Discounts At The Vibes, Plus: Machine Politics And Touching Voters’ Pleasure Center

The hottest hippie fest on the planet visits the Park City this week as Ken Hays brings his Gathering Of The Vibes to Seaside Park. Discount packages are available for Bridgeport residents this weekend.  So grab your tix, pull up a chair, roll some juicy fruits, share a peace pipe with a politician. Hey, baby, it’s a party.

OIB caught up with Hays by telephone on Monday. In an audio cast, he fills us up on what it’s like to put on this waterfront gig and discount opportunities for city residents. Hays and Mayor Bill Finch recently signed a five-year deal to make Bridgeport the home of the Vibes. Warning: knucklehead here forgot to plug the filter into the digital voice recorder so sound quality isn’t great. I guarantee the sound quality will be better at the Vibes. {running time: 4:18}

For more information, check out their website:

Who’s The Machine Candidate?

This is too funny to pass up. Just received this item:

The Black Rock Homeowners Association is pleased to present incumbent State Representative Robert Keeley (D) and party-endorsed challenger Auden Grogins (D) in a pre-primary forum to be held at Black Rock Arts Center, August 6, 2008 at 7:00 PM.

I love it. Keeley’s the only guy on the planet that can be endorsed by Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa and the party and then persuade a debate organizer that he’s not the machine candidate. Wait until the blonde banshee reads that item! I’m wondering, is Rapid Robert willing to give back the endorsement? Did OIB friend Tom Kelly write that press release?

The Battle For Moderation

Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District is a study in moderation that follows the shoreline from Greenwich to Bridgeport and inland to my neck of the woods in Redding. (Yes, we have people here.) Moderation is just another word for sanity: we’re not crazy, although you think we are. Congressman Christopher Shays and his Democratic opponent in November Jim Himes (yeah, yeah I know Himes has a primary in two weeks from Leona Helmsley’s honorary cousin Lee Whitnum, but next case) are in a battle to hit the centrist bulls eye. See Shay’s campaign press release below. As OIB friend Jon Kantrowitz posted on Monday, Himes is pulling out Democratic state constitutional officers for a press hit Tuesday afternoon at McLevy Green. We’ll have the centrist meter running.


Christopher Shays tops the list of moderates in the U.S. House of Representatives over last seven years

NORWALK, CT – July 28, 2008 – Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-4) is the #1 moderate Republican in Congress, according to new research published today by Congressional Quarterly. CQ found that Shays, the only House Republican from New England, voted with George W. Bush 52 percent of the time over the course of his presidency, and with Congressional Republicans 70 percent of the time during that period.

“I’m not afraid to stand with my party when it’s right and to stand against it when it’s wrong,” Shays said. “I’ve been effective working across the aisle to implement campaign finance reform, congressional accountability, and the 9/11 commission recommendations. The bottom line is bipartisanship will be fundamental to the success of the next administration, and I look forward to working with the next president to address the challenges facing our district, state and nation.”

Congressional Quarterly ranked 27 Democrats and Republicans based upon their roll call votes from January 20, 2001 through July 18, 2008. Presidential support was based upon 432 roll call votes where Bush had a clear position.

“Christopher calls himself ‘purple’ for good reason,” said Michael Sohn, Shays’ campaign manager. “He reaches across the aisle every day on behalf of his constituents in the 4th Congressional District, and he gets results.”

Shays is the leading author of several landmark pieces of bipartisan legislation, including the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and the Congressional Accountability Act. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Shays worked on a bipartisan basis to enact the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act, which requires state and local officials to include plans for the evacuation of pets in the event of a major disaster. His Energy for Our Future Act addresses the current crisis by improving fuel economy and encouraging consumers to save more money in their homes, and his bipartisan American Health Benefits Protection Act would provide every American with access to the same health care as members of Congress.



  1. I hope any person who needs a job will remember Shays at election time. He is the one through lies to the BIA that shot down the recognition of the Golden Hill Paugussetts. A book that came out last November, proves without any doubt, that he was aware of the validity of the tribe’s recognition. This cost the un- and underemployeed jobs at $15@hr minimum wage. Who paid him off or what mental defect caused this opposition is yet unknown, but the justice dept. will find out!!!

  2. WAR!

    Finch’s Deputy Chief Of Staff, Ruben Felipe, violates gentlemen’s agreement with Keeley. Crosses district lines to help Grogins in campaign. Felipe is Finch and Stafstrom’s boy who spends more time politicking on city time than working for the city. Mario won’t be happy with this breach. In politics, you are only as good as your word.

    Felipe and Dave Bosco were parked illegally in a fire zone for one and a half hours outside last night at Casa de Harold.

    I mean it’s bad enough that the Blonde Banshee is Illegally blonde, Illegally parks and doesn’t pick up her dog, Harold’s, love droppings in violation of health laws. And they talk about Keeley? I heard Grogins screaming underneath my window: “That fucking Keeley!” Jeeze Auden tone it down will ya. I heard EVERYTHING you were saying last night. Talk about pillow talk.

    Hey Ruben! How was that lunch at Sweet Basil, on city time, in Fairfield 2 weeks ago? Guy makes $80k a year and is eating in Fairfield. Then again if you were making $80k you could lunch in Fairfield too. The Mayor’s office is a helluva economic development tool for…Fairfield!!!

    The Grogins campaign is doing a great job pulling out votes for Keeley votes via Absentee Ballots.

    Things are so bad in the crumbling Grogins campaign, that they now know they aren’t going to win at Black Rock School. Even Harold looks like he’s laying down on this vote. They were out scavenging for votes on Orland Street last night in the Longfellow district.

  3. If Shays is so bipartisan, why does he support McCain, when his stands on the issues should make him an Obama backer?

    I’m told his voting record is a big game, and that when Republicans are going to lose anyway, GOP leadership releases Shays to vote with the Dems. What does Shays’ voting record look like when you reduce it to close votes, i.e. votes where Shays mattered?

    Also, if Shays is so bipartisan, why does he speak so insultingly of Dem leadership? Publicly referring to Nancy Pelosi as “that woman” can’t be good for the district. Readers should know that rookie CT Congressmen Murphy and Courtney both bring back to the district significantly more $$$$ than Shays. Courtney almost double.

    Then there are his election year conversions on things so important as Iraq timelines and universal health coverage. Are we really to believe that he stands with Democrats on these issues? Or is it just desperation? (Hats off to Farrell and Himes for making Shays move to the middle btw. Shays sang a different tune in the late 90’s into Bush’s first term)

    Finally is the question of leadership. Twenty-one years in Congress, and Shays does not have a committee chairmanship.

  4. We have got to get Tom Kelly into a job in city or state government. He is a prolific purveyor of the prose with more than a modicum of sensible thought. Is Keeley the catalyst that will effect that? I don’t think so. Is there anyone out there who could suggest to Moonbeam that Kelly be appointed to a meaningful role in city government? Or, maybe he could manage the bar at Testa’s.

    If you read his postings carefully, you will easily recognize that Tom has his thumb on the pulse of the state and the city. We need his insight to effect CHANGE. And, we need it now.

    I would like to see Tom associated with Russo or Salcedo. Men of integrity who are not afraid to stand before the system with resolve.

    His current affection for Keeley is troubling. Keeley will win this race only because he is virtually running unopposed. I hope that Keeley will recognize the talents of his ardent supporter and ensure that Tom plays a role in the future of our city.

  5. Sometimes I agree with yahooy and sometimes I don’t. When it comes to his assessment of Tom K., I agree with him 100%.

    Off to work – have a good day.

  6. I totally agree that Peeping Tom Kelly is an extremely intelligent and informed individual. But the very LAST thing we need is another nutcase in state or local government.

    Hey, Tom…if I send you 500 bucks, do you think you could use it to buy yourself some friends…or perhaps get started on a hobby?

  7. Shays is like Lieberman; he blows with the prevailing wind. Lieberman is now caught in a pickle with the Republicans and the Democrats, as his recent praise and softening on Obama indicates. Hedging our bets are we Senator “look out for number one” Lieberman? No matter which base he tries for it looks like he will be tagged out. Do you really think Obama will want Joe to chair any committees if he is elected, which now seems most probable? Shays is cut from the same chameleon cloth, morphing into whatever color suits him best to camouflage him from danger. As reptiles these men speak with forked tongues. (No wonder why Finch hangs out with Lieberman.) Shays doesn’t want to help the people of Bridgeport; he doesn’t want to build bridges around Bridgeport, just walls that keep the people beyond the moat.

    Tom Kelly is a sly like a fox and he would do well to help Salcedo or Musto. I wouldn’t recommend Russo as he like Shays, not a man of the people. Look at his voting record of 6 weeks. No on sub-prime mortgage relief, no on health insurance, yes to taking away a million dollars from Bridgeport, is this a record that the people of Bridgeport want?

    For the record I believe politicians once elected need to put the partisan politics behind them and work together. Issues like taxes, energy costs, the war, health care affect Democrats and Republicans. I am not my party at all costs, but it is rare that I agree with Republican platforms. It makes sense that I identify with the people who support my ideology. However, to be effective, you have to work with the other people who were elected if you truly want to solve problems and not just work on your own agenda.

  8. “Welcome to the machine . . .”

    Here we go again. Someone always brings up the dreaded machine. This time it is Keeley, but it is only a matter of convenience: he has been a part of the machine for years. Now that it might be useful to his campaign, he complains about “the machine.”

    All this talk about a feud between Stafstrom and Testa, hey–it’s all valid. Don Mario has a bug up his ass because Stafstrom challenged him for the leadership of the DTC. Now that Don Mario is King of the Hill, he’s being vindictive and spiteful. Just like Chris Caruso, another loud mouth known to gas off about the machine. (Joe Celli supported Caruso, and he LOST. That bodes well for Auden Grogins.) It is never about the peoples’ business, and that is disgraceful. What is good for the citizens of Bridgeport should be the ONLY important thing. It ain’t, unfortunately. We need better employment opportunities, we need a vastly improved educational system, we need lower taxes.

  9. Scientists believe that carbon is the cornerstone of the universe. I think stupidity is. Think about it: there is so much of it, the most plentiful substance in Bridgeport.

  10. Charlie:
    You’re right. Shays’ position on the Casino is unforgivable. But once again he was bowing to the people who financially support his campaigns; to wit, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan crowd. Bridgeport hasn’t and will never forget his position and his proactive support for the moneyed people in the southern towns. They didn’t like the idea of a casino located here because they believed that it would increase traffic on 1-95 which would in turn affect their way of life. So Chris took up their offense and threw in the nonsense that gambling is sinful and he wanted to save Bridgeport from such a fate.

    Then of course, you have Chris’ positions on the Iraq war and Medicare D both of which were disasterous.

    It comes down to: do we excuse him and vote for him because of his seniority in the interest of his being able to bring home the bacon for Bridgeport, or opt in favor of a new congressman? It’s a gamble — If Obama is elected we would be best served by Himes, but if McCain is the victor we would be best sticking with Shays.

    And Yahooy, you too are right. If only we could get Tom Kelly interested in public office. God knows we need someone who is as savvy as Tom in local politics, as well as and more importantly, as intelligent as Tom. — How about it Tom???

  11. I saw some of a debate (ha!) on ch 12 between Whitnum and Himes. Is she for real? I guess if you have money and nothing to do you go into politics. Is Himes gay? He certainly comes across as too sensitive (not that it’s a bad thing).

    If he beats Shays, Chris could easily become Mayor of B’port. Shays vs Finch! give me a break. Chris will pull out all the pics of him and the local dems at groundbreaking and money transfers with the caption…Chris works both sides of the aisle and is liked by all.

  12. Here we go again!!!

    All of these postings starting, “Yahooy’s right; I agree with Yahooy; Yahooy, you are TOO right; Yahooy has offered an insightful analysis of the issue which is abundantly correct; Yahooy hit the nail on the head; (and good ol’ JFBR) I don’t always agree with Yahooy, but this time he is right…

    This Yahooy must be very bright…good-looking too!!!

  13. “The Bridgeport Kid // Jul 29, 2008 at 10:50 am

    Yahooy is on point again. This is a Watergate sort of thing, just follow the money.”


    Now that my sense of confidence is at a high, I think I’ll dump Anna for Lisa Parziale.

  14. Thanks for all the kind words.

    Det. Axel Grease, I know I’m nuts but not crazy enough to go to work for the city.
    Hold onto the 500 smelts or donate it to Swim Across the Sound. This blog is my Hobby. No more Testor’s glue for me. And I’m doing pretty well on the friends front thanks.

  15. I think that Yahooy’s head will swell for a short time, and he will return to earth with a gentle plop.

    The casino issue is a nonstarter. The moneyed classes from further down the Gold Coast wanted a casino because they would’ve been able to reap huge profits without breaking a sweat. The citizens of Bridgeport, on the other hand, would’ve had to deal with the increased traffic on our streets, the growth of incidental businesses like pawn shops and prostitution, etc. Casinos generate a lot of money, but it gets into relatively few hands. And the casino would’ve been on sovereign Indian land. Employees would not be protected by state or federal labor laws.

  16. “Philly of the Week”

    That’s a horse!

    I remind you of a horse!!

    I take umbrage, albeit jocular umbrage.

    According, you sir are Philistine of the Week!!!

  17. Our elected officials in Washington seem to have terminal cases of Potomac Fever. Shays and Leiberman have been living in D.C. so long that they’re both completely out of touch with reality. Ol’ Bob “what cellphone ban?” Keeley is afflicted by a similar malady, a local strain known as Asylum Hill Fatigue.

  18. Charlie Carroll, $114,000, long term city employee.

    Could Charlie Carroll be employable anywhere but working for the machine in the City of Bridgeport?

  19. The people from the Gold Coast towns wanted the casino to fail because they were afraid of losing their cheap labor from the Bridgeport area. They knew the casino jobs paid more than they are paying for the jobs Bpt residents held. Losing this labor force would have been a blow to their economy.
    Do you really think that the powers to be in these Gold Coast towns give a damn about the people sitting in traffic trying to get to their jobs in these towns. they could give a shit less.

  20. That is true, Wondering. Leona Helmsley wasn’t the only rich bitch that thought “only the little people pay taxes.” The blue-collar labor pool in Bridgeport is what keeps the economy going. The sub-prime mortgage crisis didn’t affect the Gold Coasters; they just transferred their money into other investments. Meanwhile, more than a few homeowners in Bridgeport are now homeless.

  21. Tom Kelly, in his infinite wisdom, asked rhetorically, “If Keeley is so bad then why did the Governor just approve the bonding for the August 4th meeting to give Keeley’s district and our neighborhood the money for the 7-11 Firehouse?” The money was hustled through by M.J.R. because of the public outcry over the deaths of a man, his wife, and their infant daughter. It is typical of Keeley to milk a tragedy for a few measely political points.

  22. Yahooy has been nominated “Philly of the week”! All this time I thought he was just a wise ass. He’s a sandwich too. Who’da thunk it?

  23. It seems to me the majority of people elected to office (“politicians”) on all levels, municipal, state or federal and even folk appointed to committees and commissions develop, over a very short period of time, a sense of entitlement. It isn’t “Service Before Self” but “How Self-serving can I Be?” Is it the nature of the beast of the beastly nature of those we elect and appoint?

  24. Psst. Himes isn’t a rich kid from Greenwich. He went to public high school, his house is more modest than Shays’, and he drives a Volkswagen! (His other car is a subaru wagon).

    Yeah Jimmy did good on Wall Street. But after making enough money to provide for his family, he quit so he could start giving back to the world. The Porsche, the trophy house, the yacht, these things weren’t important to him.

    Frankly I don’t know why Jim still lives in Cos Cob. (He’s not some miserable socialite.) Probably it’s just a matter of commuting distance and keeping his kids with their friends.

    Be nice to Jimmy. He could be the best thing that ever happened to Bridgeport, and unlike Chris Shays he really cares.

  25. Bridgeport politics and government have been plagued by a culture of cronyism, self-enrichment and corruption for too long. It took the FBI and the Department of Justice to wring out at least some of the dirty water, but the mop head still has an unpleasant odor. Local officials pay lip service to the problem, ranting about “the machine” only when it is politically expedient to do so.

  26. According to Wikipedia, “Of the thirty-one targeted officials, one senator, Harrison A. Williams (D-NJ), and five members of the House of Representatives (John Jenrette (D-SC), Richard Kelly (R-FL), Raymond Lederer (D-PA), Michael “Ozzie” Myers (D-PA), and Frank Thompson (D-NJ), were convicted of bribery and conspiracy in separate trials in 1981 [as a result of ABSCAM]. While most of the politicians resigned, Myers had to be expelled and Williams did not resign until the vote on his expulsion was almost due. Five other government officials were convicted, including New Jersey State Senator Angelo Errichetti; members of the Philadelphia City Council; and an inspector for the Immigration and Naturalization Service.”

  27. Bob Keeley can’t even cough up $92.00 to settle up a couple of traffic citations. Rather than admit guilt (and he certainly was guilty) he hired a suit from a Broad Streeet law firm to mount a vigorous defense. If and when Keeley is investigated for taking kickbacks, he’s not the type to bow out gracefully. He’d probably follow Myers’ example and have to be forcably removed from office. Hell, when he loses the primary he’ll probably borrow a page from the Chris Caruso Book of Government Service and sue to overturn the election.

  28. McCain was exonerated because he was completely innocent of the spurious allegations which were politically motivated charges of misconduct. That was a dark period in our history when innuendo nearly ruined a good man’s career.

    I’m still not voting for him, though.

  29. There is A LOT of intimidation going on in the Health Department. One of the drivers who was hired because of his relation to Chris Reale was snitched on for “nodding out” on the job. He is a driver and shouldn’t be “nodding out”! Many of us have witnessed this on numerous occasions. Well he was “laid off” and so was the “snitch”! I believe this is a big cover-up and should be investigated.
    Also Valerie Sorrentino and Chris Reale are the heads of the LIUNA union and they are MAD that many members did not vote for them. The word is out DO NOT go against them or you will be fired!

  30. The Keeley/Grogins race is your typical “lesser of two evils” scenario. Regardless of who the real machine candidate is, the facts are that Auden Grogins is backed by the Stafstrom/Finch wing of the party, while Keeley is back by Mario Testo and his cronies. Although, that Keeley/Testo relationship merely came to fruition so that Mario can shove in the face of Stafstrom.
    Now here is the question for the voters: Do we want a Grogins, a divisive candidate who seems to only be attempting to attain a slice of the Bpt power struggle OR do we want Keeley who schemes so fervently to maintain his seat, that he draws no clear lines of alignment. Who, besides Testo is supporting him? What other candidates does he support this year?
    Personally, I tend to lean towards Keeley, but just barely. He needs to get his act in gear and stop playing games. He needs to show me and my fellow progressives that he still has the capabilities to represent OUR interests, not his own.

  31. Everyone is forgetting a key player in the Keeley/Grogins fight and that is Danny “I can’t pick a winner” Roach. Roach has a sore ass over not getting TC chair. Remember the deal he had with Testa; the one with the least votes would back the other. He lied. His antics at the vote were disgraceful. he tried like hell to get Stafstrom the nomination and failed. Remember Roach was trying to get his wife a higher paying city job. So payback is resurrecting Grogins to go against Keeley. His plan was to get Grogins the nomination until Hector Diaz went on his mysterious vacation. If Grogins had won would that have made her the machine candidate?

    Roach is a self-centered jerk who only cares about Roach. I can’t believe that the people in Black Rock still back this loser

  32. I really don’t know much about the district with Keeley and Auden because I live on the East Side. But who do you guys think will win Black Rock school?

  33. Hello Lennie et al,

    I just wanted to check in since I haven’t posted in a while. Also, everyone is saying yahooy is right, the lions are lying down with the lambs, the day has turned to night and I feared Armageddon was on the way! (Just a little jesting, yahooy.) I have been watching the Bridgeport races with deep interest. Since I have worked with Bridgeport delegation for the past two years I am very curious to see who will return. (I am a bit more focused on getting myself elected, nonetheless there are some good candidates out there I hope get there too.)

    Predictably, as some of you cynics will say, I support Jim Himes. I was at his press event today and at one of his town meetings. At the meeting I attended the Republicans outnumbered the Democrats, however the meeting transcended party politics and it was one of the best discussions I have seen in a very mixed group. Treatment of Iraq veterans, energy, the economy and the fading of the American Dream were the topics of the evening.

    In all of my contact with Jim he has displayed a sincere desire to be a public servant, as witnessed by his decision to leave the private sector. Someone said after a few years politicians seem to feel a sense of entitlement. I don’t think that is true. I think you can tell right off who feels entitled (or who will feel that way) and who is there to serve the public.

    There is always a plethora of political advise out there for candidates, but the most important thing I learned from going door to door, is don’t fake it. People know when you care, their body language changes, they become more gregarious and willing to share if you put away an overpowering hard sell and listen. The voters want politicians who will shun partisan politics after the election and sincerely work together. (And not in a maverick, shock and awe type of way.) You can’t play politics and solve problems. You can’t force yourself on anyone and expect cooperation. Just my two cents from my own little MCAT door-knocking poll. It is nice to see a few of the names from the “old days,” seems like only a year ago or so. 😉

  34. Grogins will win Black Rock School, and Longfellow. It will be a close race, but Grogins will come out ahead in this part of the district.

    Keeley has a history of playing both sides of the fence, of trying to please (or fool) all of the people all of the time. His voting record in long on voting for tax increases, against lowering the gasoline tax, against handgun control, etc. He may be claiming to have voted 10,000,000 times since becoming a legislator just after the Civil War, but his votes are short on substance. The suburbs and small towns dominate the legislative process in this state; it is more than high time for someone to stand up for us, the urban multitudes. Keeley hasn’t done it. Never has, never will.

  35. The Bridgeport Kid writes:

    “Scientists believe that carbon is the cornerstone of the universe. I think stupidity is. Think about it: there is so much of it, the most plentiful substance in Bridgeport.”

    What school district did those scientists graduate from!

    Bridgeport Kid — wrong in the natural world as well as the political world. Hydrogen makes up about 74% of the matter in the Universe, with Helium next at about 24%. Carbon comes in behind Oxygen, in fourth place, representing perhaps 3/10 of 1% of the matter of the Universe … (All calculations being with respect to mass…)

    Auden Grogins and her supporters make up about 3/10 of 1% of the political mass of Bridgeport, with Keeley coming in at about 1%… Both light-weights, but Keeley wins…

  36. There will be a debate between Keeley and Grogins at the Black Rock Art Center. Fortunately it is sponsored by the Black Rock Homeowners Association. Last time there was a debate at the art center, that asshole Joe “I’ll get the volunteers to do it for free” Celli tried to make the continued occupation of the former Black Rock Bank & Trust building by his “nonprofit” organization a political issue. What an asshole for even contemplating that he could alter the natural course of things. He got his ass handed to him that night: none of the elected officials he thouhgt were in his corner stepped up to the plate for him. Donna Curren was completely noncommittal, and you could see the smoke coming out of ol’ Joe’s ears. Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, HA HA HA!

  37. And to those of you who will say that is an antiquated notion and not a strict rule of grammar, get a life. 🙂 (my intonation is that of irony, not as an insult as I myself am involved in this silly, albeit a fun, diversion from work)

  38. There was a young man attending Harvard on a scholarship. He was a graduate of the NYC public school system, got into the Ivy on a scholarship. His first day he wandered around campus, trying to get his bearings. He stopped a preppie and asked, “Could you tell me where the library is at?” The preppie replied, “My good man, here at Harvard we do not end our sentences with a proposition.” The Brooklynite responde,”Okay, could you tell me where the library is at, you asshole?”

  39. Keeley wins, Grogins loses
    Ayala wins, Martinez loses
    Santiago wins, Rivera and Salcedo lose
    Caruso wins, Silva loses

    Call me heretic … but I’m very curious to see what happens with the Senate primary. Everything else is a done deal … whether we like the outcome or not.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll say something nice about yahooy.

  40. I just got one of those automated calls from Chris Shays inviting me to join a town hall meeting already in progress. I stayed on the line and listened for awhile. He was talking to a woman about child care credits. I’m not a Shays supporter but I thought this was a pretty cool idea.

    Anyone interested in learning more about Marilyn Moore: you can go to YouTube and type in “Marilyn Moore addresses Trumbull DTC.” There’s about a 10 minute talk that gives you a snapshot of what she’s about. I like her a lot. She understands the issues of working families.

    I stopped by the Jim Himes rally at McLevy Green today but I left after a few minutes. You couldn’t hear anything. There was no mike and lots of trucks and buses going by. You’d think someone from the Annex could have set up a PA system. It would have made a huge difference.

  41. Didn’t Keeley get Amann to threaten Urban Green Builders’ funding when their employee, who was the Chairman of the D.S.S.D., started making moves to hold Keeley accountable at his “job.”

    Didn’t Auden hold a marraige ceremony for her dog?

    Who is the Republican running this year? Sign me up…quelle merde!!!

  42. These are the precincts that are in the 22nd senate district; some are split districts which mean they are half the 22 ndstate senate district and half the 23rd district. It will be interesting to see if Moore can run up the numbers at Longfellow and Bassick.





    Black Rock


    St. Paul


    Park City

  43. DonJ – do you know how I look up the streets around Bassick? I’m trying to figure out which streets are eligible to vote in the primary?

  44. And what are the numbers? How many registered dems in Trumbull and how many in Bridgeport in the 22nd district? If Marilyn Moore can pull out the Bridgeport vote does she have a fighting chance?

  45. Political Addict well the streets for Bassick are from Poplar St down to Bedford Ave. SO thats what you should focus on. The 23rd district starts from Howard on up. So the focus will be from Poplar down to Bedford Ave. and also part of North Ave. and part of Colorado Ave and Carleton Ave are part of the 22nd senate but they cut off in the middle.

  46. Gossip of The Rialto!

    What a great supper show tonight featuring the lovely Pia Zadora. She has quite a cabaret act and sings some great torch songs. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    A lovely evening for trolling and bottom fishing. It’s a sin Claire had to break up the party so soon.

    Bob Keeley’s GPS (Grogins Positioning System) seems jammed tonight. Pretty soon Auden will be proclaiming that her family came over on the Mayflower.

    Any dangling participles out there tonight?

  47. Not much Bassick in the 22nd — the larger half of Central, Black Rock, Winthrop, and Blackham are the population centers.

    Dem population:
    Trumbull – 6000
    Monroe – 1200
    Bridgeport – 13500

  48. flubadub and The Bridgeport Kid
    You forgot George H. W. Bush’s son was part and parcel of the S&L scandal. He too got away with it. The Bushes are untouchable.

  49. The Bridgeport Kid is right! Auden will win! This race has definately made Keeley campaign harder than any of his other races during his 24+ years of do nothing career.

    The little bit of bonding that “Keeley” attempted to procure for us, is just that “a little bit”. Our legislative “force” so to speak, is not respected in Hartford in the least. Keeley needs the hook.

    Hey Tom, why don’t you focus on what your candidate plans on doing after he loses as opposed to every step that Auden is making. We know what Auden is doing – she is running a good campaign, attracting new voters and scaring the crap out of your candidate. I have spoken with a great deal of people myself – all of which have gladly embraced Auden and are excited about the prospect of change.

  50. Mr. Neigher, you are too gracious. I know you, and your fellow bloggers especially enjoyed my swan song, “Stormy Weather”, “since my man and I ain’t together, it’s raining all the time.”

  51. Harry – your postings leave me clueless, what are you talking about? I tell you what, people, all this talk about the upcoming election and all these candidates is just us all talking on the blog. I bet most people don’t care and probably won’t even bother to vote. I’ve heard some people say they don’t give a crap and won’t come vote because nobody is really impressing them. Honestly, I feel the same way about the Keeley/Auden election, we are stuck picking the lesser of two evils.

  52. Rell: Norwich Will Be Transportation Hub
    Bond Commission Expected To Approve $7.2M

    NORWICH — Officials said a lot own by the city will soon be a transportation hub for the region.

    During a news conference, Gov. Jodi Rell said the state Bond Commission is expected to approve $7.2 million soon for a $22 million intermodal transportation facility slated for the site.

    The transit center will be the hub for east-southeast transit, Rell said. She said it will include a 280-car parking garage.

    “This project is one with enormous potential,” Rell said. “Not only provide convenience for commuters and shoppers, but also help to boost the local economy.”

    The intermodal transit center has been in the planning stages for 10 years, Rell said. Getting the $22 million in funding has been the biggest hurdle, she said.

    “You can get on in Mystic and get up here, get on and get off, get on a bus to New London if you choose, or any location in the area that the bus serves,” said Peter Polubiatto.

    Long-range plans could involve ferry passengers, officials said, and even a link to Bradley International Airport.

    “It’s about time we move this project along,” Rell said.

    Now, where is Bridgeport on the Bond Commission this Friday? Oh yes, a $150,000 STUDY OF PLEASURE BEACH.

    Look, Keeley needs the boot. Forget the politics and intrigue of the Stafstrom/Testa battle, we need new blood in Hartford that will earn the respect of the Governor’s office and legislature. The GE MONEY match hasn’t come through. Don’t give me the story again about Congress Street Bridge because it is nowhere ready for the construction funding. It will be needed but first and foremost Bridgeport needs to get private development going and the tax base increased.

    Final point, if it weren’t for Chris Shays, Bridgeport wouldn’t have the Intermodal Transportation Center. He single-handedly got over $30 million in earmarks from the Feds for the new bus terminal, the transit garage, the walkways, and the like. So, I think the facts speak for themselves. We have no clout in Hartford and it takes smart, savvy folks to make it happen. Keeley is way past his effectiveness.

  53. Hello Fellow OIB Bloggers. I had a great time at Cafe Roma tonight. No Incident so I guess all is well. I heard that Bob Keeley was out snatching Grogins’ signs with Hector Diaz and his PT Cronies. Real Classy there Mr. State Rep. Are you going to snatch up other legislators’ parking spots up in Hartford should you win on the 12th?

    What’s the Story with the Santiago Vs. Rivera Vs. Salcedo election? Since you all are drinking the Salcedo Kool Aid why don’t the OIB Bloggers have a day to canvass or make phone calls for the poor guy?

    I am having dinner and drinks over at Two Boots on Thursday evening. All are welcome to come by.

  54. Kitty, my guess is that you are not even in their (Grogins/Keeley) district. If you don’t get Harry, then you don’t get it! We do. Harry’s the man!

    When referring to the candidates, either pick their first names or last names, i.e. Bob/Auden or Keeley/Grogins. Get it straight, honey.

  55. I would like to pass on some Kudos to the Girl over at City Hall. I think her name is Joan. I went to get a park sticker and she was the most helpful and resourceful person in that whole building. Great Job!

  56. BobBlackRock

    Always a pleasure sparring with you. I don’t have to worry about every step Auden is taking. She was so loud talking to Danny outside my window she scared me out of a sound sleep. Audie was dropping so many F Bombs about Keeley, I thought I was being besieged with a nuclear F Bomb attack. Talk about political fallout. Her political career is going to be sent to 3 Mile Island. I’m surprised you didn’t hear her down the street.

    Speaking of footsteps. Adam “Dead” Wood, Finch’s Chief of Staff, is also working for Auden. He should be worrying more about getting potential commissioners who are electors to the council so they can break the logjam of mayoral appointments. And they try to say that Finch doesn’t have his hand in this race. Finch’s DNA is all over this race.

    Auden’s message about her record is terrific. Too bad that once you play it you realize it is a broken record of promises.

  57. A DTC friend of mine came over and saw an Auden Grogins mail piece on the coffee table. He thinks that the photographer got a little too close to her bad side (i.e. the face.)

  58. Kelly~I agree with you that “The Lady” should not use the F bomb. Does Zadora need to polish her language? She is; however, a lady, who has a lot to offer the City. I know we’re not on the same line, but I do believe that she will do more for Bridgeport. My opinion only, and I respect your opinion, unlike most of the bloggers.

  59. Tom Kelly- I was reading you posting regarding Ruben Felipe and Dave Bosco. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Ruben vote for Cynthia and John? What does he owe to Mario??

    You are just mad because Ruben and Auden have bigger penises than you!

  60. I was at Cafe Roma tonight too. How is it that we missed each other? I was hoping to buy you a drink. I guess we should have worn name tags. Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed your evening. I did.

  61. Countdown

    We’ve missed you the last few weeks. How’s the new homeless and Section 8 project coming downtown. I hear Eric Anderson and GBS are now working with Operation Hope in Fairfield to place poor souls in downtown Bridgeport. It won’t be in the too long future that the City announces that they can’t collect taxes on City Trust property because we took a second postion to the banks on this project. Yeah! That Intermodal Project is a helluva deal. We take all the people out of Bridgeport to go to work in Stamford and New York. Great for our tax base.

  62. Well, Pia, sad to say, but I am in the Keeley/Grogins (do you like this better?) district, and I think I’m going to sit that one out, I don’t think either one deserves my vote. Keeley is a waste and she’s no better.

  63. I’ve been on my honeymoon…not following politics lately
    Since he’s listed under fav’s I feel like I can ask,
    Has anyone seen John Mayer’s really bad hair cut lately?
    Look’s as if he’s ready for basic training.

  64. Are any of you going to the Vibes this weekend? I’m hoping a bunch of politicians won’t be stomping around shaking hands and ruining the concerts.

  65. Claude~ The marriage between Harold and his bride was a fundraiser for a non-profit. I believe they raised a substantial amont. After all, it was all make believe!

  66. Bill Hicks – glad to hear you survived the evening. I would have thought for sure somebody would have been fired up enough to have some kind of beef with you. I actually think your postings are pretty funny.

  67. Kitty~I’m not selfish, you know both their names…look up their addresses. I’m not a know it all. Didn’t want to leave you clueless, while everyone else knew.

  68. Tom Kelly,
    Great to be back. Can’t wait to spend time at the Vibes. It is going to be a great weekend of great music and great sand castles. Saw Shakespeare at the Zoo last weekend. It was a great time, even the peacocks enjoyed the storyline set in the Viet Nam war with Watergate phrases all around. What a great place we have at the Zoo.

    I don’t know what you mean about homeless and Section 8 in the downtown but I do know that during the Fabrizi administration, 10-15% of the downtown units must be affordable. So there are a couple of condos at 881 Lafayette that must be affordable which will be opening in the very near future. A couple at the Columbia Towers development. Both are really great condos with great views. Go get a tour, it will really surprise you. The rentals in City Trust, 144 Golden Hill and Arcade are market rate except for the same 10-15% affordable. What’s wrong with that? People are people. You aren’t of the old school that believes folks who need Section 8 assistance are bad, are you? Some of my best friends have jobs that don’t pay very well and need the help. If the City didn’t force the developers to provide affordable units in market rate deals, it wouldn’t happen. That is the price they pay for needing the tax fixing agreements. All is well downtown. People are moving in. The concerts start up again at McLevy park and I even saw the gum buster thing in action. All good.

  69. Claude~ The marriage between Harold and his bride was a fundraiser for a non-profit. I believe they raised a substantial amont. After all, it was all make believe!

    Ah, oui oui. Kind of like her penchant for fiscal responsibility while Chairwoman of the BOard of Education.

    Mons. Kelly….you have heard of de Urban Green shakedown by Keeley…no?

  70. Claude Balls,
    What Urban Green shakedown by Keeley? Let me guess; Keeley would support bond funding for their downtown project if he protects his no-show job at the DSSD. No support, no funding. Am I close? Therefore there hasn’t been much funding for Bridgeport’s downtown except that money Keeley got for his DSSD plan. Conflict?

    I just saw some of the Keeley propaganda. I can’t believe Keeley is taking credit for all the projects that he forced into the Bond Bill; as if getting a project listed in a Bond bill means anything. It means nothing. What counts is what gets on the Bond Commission agenda for approval. That is where the expertise, credibility and finesse is needed. If you ask Keeley how many of his pet projects actually made it to the bond commission agenda, I bet it would be less than 10%. What a crock.

  71. The do-nothing admin. of Mayor Finch seems once again to be working local politics on city time. And in some cases for the wrong candidates but then again, that’s nothing new! Now whether or not you like Keeley, he does have a juice card with Jim Amann which is in Bpt.’s best interest. What does Grogins have besides improving her resume for a wishful judgeship? Another one with a juice card is Caruso; what’s Silva got or done for that matter on the council? Ayala vs. Martinez, well we’ve seen what Martinez tried to acomplish while she was a state rep. but Ayala really hasn’t been up in Hartford that long to get a true reading on his potential? Clemens, well let’s just say his opponent seemed to be a yes man when working in city hall years ago & probably hasn’t changed much. I have no idea who’s running against State Rep. Hennessy but even a “breathing republican” candidate would be better @ this point! Now the 130th district candidates, none of the above Dems. are worthy to be up in Hartford; matter of fact leaving the seat empty would probably be better for the district. Moving on to the State Senate, Russo fits the bill nicely & should be given a chance to see what he does. Senator Gomes is completely lost, now that the Gritch is gone & has reverted back to thinking he’s still a union rep. @ Carpenter Steel! So voters, pick your poison; there’s never been a team players mentality working together for Bpt. up in Hartford so why should things change now? Lets face it, with “some” of these candidates that the local town committees have endorsed, Bpt. will be taking more steps backward than forward, unfortunately! Oh, and last but not least; the last thing we need is another golden boy like Himes with a silver spoon over in D.C! Love him or hate him, Shays has done the job and is one of the senior men with senority up on the hill. That speaks big juice card for Conn. and the #4th district! “Remember your vote counts”!


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