Discrimination Lawsuit Against Former Chief Garcia Advances

 From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A federal judge has refused to throw out a civil rights lawsuit by a senior police official who claimed he was discriminated against and subjected to retaliation by former Acting Police Chief Rebeca Garcia.

In a 15-page decision, U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Atherton denied a motion by the city to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Police Capt. Lonnie Blackwell.

While the judge did not find that Garcia’s enforcement of overtime restrictions and the reduction of Blackwell’s school-related responsibilities supported Blackwell’s claims of discrimination she continued that there is sufficient evidence of Garcia taking retaliatory action against Blackwell for his discrimination complaints.

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“Drawing all reasonable inferences in favor of the plaintiff after reviewing various alleged retaliatory actions in the aggregate, the court concludes there is sufficient evidence to allow a reasonable jury to find that prohibited retaliation occurred,” the judge stated.

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  1. Anyone have a tally of how many city tax dollars were wasted with GANIM’s Personnel related ineptitude. Has anyone computed the cost of Lawsuits, consultants to help the inept, etc. etc etc.

    1. Compelling comment Joe-So. Former chief Garcia, who has cost taxpayers money from her actions, is now backing your candidate John Gomes, as is John Ricci, following a federal court award of $140K involving Ricci’s hostile work environment. You don’t seem to care about that, right? Nor, your candidate. Isn’t it all so convenient to say this while that happens? So it’s okay to add up all the dollars, no harm, no foul as long as they support John Gomes, right?

      1. No sir, what you seem to fail to understand, or refuse to, is that the buck stops with the Mayor. Employees follow the orders of the mayor. The mayor is responsible as CEO of the city for all his hires and the mayor resulting behaviors.

        Any policy actions were with the Mayors blessing. You know old sign that used to be on the desk leaders everywhere “the buck stops here”.

        Hopefully that sign will be on the desk of John Gomes and he could go through his tenure without playing musical police chiefs, health directors, civil service directors and maybe just maybe not have 2 out of the 3 aforementioned holders of those positions arrested and put in jail.

        1. Joe S. – you are absolutely correct. I have written many times how much Ganim and his “cohorts” actions have cost the taxpayers of the city of Bridgeport, only to be admonished by some saying that my views were “personal”, inappropriate, and “fabricated”. Whether it was Ganim, A.J., Mario, Defilippo or others.
          They have all mostly been proven to be wrong and one even wrote that “an apology” was in order. I don’t need apologies but I would like to know that more people open their eyes to see and understand what’s in front of them and why things are unwell with their government leadership that has demonstrated little to improve their lives.


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