Did Rabinowitz Orchestrate State Human Rights Complaints Filed Against Pereira?

Fran Rabinowitz
Fran Rabinowitz

Board of Education member Maria Pereira is fending off four complaints, including one by outgoing acting school chief Fran Rabinowitz, filed with the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities alleging discrimination based on race. All four complainants are white females. Pereira is a white female. Rabinowitz, 67, also claims age discrimination. Pereira asserts the complaints were orchestrated by Rabinowitz who announced her resignation Oct. 5 declaring Pereira “created anarchy in the name of democracy.”

Pereira maintains the complaints, three of which also allege age discrimination, were crafted by Rabinowitz loyalists including Francine Carbone, principal of High Horizon Magnet School who asserts she was “harassed” by Pereira based on race and publicly “slandered” at school board meetings.

Rabinowitz filed her complaint on September 15. It was stamped as received by the state agency September 21, but Pereira was not notified of the complaint until last week. All of this action took place around the time of a boycott of regular meetings called by then-Board of Education Chair Dennis Bradley who tried to force Pereira’s resignation. In return Pereira called for Bradley’s resignation for boycotting meetings.

Pereira board meet
Pereira, center, addresses school board at recent organizational meeting.

In her complaint Rabinowitz, 67, alleges she was harassed by Pereira starting November 2015, and “threatened me regarding loss of job, harassed me continuously by sending threatening emails, phone calls, derogatory statements made in public regarding my race and abilities.” Rabinowitz’s complaint was notarized by Dawn Cole who serves as administrative assistant for the school leader. Cole also notarized the other three complaints filed against Pereira. Rabinowitz officially leaves school service next week.

The allegations were filed against either the Bridgeport Board of Education and/or Pereira. Board members, according to state statute, are indemnified against legal action and provided legal counsel at no cost. In an email sent Monday to recently named board chair Joe Larcheveque, Pereira wants a lawyer of her choice approved, not one named by the city or school board.

On Monday, Pereira wrote to Larcheveque.

I have now received a fourth complaint filed with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. I received the fourth complaint filed by Fran Rabinowitz on December 14th, 2016.

Lisa Pavlik-Kuhn, Delores Mason, Francine Carbone, and now Frances Rabinowitz filed CHRO complaints against me in my capacity as a Bridgeport Board of Education member. They were all filed within a fourteen day window in September. In addition, all four were notarized by Fran’s hand-picked administrative assistant, Dawn Cole.

I started receiving these in November through December 14th. As you can see from the threads below; I communicated frequently with Dennis Bradley regarding my rights to legal representation funded by the BBOE. Please read the threads below.

I clearly do not want the City Attorney to represent me in any of these complaints. I have a pending lawsuit against Mayor Ganim. Shipman & Goodwin represented Fran Rabinowitz in her contract negotiations with the BBOE, and I have clearly been on the record in complete opposition to them. I was upset to find out that the City Attorney referred the complaints filed by Lisa & Delores to Attorney Holcolm without my knowledge. In addition, the City Attorney has no authority to incur expenditures on behalf of the BBOE.

I want my personal attorney, Kevin Smith, to represent me in all four CHRO complaints. I need non-conflicted, competent, and ethical representation in all four matters. Any firm associated with the City Attorney or the BBOE has a conflict because their loyalty is to those that pay their invoices.

I just filed for the one-time 15 day extension.

I would like this matter addressed, and the City Attorney has absolutely NO say in this matter. NONE.

If this matter is not resolved within the next seven days, I am prepared to direct him to represent me on these matters, and then we will file suit against the BBOE for reimbursement of all legal expenses; including all legal fees for the suit against the BBOE.

If we need to add this to the Regular Meeting on Tuesday; I will do so, however I have pending litigation against Negron, Fonseca, and Weldon and they will need to abstain from all discussion.

I need this matter resolved.

Pereira’s reference to litigation against the three board members centers on Mayor Joe Ganim’s authority to fill vacancies if the school board does not act within 30 days. Pereira challenged the city’s legal interpretation in court. Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis sided with the city. Pereira has appealed. Smith represents Pereira in that legal case.



  1. Lennie, you may have some doubt as to whether Fran Rabinowitz orchestrated these CHRO complaints, however I have no doubts.

    The first one was dated September 13th, the day after the boycott began. Dawn Cole was hand-picked by Fran Rabinowitz to replace Lissette Colon. All the complainants are Rabinowitz loyalists.

    Now all four of them have to prove I discriminated against them because they were middle-aged white women, except Rabinowitz who is a senior citizen. It should be interesting considering I am a 49-year-old white woman.

    1. “All the complainants are Rabinowitz loyalists …” So what? That doesn’t excuse YOUR behavior, Ms. Pereira. YOUR behavior is basis of the complaints filed with the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. What’s more to the point, you dismiss the complaints by casting aspersions on Lisa Pavlik-Kuhn, Delores Mason, Francine Carbone, Francis Rabinowitz and Dawn Cole. A nondenial denial, as Ben Bradlee would say.

      1. The burden to prove their claims is their burden. I look forward to having them prove I discriminated against them because they were middle-aged white women.

          1. There is no judge or bailiff. You are most definitely not in a position to judge whether someone’s mouth is unregulated or not.

  2. Way to go, Fran Rabinowitz! Not only have you been double-dipping for the last two years, you are now taking money out of our kids’ classrooms. You know the board has no money to spare. Yet on your exit you are trying to squeeze the last few dollars you can out of our district. Shame on you!!! Never ever again claim you care about our children. Greedy woman be gone!!!

    1. Fran Rabinowitz was the orchestrator of descent and drama on the BOE. She stoked the flames every opportunity she had, knowing full well she was eventually on her way out. She’s a reckless woman who was there for the money, money our BOE so sorely needed. Bradley was a pain, but at least he’s an elected member of the Board, he didn’t cost us money, and he’ll get his comeuppance if he decides to run again. Good riddance to that greedy white woman. Go ahead, file a complaint against me!

  3. Seems there might also be charges of antisemitism added.

    Having experienced the sick vitriol of the person handling four human right violations right now, I’m sure others will consider the possibility of adding their own complaints.

        1. I actually have large dark brown eyes. One of us definitely has “hooded eyes” and is in need of an eye lift. Is a cosmetic eye lift covered by the generous healthcare package, funded in-part by Bridgeport taxpayers, allowed? Those born BC would clearly benefit from this procedure.

          1. Miss Queen of HRO COMPLAINTS

            As usual your facts are the essence of fiction. But perhaps you might know a source for accurately executing performing the procedure of stomach stapling.

          2. Carolanne, I can lose weight, but what are you going to do about that face of yours?

            Are you going to pose the same question to your colleagues Kelly Perez, Danny Roach, Warren Blunt, Ray Garcia, etc.?

      1. Frank,
        You can complain right here, Frank. Or you can say it to the HRO complaint champion of 2016. She might have time for you.
        I won’t give your complaining much credibility though, your rep on this blog is already firmly established.

          1. Carolanne. Your name is on the list of City Hall hacks who need to be terminated. Obviously, you are being paid a salary for doing nothing so no wonder the powers-that-be let you rant here on OIB.

        1. Carolanne, your senility is showing. It is CHRO not HRO. You’re a political hack who was fired by Ganim 1, fired by Finch, and will likely be fired in the near future.

          You’re on the City payroll, yet during Ganim’s campaign you couldn’t even figure out how to open an email attachment.

  4. OMG. This is very disturbing on many levels. I am not happy that it seems people are ganging up on Maria Pereira. However unlike any member on the BBOE, I have been in every school in this city except Aquaculture. I have never heard any teacher say one disparaging comment about Fran Rabinowitz other than they are sorry to see her go.

    Regarding Francine Carbone, she is one of the most respected principals in the city. It is always a pleasure serving in her school where the students are amazing. I first met her when she was doing an amazing job at Hooker School.

    It is always painful when you know all the players. This cannot be good for Maria Pereira. She will not go down without a fight but I think this is not a good day for Maria.

    Lisa, I am sort of shocked at your attack on Fran Rabinowitz. I was under the impression she was doing the city of Bridgeport a favor by stepping in. She is most respected in all the schools. Why the attack? Is it a personal vendetta? Just curious. On this blog alone, Maria has said some pretty nasty things about Fran Rabinowitz. Maybe it will bite her on the ass! Good luck to all. Will the taxpayers be paying for the attorneys? I do understand Maria wanting her own lawyer looking out for her best interests. Time will tell.

    1. Steve, please don’t worry about “people ganging up” on me. I can handle everything they can dish out. They don’t “gang up” on those who are irrelevant, they “gang up” on those who are.

      If I were an ineffective gadfly, they would keep it moving. The fact they spend so much time worrying about me signals I am a worthy adversary.

      I consider it a compliment. 🙂

    2. Regarding Fran Rabinowitz: As a lifetime civil servant I love a hands-off incompetent manager who lets everything slide. It’s managers like these who allow us to get away with murder. As a parent however I would like a Superintendent who enforces the rules and holds staff accountable for their actions or inactions. = But hey if I were a teacher I probably would not complain either!

  5. Steve, why are you always over the top in your commentary? When a rally was organized in support of her, five people attended. At the surprise tribute for her on Friday, fewer than 40 of the 3,000 BOE employees attended.

    There are plenty of teachers, administrators and high-level employees who are happy to see her go.

    These four idiots aren’t going to prevail in their CHRO complaints. They have to provide evidence they have been discriminated against because they are middle-aged white women. How are they going to prove that when I am a middle-aged white woman?

    Every BOE member and BOE employee is indemnified under any legal claims against them in their official capacity. It is a state law.

    1. Maria,
      A kiss-ass is commonly known as a person who will go to any lengths to look impressive, good and worthy towards another person or group of higher social standing.

      This is usually due to their need to ascend in the ranks of their workplace, school, or society in general.

      Stevie A. also falls into these categories: #brownnoser #snob #asskisser #yesman #buttkisser #kissass #buttkiss #backstabber.

      1. Jim, I do not aspire to anything in the School system in Bridgeport as every principal and teacher will attest to as they all had asked me to get certified. Ass kissing? Jim Fox, that is always your go-to Why do you always go there? Jim Fox, you are forever kissing Maria Pereira’s ass. Why is that? What is it Maria will do for you other than tell you how funny you are? You are not! You are rarely funny and you would be better off being as respectful to me on this blog as you are on Facebook. I am not here for your entertainment.

    2. Maria, you are a middle-aged white woman but you make many arguments against white people when talking about charter schools. One might get the impression you are a self-loathing white woman who thinks she is black until you argue with Mr. Mackey and Mr. Day. What if the Charter schools were owned by rich black people?

      I think if Fran Rabinowitz were to use comments on this blog alone against you, you would be in bad shape. I cannot attest to any emails but I guess they are a matter of record as well as BBOE meetings.

      1. Steve, believe it or not you are really onto something Maria doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand she can’t call a black woman an “Uncle Tom” as a white woman without a push-back from blacks. Because she doesn’t agree with Ms. Prince from FaithActs because of Maria’s dislike of charter schools is no reason to call this highly intelligent black woman an “Uncle Tom” based on the subject of charter schools. Maria just doesn’t get it.

        1. Ron,
          From your mouth to God’s ears. The HRO Queen will never get it. Her mindset is not about compassion, it’s about confrontation. Her mindset is not about inclusion, it’s about insults. A maturity level of 3 doesn’t accomplish much in the adult world.

          1. Carolanne Curry, you can’t deliver ten votes in the City of Bridgeport. You have repeatedly run for office in Westport, and have been repeatedly trounced.

            Please tell us about all your wonderful accomplishments in the “adult world” of Bridgeport. I look forwarding to reading all about them.

      2. Steve, I definitely don’t believe myself to be “black,” however growing up on the lower East Side and attending WHHS allowed me to feel at home around Hispanics and African Americans. All my friends were Puerto Rican or black.

        Identifying the investors as “white millionaires and billionaires” is simply stating fact. The data clearly supports my statements. It is not my opinion or subjective, just fact.

          1. First, ask a colleague what “Google” is. Second, Google “HRO” and you will see it does not produce a single result on the CHRO. Third, Google “CHRO” and you will find it brings up the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

            Finally, Google “plastic surgeon Fairfield County.” In fact, this probably should be deemed the highest priority and should be first.

  6. It is sooo frustrating serving on the most important board in Bridgeport surrounded by members who have absolutely no knowledge about public education.

    We discussed the Annual Regular Meeting calendar which had the first meeting on January 9th in violation of state law. Once approved, the calendar must be filed with the secretary of state, however there is a 30-day required grace period in which no regular meetings can be held. As I’m explaining this, Joe Larcheveque repeatedly looks over at political hack Mark Anastasi for guidance. Yes, he slithered into the meeting after it started. I was ready to pounce if he tried to say one word. He can sign up for public comment like everyone else or sit there in silence. Only the full board can request a member of the City attorney’s office be present to address the board.

    I made a motion to add a discussion of my CHRO complaints because under CT state law every school board member and employee is indemnified against any legal action taken against them in their capacity as a BOE member or employee.

    I then have to listen to dumb Dennis say this is a “private matter that I can settle with the City attorney.” Ummm, it’s not a private matter you idiot. It is a matter relevant to the board because the board is REQUIRED under state law to provide me with legal representation. The City Attorney has zero authority over the board or any of its members, and clearly there is an inherent conflict in their having anything to do with my legal representation.

    As we are debating adding this to the agenda by two-thirds, I ask Larcheveque are you going to entertain allowing the three members I am suing to have them removed off this board to vote on this matter? He states”each member would have to decide whether to abstain.” I am not kidding. I requested a roll call vote. The three stooges, Negron, Fonseca and Weldon voted with Larcheveque and Bradley Not to add it to the agenda. Do you see a conflict here?

    My legal representation is required under state law, therefore I am going to direct my attorney to represent me, bill the BOE, and if they refuse to pay the invoices we will sue the BOE for all costs related to the CHRO representation and litigation.

    I don’t think they understand I am not like them. I do not just complain, I take action which will always include the option of litigation.

  7. This will be my last comment on this issue. This is not a new statement as I have made it to Maria before. I find it extremely perplexing how you make these disparaging comments about the Mayor, his attorney, members of the BBOE etc. etc. etc. and not one have lowered themselves to make or write a disparaging comment about you. I sit back and wonder how this is possible. It is like Donald Trump. Maybe it is disrespectful or maybe you are just brilliant. In all things BBOE that is. You are a master of this one subject for sure.

      1. Steve, wasn’t it you who called Carolanne Curry a “cunt” on this blog? Apparently Carolanne wants to counsel you on my disparaging remarks. Interesting.

        1. Maria, I do not have a lawsuit against me regarding age discrimination. Your incessant rants against Carolanne Curry can and definitely will be used to prove you discriminate and have no respect for seniors. My relationship with Carolanne Curry is not the same as yours. I have begged for forgiveness over a year ago. I was baited and provoked by you as a matter of fact before I realized you do have an issue with antisocial behavior. Everyone who crosses your path is your best friend until they aren’t. Enough said on the facts.

          You would be wise to monitor your assaults on Carolanne. You have been baited and now it is documented and most likely passed on to the attorneys of Rabinowitz and others. You are an elected official and I am not. The “C” word is perhaps the ugliest word known to me. I find it repulsive that you would actually repeat that, as a woman no less. But that’s you! I know Lennie Grimaldi put me in my place, perhaps he will do the same with you. I am shocked, seriously shocked that you just posted that word and spelled it out!!!

          1. Steve, you are repulsed and shocked by a word and statement you posted on this blog about Carolanne Curry?

            Are you implying you wrote that statement about Carolanne Curry because of me? You are ridiculous and need to own your postings.

            You are an elected official, Steve. You are an elected member of the DTC. You should at least know that.

          2. Steve, we were never “best friends.” We simply discussed politics periodically. I am not antisocial. I just had a lovely holiday get-together at my home on Sunday.

            If Carolanne or anyone else wants to dish it out, they have to be able to take it. We are simply sparring because we don’t like each other. I will especially not tolerate an out-of-town and out-of-touch individual attacking me. I won’t start it, but I am more than happy to finish it. I believe we are all done for now.

          3. Maria, I will state again that I apologized to Carolanne Curry over a year ago. I was not an elected official, I do not have teachers asking me to leave their schools as you posted and I do not have fout pending lawsuits. I did not love Joe, Dolly, Angel, Fran, Dennis; all people you thought were just the best just until you didn’t.

            Now your current diatribe with Carolanne has absolutely nothing to do with my post. You’re attacking her on her age just proves the lawsuits do in fact have merit.

            I do not think they will have a problem with finding proper documentation.

            Let’s remind people you do not pay property taxes in Bridgeport. Maybe a car? Probably not. You do not have a child in the Bridgeport School system.

            Ron Mackey has asked you repeatedly what your accomplishments have been. You may have to answer that in your lawsuits.

            I agree with the milkman, the attempted takeover by Finch was intended to improve the Bridgeport school system. The takeover never happened and now Joe Ganim has to deal with the documented interview on WICC one week ago that stated young people do not want to live in a city with a proven track record of poor scoring for students, which is why people are begging for change. I supported the school takeover. I know MJF did not but she also did not have children in the Bridgeport school system. Mayor Finch had all his children in the Bridgeport School system until finally he put them in a charter school.

            Anyway, back to you and Carolanne. I am probably wrong about anyone taking your posts from OIB and holding that against you. How silly is that???

          4. I am sorry, Maria. Did I ever give the impression I thought “we” were best friends? I have best friends. I know what good friends are. I can say the only thing you have done for me was invite me to a Joe Ganim fundraiser. I on the other hand was there to help with groceries for a woman in a gorgeous apt. I helped to get absentee ballots for you are the senior housing because Maria Pires was ill. I passed out literature for you while walking with MJF. So let’s be honest, I know what friends are and you do not make the grade. That being said, it has nothing to do with your lawsuits or Carolanne Curry. Everyone knows our “relationship” was just coffee at the ’50s Diner until you burned that bridge. I guess no other diner would do and that was the last I saw of you. Lolololololol. Very funny reading this back. I did enjoy our coffee breaks. I do not miss the 1am phone calls. I think these lawsuits will be a wake-up call for you.

            Were you at the Christmas Party with the 138th and the Mayor at the Senior center? I heard they were very grateful.

            Maria, I do miss going at it with you, I can’t lie. But I certainly am over it, lolololol seriously I am. I give Lisa Parziale a lot of credit. I do not have a clue how she does it dealing with you. But it is nice that she is one of the few who have remained loyal to you. Frank Gyure will wake up soon enough.

          5. Steve, Maria is a bridge destroyer and not a bridge builder. Steve, there have been some people who really took to Maria’s issues who supported her including Lisa but then she doesn’t accept their wisdom and guidance and then they back away from Maria. Steve, as you can see, Maria is NO Lisa, in fact she is the total opposite. Steve, have you noticed as long as Maria has been on OIB no one backs up her comments? Frank does once in awhile.

    1. You nailed it on the head! I am just “brilliant.”

      Steve, once again, you are not in a position to judge what others post on OIB. Your posts are frequently outlandish.

      Dennis Bradley is an idiot, Mayor Ganim is a pathological liar, Mark Anastasi is a political hack and Carolanne Curry is in need of significant cosmetic surgery and irrelevant. These are my opinions, and you are entitled to yours.

      1. Well it would seem the HRO QUEEN now only says all her diatribes are “opinions.”
        Well that kind of ignorance has some plausibility. Because it is well known her capacity for truth is not relevant to reality.

        1. Carolanne, what I am well known for is telling the absolute truth, being direct and forthright. What you are known for is … oh, that’s right, you are irrelevant, therefore you are not known.

      2. Mark Anastasi needs to be fired simply for his highly elastic legal counsel. He also needs to be fired with his involvement with the WPCA scumbag attorney Juda Epstein and Charlie Mason/Mid-Town Towing.

    1. Maria,
      You are passionate beyond belief. You obviously, care deeply for the children of Bridgeport. You truly believe you are the savior of the children and many other adults only offer to serve on the B.O.E. for their personal gain and therefore become your enemies. It is my belief other people including Fran Rabinowitz, Dennis Bradley, Lisa Pavlik-Kuhn, Delores Mason and Francine Carbone deeply and sincerely care about the children living in Bridgeport and want to help them obtain their fullest potential in life. Our former Mayor Finch saw the dysfunction of the school board and tried to direct it to a better outcome through a state takeover. Right or wrong, it was done (in my belief) solely to provide a better outcome for the children of Bridgeport. The outcome of the state takeover and subsequent reversal has no doubt become a battle cry for the parents, however it is the children who have been shortchanged by this.

      Fran Rabinowitz is leaving in ten days. She is tired, unappreciated and more to the point, worn down by you. You have eliminated an interim superintendent, whom you considered a foe, but who was in fact a strong caring advocate for the extremely needy and neglected children of Bridgeport. There is another gentleman named Kevin McSpirit who resigned from the Bridgeport Board of Education several months ago. Kevin lives in Black Rock and offered his time to the B.O.E. as a concerned parent. He had no political agenda (to the best of my knowledge), but his personal time was important and he wanted to make a difference in the lives of our youth. He joined the boycott to force your resignation only because he had already decided to leave the B.O.E. if changes weren’t forthcoming. He unfortunately saw no positive forward movement from the board, only confrontation and stagnation. This was and is a good man who cared and wanted to make a difference. He was one of many caring people who have been turned off by the dysfunction of the B.O.E. I am certain he will make a positive difference in many lives, but unfortunately the B.O.E. will never benefit from what he tried to bring to the table.

      Will Bridgeport survive the current cesspool that engulfs the B.O.E.? Absolutely. Worse things have happened in Bridgeport. Is this fair to the children of Bridgeport? I think not. I believe every child deserves a fair go in life. Children attending school in Bridgeport aren’t offered the same education the children of the suburbs enjoy.

      I have no desire to shame you publicly. You are very passionate about your role and for this I actually admire you. I just wish you had the ability to temper your comments with basic civility. Dennis Bradley might not be a perfect individual, but I assure you he isn’t scum. I’ve never heard of a human life form being called scum, until you spoke of Dennis in such terms. You would be so much more effective and respected if you could keep some basic human decency in your comments.

      I hope you will take to heart the spirit of my post and not take it as a personal attack on you or what you feel you represent. I, as many, only want to see Bridgeport and its citizens move forward. The last thing Bridgeport needs is more money expended on lawyers than on the needs of our children.

      1. It’s your opinion but you are so far off base. I’ll just talk about your comment about Mayor Finch, there was never a need for any type of takeover, first by him and then the state because Finch ALWAYS had a 6 to 3 vote on everything. So why the takeover when you have all the power?

      2. Steve, I just want to get this straight; I’m the one ranting incessantly? Okay???

        You are jumping all over the place, posting incomplete sentences, writing incoherently, etc.

        Your house was foreclosed on months ago, Steve. You sold/lost all your Nob Hill Condominium properties, Steve. Let it go.

        1. Maria Pires, I mean Pereira. My three Nob Hill condos were sold as of public record as well as Fairfield Village. Thank you for minding my personal business. Mark Provanzano was the buyer. Steven Auerbach was the seller. Tyisha Toms was the attorney closing my last unit. Again you psycho bitch, thank you for minding my business. My home I gave back to my bank where my best friend David Zamary is my banker at First County. It was not worth $1750 a month to me. The reason I am sharing this is because you actually believe you have information you can use against someone. It doesn’t work on me. As you must know, I have three properties left in Bridgeport. You have none. You have a record of an insane nature, I do not. Even this post proves you are out of control and the lawsuits have merit. If your attempt on this post was to embarrass me, it did not. Shock me? Yes. Actually, no. I’m worried about you. No, I’m not really. SMH. So, so very very pathetic you are. Seriously Maria, pathetic, sad and just plain pathetic. I will copy and save in my top drawer–no I won’t. That is what an obsessive compulsive bipolar sociopath would do. That’s what you do. You are really really scary to somebody who is sensitive. I am not. I get up every day, life is good and I smile. I am really sad for you. You are something.

          Now I have to find that piece of literature that helped you lose the election. I would imagine that will help the case against you. What was it? You set your boyfriend’s house on fire? Something like that.

          Anyway, little stuff not important.
          May I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a most joyous New Year.

          To all on the blog. Happy and safe holidays to all.

          One thing is for sure, to all my friends on this blog of which I have a few. You will have to admit I have never ever shared any grief or hardships but have always been there to lend a helping hand. Maria P. Thank you for attempting to air my private business.

          1. Steve, you are rambling, incoherent, writing incomplete sentences and unfocused in your commentary. You appear flustered and agitated. I, however, am quite calm.

            You thought it was perfectly fine to post whether I do or do not pay taxes, although I have ZERO unpaid taxes, but apparently you don’t consider that minding my business. However, posting your status regarding your foreclosure/signing over your deed, and selling off your property, and by the way you have an unpaid car tax bill from 2015 according to the public website; that apparently makes me a “psycho bitch” and “pathetic.”

            Pure hypocrisy, Steve. If you can dish it out, Steve, you have to be able to take it.

            Have an enjoyable holiday season, Steve.

          2. Maria, there you go again. Talking about my business. It is your obsessive compulsive nature to do this. What I will say is unlike Mary-Jane Foster who pays 42,000 a year in property taxes, I have paid on a house and five units for over 30 years. I am not interested in whether you paid your $100 car tax bill. Your total contribution to the city of Bridgeport a year. Funny thing about back taxes, the city gets their money plus interest in the end.The most important thing Maria is I have always paid my taxes. Lots of taxes. It is sad that I have paid $18,000 a year for the past 15 years. Loving Bridgeport having only a few bad tenants life was good. Traveled ’round the world many times. Have great friends. Support all the restaurants in the city. Have many diverse interests. I cannot complain even when I gave my home back to the bank so I could care for my mother who can no longer get around.

            You really are a piece of work I do not regret knowing. I do however, feel sad for you whether you are interested or not. Your diatribes are childish. You are a cancer. Mean-spirited to the core. In the end I probably deserve your disparaging remarks and attempted character assassinations. You however are well deserving of all the things coming your way. Hopefully, there will be some good. Most likely not!

          3. Steve, municipal taxes are public record, not private. Why do you think it’s okay to bring up what I do or do not pay in taxes and what property I do or do not own, however it is abhorrent to discuss your taxes and what property you do or do not own?

            Certainly, what is good for the goose is good for the gander; is it not?

  8. Milkman, respectively, you are incredibly naive about the inner workings of the Bridgeport Board of Education.

    Dennis Bradley is scum and I stand by my comments. Sauda Baraka, Howard Gardner, Ben Walker and myself were all absolute supporters of Rabinowitz initially. All four of us are pleased she is gone as of Friday. You, and others, should ask why all four of us are completely opposed to her after we welcomed her, supported her, and worked to help her initially.

    Kevin McSpirit resigned because he was furious Ganim appointed Fonseca to break the boycott. He also resigned because of time constraints related to running his company versus fulfilling his responsibilities on the school board. I and Howard spoke with him by phone and asked him not to resign. Ms. Baraka also has an email from him explaining his reasons for resigning.

    Mayor Finch wanted a BOE takeover because that is what Steve Mandel and the charter $chool investors wanted. He was also worried we were going to take the majority in the election in the summer of 2011. If you look at every city where there has been massive privatization of public education and a massive proliferation of Charter $chools, the first step is to eliminate an elected school board. The plan was to bring in “rock star” Paul Villas who was going to lead the movement to make every BPS a Charter $chool.

    We subpoenaed all the emails, notes, correspondence, etc. I have seen them with my own eyes so please don’t try to convince me otherwise.

    Fran Rabinowitz and Thomas Mooney concocted the boycott because the September 12, 2016 agenda had two items regarding disciplining her for insubordination. Dennis Bradley and Joe Larcheveque agreed to it.

    It was never about the well-being of children, it was solely about protecting herself.

    No one who cares about children directs assigned committee staff, earning over $2,000,000 in taxpayer funds, not to fulfill their responsibilities. She lost a lot of respect from her own staff who did not agree with her, and many felt she put them in a horrible position.

    In the end it backfired on all of them. In the end, I am still here and she is riding into the suburban sunset, which is what I told her would happen in February 2015.

    You are absolutely entitled to your perspective and opinion, but I completely disagree with it.

  9. I wish folks would begin sharing “facts” about how to take practical steps to changing school results.

    When I first began reading Maria some years ago, I can remember her stating “it’s all about the kids.” It should be because that is what adults owe to the next generation coming along. That may be the source of Maria’s passion but it is not what gets posted on OIB, unfortunately, that might inspire and inform readers.

    I believe Maria is one of a handful of Bridgeport citizens who are not legal specialists in having studied the educational system locally and how it fits within the framework of State law. She also has very practical experience with rules of committee process that differ at times, depending on the civic body.

    What I cannot remember hearing are comprehensive comments that relate to curriculum, instruction, staffing, evaluation, labor contracts, etc. that might set off important discussions and learning in the public. Perhaps when the New Year rings in with a new interim Superintendent and a schedule of official regular BOE and committee meetings, we can all get to the PRIORITIES of the system and share where very basic decisions need to be made. Only in this way will people who are stakeholders because they are parents begin to understand the power of the vote when it comes to City Council funding, State legislative funding and BOE policy that is aimed at results with public accountability. Time will tell.

    1. John, now you should know better than to ask Maria a questions like you just did and how dare you question Maria about what has she done?

      John, you wrote, “What I cannot remember hearing are comprehensive comments that relate to curriculum, instruction, staffing, evaluation, labor contracts, etc. that might set off important discussions and learning in the public.” John, you won’t hear Maria address what you wrote because she’s too busy telling us how great she is and attacking people who don’t agree with her, nothing about students and education.

  10. JML, are these orchestrated and concocted complaints “all about the kids?” Was it “all about the kids” when Rabinowitz, Attorney Mooney, Bradley, etc. organized the boycotting of meetings? And, was it “all about the kids” when Rabinowitz directed assigned committee staff earning over $2,000,000 annually, not to attend committee meetings?

    Over the last three decades, it has NOT been “about the kids.” It has been about money, power, control, lucrative contracts and patronage.

    I for one am fed up with it. I don’t care if I have to stand completely alone; I am going to fight for these 21,000 students.

    1. Maria,
      Standing completely alone and disregarded or ignored does nothing to help the 21,000 youth who currently pass through the doors of our schools and for whom hundreds of millions are spent annually by our system. What would happen if you began to share the vision you personally have and plans for getting us there? Provide information that people can chew over and verify. As people have told me, keep it simple. If you like OATH as an acronym, look for marks of OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST record-keeping and sharing so the public gets a feel for what they are ultimately paying for. But help make it whole cloth so no stakeholder goes away blaming failures on someone else, whether it be parents, children, the State, City Hall or that “dysfunctional BOE.” As Bridgeport native Walt Kelly once penned in POGO: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” If that FACT is communicated, accepted and understood once and for all, and each party understands their vital role in reform, and wants to ultimately help the youth, we are a few steps closer to resolution, aren’t we? Time will tell.

  11. I do not care how nasty and cruel Maria Pereira can be. I refuse to sign that petition on Moveon.org started by Wanda Simmons. The petition is called Maria Pereira Must go. Among other things with over 340 signatures it addresses Pereira’s violent and criminal past as well as her incessant lawsuits and constant disruptive behavior on the BBOE. Now I do not know Wanda Simmons personally but do follow her on Facebook. (Did she support Donald Trump?) I do know many of the 340 signatures have comments against Maria Pereira.
    I wonder if they will use that also in the lawsuits against Periera. I hope not–oh who am I kidding? 🙂 Now I definitely have to find out about this Wanda Simmons. We have about 80 friends in common.

  12. Steve, we have a mayor convicted of 17 felonies who received a nine-year federal prison sentence. I have three misdemeanors from 2005, Steve. What “violent” past are you referring to?

    Wanda Simmons is a paid organizer for Families for Ex$ellent $chools. She is a member of FaithActs for Education, and she is a Charter $chool parent. She is easy to spot because she wears these obviously false eyelashes.

    Her petition has been up, with quite a few misspellings, since September. It died at slightly over 300 signatures. Feel free to sign it because no one cares. 🙂

    You’re clearly upset, but you cannot post whatever you want and not expect pushback, especially from me.

    1. Come on Maria, I live for your push-backs. Duh! BTW FYI inside scoop. It had over 400 signatures and was in fact given to Fran Rabinowitz. That is a fact and a reliable little birdie told me so.

    2. Now you are talking about Mayor Ganim’s convictions? After you spent months maligning Finch and praising Ganim? At what point do your constituents stop answering the doors when you come a-knocking?

      1. I spent months maligning Finch?

        As far as the question regarding my constituents; the answer is never. I am well-respected in the THooker precinct, and am working my way into JFK now.

  13. Great! Fran can pack it up neatly in one of her boxes as she heads out the door. We have over 140,000 residents, over 50,000 registered voters, therefore I am good.

    I believe I have been pretty consistent that I do not care what Charter $chool investors, staff or paid organizers think I should or should not do.

  14. Maria,
    As a BOE member “who cares about the kids,” can you disengage for a brief time and share your vision of the important, the critical and who needs to get what done, in your opinion? It would be a gift to the community from you. It may recognize some problems, but what is the way to deal with them in your eyes? There still may be some unfinished legal business but I believe folks need to hear about the journey forward and the parties who need to be accountable, don’t you? Provide some vision and information to swell the support for getting on with the job of educating the youth of Bridgeport, and folks will learn and be able to attend to any future barricades to better results from the school system. Time will tell.


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