Did Taylor Stage “Residence” In Industrial Zone?

Board of Education member Chris Taylor claims his bona fide address is 155 Davenport Street in Bridgeport’s East End and not Bronson Road in Fairfield. If that’s the case he’s residing there illegally in an industrial zone.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The tour of Chris Taylor’s apartment started with his small living room, then his bedroom, and ended in the bathroom, where toiletries, including an unopened hand soap, were arranged neatly on the sink.

“I organized it nice for you,” Taylor, 49, a retired contractor, joked with a Hearst Connecticut Media reporter when it was suggested the bathroom seemed almost suspiciously tidy and organized. “Couldn’t be staged better.”

That is the question at the heart of a just-launched state investigation of Taylor. Is the Republican school board member and one-time mayoral candidate’s Bridgeport address–a dormant recycling business at 155 Davenport St.–for show? Or does he really live with his mother in Southport, which would prohibit him from voting and holding elected office in Bridgeport?

That is what Democrat Maria Pereira, Taylor’s Board of Education colleague and frequent sparring partner, alleged in the voluminous case she built and submitted to the state Elections Enforcement Commission. The SEEC on April 17 authorized staff to launch a probe of Pereira’s allegations.

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  1. Silly, Chris Taylor.

    What he doesn’t appear to understand is that 155 Davenport is zoned as Light Industrial which does not allow and “single or group” living/residency.

    I don’t think he understands that Brian Lockhart was poking fun at him throughout the tour and interview.

    Chris Taylor’s voter registration address is “155 Davenport St. #2.” What does the partial kitchen in the office space on the first floor have to do with “#2” or the second floor?

    Look closely at the photo of the fridge. Six separate grocery plastic bags with food. All the items in the door are filled at least 75% or completely full. Who can open their fridge right now and see every jar and condiment filled to the top. It is completely staged.

    I planned for this, therefore I had a large cake delivered to Chris Taylor at 155 Davenport St. two weeks ago. My guys gained access to the second floor and video taped their visit. There was no bedroom, no television in the lounge area, nothing decorative on the second floor. The bathroom did not have any personal hygiene items in the sink area.

    The first floor was in use as a full fledged office with two workers who are oth on video. Suddenly the first floor is not in use and Chris Taylor is utilizing his “scale house” as his “bonafide” residence which is not allowed to even exist under the zoning regulations

    1. “I planned for this, therefore I had a large cake delivered to Chris Taylor at 155 Davenport St. two weeks ago. My guys gained access to the second floor and video taped their visit. There was no bedroom, no television in the lounge area, nothing decorative on the second floor. The bathroom did not have any personal hygiene items in the sink area.”

      HAHAH,…What in the hell is going on in our city?? Maria,paying for urine tests,sending cakes to people,spending hours and hours researching info etc??…There comes a time when you have to let all anger,revenge,etc,go,can’t be good for your overall health..

      1. I’m not like you, Mr. Weintraub.

        It’s easy enough to whine and complain on OIB. However, I get off my sofa and conduct thorough and extensive research to expose dishonest, unethical, corrupt and immoral behavior.

        I wish more people would put in work to fight for honest, transparent and ethical governance.

      2. Mr. Weintraub,

        Please let me worry about my health. May I suggest you focus on your health?

        I knew he would try to stage 155 Davenport, therefore I planned ahead. I have two eye witnesses and video of 155 Davenport #2 BEFORE he staged it for the CT Post.

        It’s called being strategic.

      1. Oh oh. Now Ron is “crazy” too.

        Notice Ernie Newton has not said onething about Chris Taylor illegally claiming he is residing in a commercial building in his District. Nor has he said one think about “white” Chris Taylor illegally sitting in “Black” Howard Gardner’s seat.

        1. Maria
          First of you are not the judge nor the jury. If my memory serves me right Howard lost the election to chris taylor. What you did was unethical. out of all the low life things you have done to people. This Maria bests them ALL! I do understand Mr. Taylor will be filing charges against you and who ever was your deliverer Cakeman!

          1. Howard Gardner cannot lose a seat to someone who has no legal standing to hold a seat on the BOE.

            You plead guilty to selling your office to the highest bidder by soliciting and accepting bribes, were sentenced to 5 years in federal prison, yet you have the audacity to refer to me as “unethical.” Don’t you realize you have ZERO credibility?

            Chris Taylor is going to file charges against me for having a cake delivered to a commercial building where him employees greeted those delivering the cake, escorted the gentleman to the second floor to deliver the cake, and signed for the cake??? Good luck with that.

            Please identify the statute(s) that I an the gentleman will be charged with.

            Simply idiotic

  2. If anyone ever “followed” the DTC chairman then they would”see” him drive from his real home to the restaurants at about 6 am. Usually enters Bridgeport and drives down Vincellete and then left on Madison. But why would I know that?!!!
    The problem is that there is no other “authority” willing or caring enough to do such things because they’re all in cahoots!
    Has the chief found residence in the city yet as he said he would?
    Lots of things are easily done and provable if someone wanted to make a difference.

  3. Maria
    I’m in disbelief that you would send someone to SPY on someone you dislike. If i was Chris i would file a complain again you. You have taken your dislike of people to a New Low. The only people i’ve every heard of doing something like this is the FBI but at lease they have to go before a judge with their evidence before doing so! Maria you are a very SICK PERSON.

    1. Ernie: It appears by your words that you don’t care that laws may be violated here???
      If the means to justify the truth (not the end) , are not criminal in nature then what’s the difference. Someone is trying to prove a point that they know what they are talking about by providing you with what’s true and not just hearsay.
      In my above post about the DTC chair I did not “send” anyone. In all my previous posts over the past few years about various elected and appointed officials where I pointed out CLEAR ethical violations which have occurred or blatant lies that were put forth, NO ONE has ever even posted anything to the contrary about my facts as I saw them. So My point is: where is the outrage, the follow up investigations, and the indictments in all that is wrong with Bridgeport? That’s why Bridgeport is the laughing stock of the entire state and looked at rightfully so as CORRUPT.
      I haven’t closed my post like this for awhile….. so now I will………..
      ……..more to come……

      1. Rich
        Its not that i don’t care, Bridgeport has had a history of people not living where they say they live.It’s what level others go to trying to prove a point. Maria did some I- spy shit. We have laws against what she did. Did the Person share with Mr. Taylor or who ever was there that a video was being done. Remember this person was delivering a cake Maria sent to a person she dislikes. I’m very surprise that NO has called her on this. Maria this is the lowest thing i’ve seen you do.Next to asking me to take a DRUG TEST!

        1. I know, Ernie. I am horrible for having a cake delivered to a commercial building. It must be equally horrific when someone sends flowers to someone’s place of employment. Nonsense.

          A purchased a cake and had it delivered. Two men were working in the office which suddenly appears to be defunct because Chris Taylor now wanted to claim the office kitchen as part of his voting residence. One of the employees escorted the delivery men to the second floor and the other one signed for the cake. What statute are you claiming was violated?

          It’s ALL on video and there are two eye witnesses regarding what was on the second floor.

          I knew once he felt the media and SEEC were closing in he would try to stage the second floor. It is simply called foresight and strategy.

        2. Ernie: then report it to the Chiefs office, the FBI, and the State attorney general to be investigated. But before you do that know well that at that time EVERYONE in public office elected and appointed will then be looked into for legal AND ethical violations so by all means please get the ball rolling.

          1. Rich
            I’ll leave that up to Mr. Taylor and his Lawyer. I can’t believe people on this BLOG see nothing Maria did was wrong GOD help us all! Rich we are talking about what Maria did Some I-SPY kinda shit!

          2. Ernie,

            You should know I reported what I did to an agency investigating Chris Taylor.

            They warned me that I shouldn’t have done it. Not because it was illegal, but out of concern for my safety.

            This particular agency has incredible investigative powers.

    1. I need to see the “sending a cake to someone law.” A real friend would tell his friend, “Bro, she got you.” Resign and deal with your issues. Erine it’s time for you to step up as our leader in the East End.

      Even this back and forth with Maria. If you have something on her let it out already. Whatever you may have keep in mind that “Maria H. Pereira” from Fairfield is not this Maria Pereira.

    2. No Ernie, what we are talking about and what everyone is talking about -is the fact that Bridgeport is so corrupt that those who uncover the shit that goes on are being vilified instead of the dirty bastards themselves. YOU and Every elected official should be up in arms against all the corrupt politics that has been going on which drives the city into the gutter. Instead you , and others, point-out how those who try to expose these lowlifes, and their ways of doing business, are wrong. It’s an old tactic that pragmatic people see through immediately. If you’re not part of the solution you ARE part of the problem. In Bridgeport that is the problem. As I have said many times before : where are the council members standing up for the people of the city? We know the answer to that: they bartender for the boss, they do what they are told no matter what. They stay quiet as they are told to do.
      It’s NEVER for the good of the people and You know it. It’s for what they can get from their own system that they keep in place. It’s a spot in politics, it’s a chief position, it’s a patronage job, it’s an appointment to a post, it’s a LOCATION FOR A LIQUOR STORE! Etc etc etc. that’s right….reality setting in….
      And nothing gets done for the people.

      1. Rich
        i respect you and many of the things you say may be true. Its the slimy ways people go about getting info on others. Maria loves bring up others past. Maria just remember you have a Past too the reason we don’t bring it up is because you feel good about being a FIRE Lady

        1. Ernie, you behave like a child lashing out.

          Here we go with the “fire lady” again. Please post any conviction I have for anything remotely related to “fire.”

          You can’t do it because it doesn’t exist.

  4. I think what is more incredulous is that you are the only person concerned with the delivery of a cake rather than the felony crimes being committed by Chris Taylor which includes every vote he cast at Dunbar and Madison School and serving as an elected official in a municipality in which he does not reside.

    There are additional potential felonies regarding bank/mortgage fraud which I will not get into here.

  5. No, he only eats carrot cake from Shop Rite. Ernie, you should ask your dear friend Chris Taylor to resign from the BOE. That would be the right thing to do. He should save face, because the best is yet to come.

  6. For those that are not aware, when Chris Taylor was running for the Board of Education he was caught shop lifting a carrot cake at Shop Rite in Milford. When an employee approached him about it Chris Taylor shoved the employee.

    This is the kind of person we have serving on the school board instead of someone like Howard Gardner.


    1. Maria
      We got you serving on the Board of education Ms I-SPY/ Maria. Well i should ask you to resign but the VOTERS will take care of that. Come NOV.

      1. Ernie,

        Are you having a tantrum? 🙂

        No responses to factual information posted. Just pure deflection.

        Does everyone remember being on the playground and calling out another child for cheating, and all that child could say was “your mama.” That’s Ernie Newton.

        1. Maria
          Don’t cross the line with me if i’m intrederding what your saying and you are saying my Mama I will slap the sh– out you. i do this having fun but don’t get it twisted Keep that Mama shit to yourself.

          1. I believe you meant to write “interpreting .” No, you did not interpret my playground post correctly, which will not surprise a single OIB reader.

            Once again, you are a male elected official threatening a female elected official with violence and assault.

            “Moses” would never do such a thing. You are not the “Moses” of your people.

            This more accurately reflects who you are.

            The old serpent, the devil, called elsewhere “the father of lies.” But he had not always been a liar; he had fallen from a position very eminent, teaching us not to measure our safety by our condition. The higher we are elevated, the more dreadful the fall

  7. For months you posted about my “meds,” psychiatric wards, that I was cuckoo/crazy, which is why I challenged you to take a 10 Panel Drug Test which included psychiatric meds. We both tested negative and provided evidence of such. Yet, you continue the baseless rhetoric that I am crazy on meds.

    You are no different than Donald Trump. He ,too spews narratives that are not factual based on clear and compelling evidence. Instead of Ernie Newton we should call you Lieing Ernie.

  8. Lennie
    I’m going to sign out I got a call from my Grown children asking me Who is this Maria Pereira saying all this shit about you. I told them she’s a no body trying to be somebody. My children aren’t like their Father because i look at the source. Children don’t see it like that. I told them i will stop because they saw the newspaper article on Maria challenging me to take a Drug Test and read OIB which someone told them to look up. I love my children more than Maria and before i let them get involved i’m OUT! My Children see me as their father, Not a drug addict, nor felon or anything Maria said I’m. I understand because if anyone every talk about my Mother or Father (God rest their souls) It would of been on and poppin.
    Ernie signing OUT!

  9. Ernie, I said this on OIB:
    Ron Mackey says:
    April 24, 2019 at 6:24 pm
    Chris Taylor is about a block and a half from Ernie Newton’s house.
    Ernie Newton says:
    April 25, 2019 at 6:07 am
    What’s your point?

    Ernie, my point is that a elected City Council member would know their district better than anybody else. The topic was about Chris Taylor and his bona fide address is 155 Davenport Street in Bridgeport’s East End and not Bronson Road in Fairfield. Ernie I’m glad to know that you have no problem with Chris Taylor breaking the law. Ernie, Maria is a real enemy to you base on your public comments on OIB, well here is a little wisdom that you won’t pay any attention to:

    Psalm 110:1
    Of David. A psalm. The LORD says to my lord: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”
    or https://youtu.be/DfHJDLoGInM


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