Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa Recovering From Serious Heart Bypass Surgery

File image: Mario Testa prepares to address Democratic insiders at his restaurant

Septuagenarian Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa is recovering from quintuple bypass surgery, a blockage of all major arteries feeding the heart.

The initial news is his rehabilitation is progressing a week after surgery.

His popular Madison Avenue restaurant has been the epicenter of Democratic politics the better part of 30 years. Numerous dignitaries have dined there.

In 2009 when President Joe Biden was vice president then U.S. Senator Chris Dodd joined him at a Fairfield commuter lot off the Merritt Parkway to celebrate the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that pumped $67 million to renovate the bucolic highway.

Dodd was hungry. So was Biden. Dodd had tasted Mario’s meals many times. Mario received word he might have veep company. Biden’s staff, however, said we must keep him on schedule, no restaurant visit. So Mario summoned a worker to deliver a dish for Biden to enjoy on his way to the airport.

One week later, a letter arrives.

“Dear Mario, I thank you for the delicious pasta. Next time I am in Bridgeport, I will have to try some of your famous meatballs.”

Of course, we know Mario is a fighter. 1989 town committee endorsement for mayor.



  1. While I don’t agree how he runs Bpt or what he has done to our once great city, I wish him nothing but the best. A full, speedy recovery, and many more years of improved health. May God bless him & heal him..

  2. Best of luck Mario, I had it done a few years ago don’t listen to the Doctors.
    Eat Lasagna, Osso Bucoalla Milanese, Proscintto, Tirmisu, Saltibocca these are things needed for life!
    I walk two miles everyday 7 days a week, I can get you a deal on body armor.
    Now the prick will be here for another 40 years!

  3. Mario
    Hang in there. You can’t go yet. Who will I pick on?
    Besides with Joe gone, sooner or later, one way or the other, who will be left to pick up the pieces?

  4. Get well, Mario! You’re about the only Bridgeport politician that can still get a phone call returned by our US Congressional delegates and the White House. And you’re the only thing between Bridgeport and Generation-Now, political gastric distress (which could range in form from severe, political bloat and flatulence, to life-threatening political dysentery and irreversible Gold Coast domination)…

    Get strong, Mario. It’s an election year during really trying times. Bridgeport needs you to keep our politics from gyrating totally out of control and into the conniving, silk-gloved hands of the stealthy, Gold-Coast political infiltrators, Generation Now…

    Altro pesce, altro vino. Meno cacio, meno mailale…


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