Discovery Museum, Zoo Feel Malloy Budget Cuts

To close a projected deficit of more than $50 million for the budget year that ends June 30, Governor Dan Malloy announced cuts on Thursday that impacted social services as well as tourism including the Discovery Museum and Beardsley Zoo. More from Ken Dixon, CT Post:

Bridgeport’s Discovery Museum  loses $18,000, Norwalk’s Maritime Center will see a $27,747 cut and Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo  in Bridgeport will be cut $18,676, according to the list released late in the afternoon.

In reaction, state Sen. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, co-chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said she looked forward to helping the governor tackle the state’s financial problems.

“What I’m most interested in hearing about is whether any of these rescissions to health care affect mental health treatment, especially for children,” Bye said in a statement.

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  1. Four weeks ago in the days before the election, it was State money for Bridgeport and visits from luminaries.

    In the cold light of later November it is time to deal with real budget stories that affect zoos, museums and children who have mental health problems among other cuts. Tough and necessary work.

    Is there a take-away for Bridgeport, which is in a similar position to CT in that it has no money printing process like the Federal government? The Mayor has talked about cuts in his budgets over the years, but the larger cuts have been in the property subject to 100% taxation due to listing on the Net Taxable Grand List with a current valuation, that the Mayor keeps enforcing on us of October 1, 2008. Can I sell my house or vacant land for 2008 values in 2014? Why not? Because time has moved on. How did this decision by the Mayor to waive the values revealed in the 2013 revaluation help any taxpayer? Time will tell.

  2. Well for all those who voted for Malloy you are now reaping the rewards. A few months ago Malloy was talking about everyone getting a tax refund from a state surplus, well that went the way of Finch’s $650 rebate, it must be a Democratic thing. Now just after the election we find we have a substantial deficit. Go figure.

  3. You can be sure if Foley were elected these cuts would have been deeper and permanent.
    Yup can moan about Malloy being misleading but remember Foley didn’t say anything at all. Malloy said there would be no deficit and he is hard at work keeping that promise.
    As long as these cuts are fair and across the board no complaints from me.
    And no remorse over my vote for Malloy.

  4. Your Mayor volunteered the taxpayers of Bridgeport. It had nothing to do with Malloy.
    Malloy said a deficit was projected but he would make sure there wasn’t one.

  5. Wake up, Andy.
    All of the Comptroller, Legislative Budget and the governor’s office were forecasting a deficit.
    If this is news to you it’s because you had not paid any attention to the news.
    He had said he would deal with any shortfall. Period.
    As to the Obama visit, FINCH and only FINCH is too blame for who picked up the cost.
    Why don’t you try talking to your city council representative?

    1. Bob, a few months before the election Malloy stated each Connecticut resident who pays taxes will get a $55 rebate. The election came and went and no $55.
      Comptroller, Legislative Budget and the governor’s office were all forecasting a deficit, yes they did right after the election.
      Bob, lately it sounds like you need or want a job from Malloy.

  6. I don’t know Bob, didn’t Malloy offer every taxpayer a $55 refund? Then rescinded the offer? Kinda like Finch’s $600 homesteader rebate and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Sounds like a bunch of nasty liars to me.


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