am confident that Republicans will be successful in our effort to defeat Jim Himes, who is an out-of-touch politician solely focused on his party’s big-government, big-spending agenda rather than job creation.”

As lifelong resident of Fairfield County, State Senator Dan Debicella is dedicated to serving Southwest Connecticut. With an MBA from Harvard Business School and a background in business, Debicella has worked diligently in the State Senate. His focus on economic issues ranges from stopping tax increases in the state budget to writing a landmark 2007 law that gives tax credits to companies that create 10 or more jobs in Connecticut. With his background as a leader and businessman, Debicella plans on bringing fiscal reform to Washington by working towards fueling small businesses, controlling healthcare costs in a fiscally responsible way, and focusing on the transportation needs of Connecticut families.

Having achieved certain benchmarks to place him on the road to victory, Dan Debicella now faces a new set of rigorous goals that will help him advance to the next level of the Young Guns program and help him build a competitive, effective and winning campaign.

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  1. Well everyone from around the state is lining up to get on the state ticket for 2010 and not one name from Bridgeport for any office.
    The last time we had anyone on the top echelon of the state ticket was when Ed Caldwell was the comptroller for the state. Ed’s been out of that office for over 15 years.
    What these state politician feel about Bridgeport is evident in the fact that we have had no one mentioned for the state ticket. They come here pandering for support and like good little children we give it to them. Good enough to get our support not good enough to get anyone on the ticket.
    Yeah I know Ganim had a shot at Lt Gov but he would not walk away from the mayor’s job.
    Has anyone wondered why we keep being ignored? Could it be that we don’t have anyone with the charisma to get on the ticket or are our political leaders thought so little of?
    Maybe it’s time to tell the state Democratic powers to go screw themselves and stay out of this next election, after all we get bupkus from the state anyway. Please don’t tell me about school aid or the Pilot money because we get screwed there also.

  2. Seeing that the blog is quiet this AM I figured I would weigh in on another subject. The Bridgeport teachers Union.
    This a band of mostly incompetents voted not to support he president’s program Race To The Top. Their reasoning being that they are afraid it would lead to a Merit pay system for teachers. This next one is the best of all: THEY ARE AFRAID THAT THIS WOULD LINK STUDENT PERFORMANCE TO TEACHERS EVALUATIONS. Isn’t that something to think about that nonperforming teachers would not get a raise while the teachers that give a damn and have their students performing would get a raise?
    It’s time for the teachers union to take a look at their overall performance. This city has a dropout rate of 68% and the kids that are graduating are lagging behind students from other towns and cities.
    It’s time to get rid of the deadwood and get teachers in here that give a damn. It’s time to reward the good teachers. What happens to the good teachers in this city is that they get dumped on. They end up with the unruly students and the larger class sizes. They get BS from the nonperforming teachers? I know teachers that start their school day countdown from the first day of school. Ask them today how many school days are left and they can tell you.
    While unions have their purpose and have done many good thing for their membership, by and large they are in place to protect the screw-ups and the malcontents.
    Having worked in a Union shop where your performance had nothing to do with your raises and having worked in a non-union Fortune 500 company where your raises were based on performance, percentage-wise I made more money in private industry because it was up to me and my overall performance. To the BEA, get a clue.

  3. Look for Jerry Farrell, R-Wallingford, Director of Consumer Protection to jump into the ring for some constitutional office. I hope he will be wearing some protection because he is going to get smoked.

  4. Are there any politicians from Bridgeport with the potential to win a statewide election? I’m not being merely rhetorical here. Our legislative delegation is unable to do much besides making quorum calls. The egos have been coming first with that lot. It’s a shame too. Chris Caruso, anointed as the dean of the delegation by none other than Lennie Grimaldi himself, is the only one of the bunch with leadership qualities.

    The law-school-educated delegates, hey, their egos won’t allow them to follow a man who is unapologetically a product of the working class. Guess what? This city was built and lived in and maintained by the working class, by men and and women that worked in factories and drove trucks and pushed brooms and swung mops for an hourly wage. Men and women that ate their lunches from dinner buckets and brown paper bags. When the factories left town the sons and daughters left town. Those that remained ended up on welfare.

    An acquaintance, a woman that is familiar with my writings on this ‘blog, has opined that I don’t like politicians. That’s not entirely correct. To some degree, but the cigar doesn’t get handed over. Politics is a necessary thing. Not an evil, but still necessary. The city has deep problems and a dreadfully shallow revenue stream. What has taken up most of the City Council’s time recently? A couple of goddamned voicemail messages. What has taken up our legislative delegation’s time? A healthcare project that puts money into some pockets but doesn’t create jobs in the foreseeable future. Gee, thanks. We needed that.

  5. TC: Thanks for raising some issues that have not surfaced in a while. Perhaps a new look is worth our time?
    Bridgeport gets a lot of money from the State of CT, 80% of our school budget, the same % of school construction costs, some grants here and there among departments, and “pilot” funds (payment in lieu of taxes). I would like to know how pilot funds came to be a % of what would be the property tax on a building rather than 100% that a private owner would pay? Can anyone give me the history on why there are different levels of “pilot”?
    (When we study how things came to be you find some interesting stories. My favorite Bridgeport decision is about the Congress Street bridge, that famous erect but non-functioning apparatus, symbolic of a need for change but with no low-cost prescription handy! Apparently there was a time decades ago when streets and bridges were the maintenance responsibility of the municipality. That changed when an opportunity to turn that over to the State DOT? was offered. Bridgeport as well as many communities turned over responsibility to the State for most such structures, however, perhaps because a friend or relative was in the bridge maintenance business, the Congress Street Bridge managed to stay under City control. So we earned the folly, recriminations, and financial task of discovering a remedy that gets more expensive every year.) Anybody have a different read on that?
    Anyway perhaps a case can be made, in court if necessary, that if the State wants to site buildings in a community that crowd out private development and private taxpayers, they should base “pilot” on 100%? That platform is something that every member of our State legislative delegation should be able to support, and should gain support from other municipalities so situated.
    Failure to remit 100% forces local taxpayers to pay a higher tax for their local services thus subsidizing State taxpayers outside of cities who get less expensive building operating costs. And since we keep hearing from our officials that Bridgeport is such a small land area anyway, the siting of State facilities has a more negative effect that they would in Newtown, for instance. Am I missing something?
    That’s it for the moment. Will personally reflect on education issues soon; and I hope as I stated last week, that there are a number of OIB correspondents who are in the schools regularly to view, hear, and assess the daily battle to erase ignorance, energize apathy, and give people of all ages, titles, experience, the opportunity to see how it feels to more fully use their talents, time and hopefulness that will result in greater human development!

    1. I’m given to wonder about the same issues. Are these so-called “pilot funds” the full equivalent of the funds that would accrue as taxes if the property were in private ownership? I would guess no. Nearly half of all taxable real estate in Bridgeport is owned by the city. If a developer with vision wants to do business in Bridgeport, much of the prime, shovel-ready real estate must be purchased from the city. That very fact creates a lot of difficulties. The bank building at 2838 Fairfield Avenue is a perfect example. Why was a developer chosen via an RFP process only to have them back out? What spooked them? No one’s talking. What about all of the city-owned property adjacent to Harbor Yard? Irvin “Magic” Johnson and his colleagues expressed clear interest in developing that piece of land, only to back out after several months. Why? No one’s talking.

      There’s plenty of commercial development in Stamford, Norwalk, New Haven, even Hartford, Connecticut’s other cities. Why is it that Bridgeport’s leadership, our policy-wonking Mayor, can’t cure the municipal bureaucracy of its tendency to drive away investment?

  6. *** Are things getting that repetitive in Bpt. that we’re left to blog about an old Barnum Museum “Mummy”? *** How about that North End man that took out his wife, apparently an on-going domestic dispute? Sad, very sad to think that a professional mental health practitioner could become so blinded & insensitive, due to one of life’s possible negative realities in marriage relations & completely forget just how precious “life” truly is! If he thinks he was upset & emotional before this tragic event happened, wait ’til it hits him 24hrs. after the fact! Typical cry of remorse for help & stress release, “suicide” attempts. *** Bpt. school teachers & admin. need to stop & take a good look @ what exactly they’re doing or not doing & make sound back-to-basics changes that might help improve the overall quality of students’ curricula in general. It should not always be about “MONEY” when it comes to sound basic education or government involvement. (Basics example) The curriculum, 3Rs, which includes the pupil, school & teacher, parents or guardians, with Sunday extra-credit help from Bible-study class @ family’s choice of church of worship. *** “$” issues are optional @ the time donation baskets are passed around! ***

  7. Susan B wants to be the AG now instead of governor. As a person that would have voted for her in the governor’s race I have to stop and think about voting for her for AG.
    It seems to me that this is just a stopgap move towards Lieberman’s seat. I am getting frustrated with people more concerned about their own rise to power than they are for the people that put them in office.
    She is leaving us with the horrible choices of Malloy, Amann and Lamont. None of which I can support. This sucks.

    1. SuBy is a laudable choice for Attorney General. As Secretary of State she has shown no reservation over following the letter of the law, particularly election law. As the Attorney General is the highest ranking civil prosecutor in the the state (criminal prosecutions are handled by the State’s Attorney’s office, an appointed, rather than elective, position) she will be very effective.

    2. It could be a stepping stone toward Joseph Lieberman’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Hard to say that she could knock him off that cushy throne. Joe “Hamlet On The Potomac” Lieberman has made a political career of playing to the left, the right, and the ambivalent. He doesn’t appear to attract a strong majority in any of the three, but he mustered the aggregate votes to prevail over Ned Lamont.

      Whoever next decides to take up the Lieberman cause ought to take a good long look at the paper trails leading back to his major campaign contributors.

  8. “Washington- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has officially announced State Senator Dan Debicella (CT-04) as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, an important first step in its Young Guns program.”

    If Dan Debicella is a “Young Gun,” does this mean that Rob Russo is an “Adult Assault Rifle?”

  9. – NEWS UPDATE –
    Efforts by Mayor Finch and Congressman Himes paying off and now Bridgeport is getting more federal money for green collar jobs and poverty prevention, through an organization called “The Workplace”, whose CEO recently appeared on the weekly live show “Bridgeport Now”.


    WorkPlace, Inc. Awarded $4 Million from Recovery Act to Create Green Jobs

    Himes, Finch, Carbone say grant will create hundreds of jobs for those who need them most

    WASHINGTON, DC—The WorkPlace, Inc. and dozens of partner organizations will receive a $4 million Recovery Act grant for the Green-Up Bridgeport project, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch announced today. This Pathways out of Poverty Initiative grant will provide resources for local service organizations and the city to train unemployed workers for in-demand occupations. Participants in the program will ultimately be placed directly into employment.

    “This investment in training and education for green jobs is a tremendous opportunity to build better futures for people in Bridgeport,” said Joseph M. Carbone, President and Chief Executive Officer of The WorkPlace, Inc. “We look forward to working with our great partners to prepare and link this workforce with the emerging green economy locally.”

    The WorkPlace, Inc., along with partner organizations, will provide an overview of the core sectors of the green economy to 700 participants. Then 500 of those participants will complete education and training activities in areas such as HVAC, electricity and plumbing; resource management, drinking water and wastewater treatment; landscaping, recycling and remediation; construction; architecture and engineering; installation, maintenance and repair trades; and transportation. Training program participants will earn a certificate or credential that will facilitate entry into an in-demand occupation or trade. The training and job placement program will target disadvantaged individuals for the training and job placement they need to help get them back on their feet.

    “Putting Americans back to work now is absolutely critical. A job is more than a paycheck. It is dignity and hope for the future,” said Congressman Himes. “This grant combines the right training, the work, and the right long-term vision to help make Bridgeport and its citizens leaders in the clean energy economy.”

    The City of Bridgeport will donate a foreclosed home now owned by the city to serve as a real-life classroom for the program. Throughout the course of their training, participants will upgrade the house to be fully energy efficient. Green-Up Bridgeport will support Bridgeport’s B-Green 2020 initiative.

    “Working together with the WorkPlace and our local and state education partners, this funding will enable the city to move forward in creating a ‘green jobs ladder’ that will help Bridgeport residents access training enabling them to get in on the ground floor of the green jobs revolution,” said Mayor Finch. “Creating jobs that will stay here and provide a living wage for our residents is one of the core tenets of my administration’s B-Green 2020 sustainability efforts. This grant is a crucial part of our efforts and we are very thankful to Congressman Himes and Senators Dodd and Lieberman for their diligence in securing this funding for the city.”

    Partnering organizations include: Career Resources, Inc., Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute, Inc., FSW, Inc., Mount Aery Development Corporation, Family ReEntry, Inc., Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc., Urban League of Southern Connecticut, Inc., City of Bridgeport, Bridgeport Social Services, Pivot Ministries, Central Connecticut State University, Institute of Technology and Business Development, Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University, University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport Public Schools Adult Education Department, Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport Regional Business Council, United Illuminating Company, 5Million Green Jobs, Connecticut Retail Merchants Association, City of Bridgeport, Office of Planning & Economic Development, Carpenter’s Local 210, and Sikorsky Aircraft

  10. I once posted: “Lennie Grimaldi has the Sharpest Political Eye in the State of Connecticut.” I have to withdraw this statement. Lennie is now just another Political Eye in the State of Connecticut. Before anyone calls Lennie a “racist” or biased, think twice before doing so! Just as I’m taking the time to post here and mention that Juan Figueroa is contemplating a run for Governor of Connecticut, other hispanics, especially his supporters who read OIB, could have done the same. For the record, I support Linda McMahon, for the time being. Having posted this, I leave Lennie Grimaldi with this, so he can start sharpening his Eyes:


  11. I agree I want leaders who want to stay and govern. Lamont and Suby are probably still looking for stepping stones. I know Malloy rubs some people the wrong way but don’t let the form get in the way of the substance. He has a good track record for an executive leadership position. He knows how to attract development, get the most from the federal government and knows first hand how much cities need help. But what really sealed my support was that he was the ONLY candidate to voice a strong opposition to the girls’ jail in Bridgeport. He was on WICC and talked for more than 15 mins. on that issue. No other candidate touched it or acknowledged it. He is good on education too. McMahon is a joke and Blumenthal will kick her WWF steroid-pushing butt.

    1. Haven’t noticed that everyone saying they oppose the girls’ jail in Bridgeport haven’t suggested where they would put it. If officials say put it in Trumbull, would Trumbull officials and citizens be wrong to object and oppose such a proposal? Would they be justified in voting against anyone who objected to the Bridgeport site and hold them accountable? Where would Malloy put it? Stamford perhaps? Will Chris Caruso, Malloy and the like fight against the jail if it is proposed for somewhere in my neighborhood?

    1. careful what you wish for johnb; they may “ignore” you.
      You have two “ignore” buttons on your face, use them when you want. I’d still read your postings even if I knew you were a “Dickhead.”

      NOTE: Like the Grateful Dead followers are known as “Deadheads,” I have labeled all Dick Blumenthal followers “Dickheads.”

  12. *** The feds, as well as Congressman Himes, need to pay attention to projects grant $s that are awarded to the state of CT. *** Especially money that may come to Bpt. for special projects, etc. and handed over to Bpt. government officials to oversee the start of said programs or projects. Case in point, $25 million given to Bpt. to start a 1st-time home buyers program for affordable city foreclosed properties, etc. It’s been over a year-plus since the award & announcement of the program with city officials involved in part of the process, & nothing has happened yet? Just answers that sound like questions? Why does everything positive take so long to happen in Bpt.; yet negative actions happen overnight? I hear & read all of these so-called positive things that are in the making for Bpt’s. bright future from the Finch Admin. yet time passes & nothing happens but more talk! *** The most amazing part is that voters from this 1-political-party city seem to always complain but continue to vote over & over again for the wrong people most of the time? It’s like being stuck in quicksand, the more you attempt to escape, the more you sink! *** FORGETABOUTIT ***


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