Debicella’s Bridgeport Listening Tour, Represent The Needs Of All People

Dan Debicella
Dan Debicella campaigns in Bridgeport.

Four years ago Bridgeport native Dan Debicella ran a competitive race against Democratic Congressman Jim Himes winning 47 percent of the vote in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District two days after Barack Obama filled the Webster Bank Arena to juice city turnout. The Republican nominee received just 3447 votes in the state’s largest city to Himes’ 17,644. Fundamentally, the Debicella campaign largely ignored Bridgeport except for Republican bastion Black Rock. So far Debicella is showing a renewed outlook about campaigning in a city in which he has a strong story to tell.

Republican political operatives make the mistake of giving up on urban voters, including the 5,000 unaffiliated electors in Bridgeport who will likely vote in November. In campaigns, winning is relative. Debicella received just 16 percent of the vote in Bridgeport. Is 25 percent doable, maybe a few points higher? Yes. Debicella was born in the city, his dad was a city police officer. He can talk to city voters on a level they understand whether nostalgically or what he will do for them in Congress. Want urban voters? Discuss specific Bridgeport issues: development, job creation, job training, taxes, urban renewal, small business grants and loan opportunities.

Debicella has visited Bridgeport businesses including stops at Latino-owned Lafayette Hair Styling Shop, Isaac’s Tires, Ponce’s Sandwich Shop, and El Coquito, listening to the remarks and views of concerned citizens and business owners, according to his campaign.

“My wife Alex and I have been fortunate enough to live the American Dream,” says Debicella. “Her family came to America from Argentina in search of more opportunity, and through hard work achieved that dream. It is important that we protect the American Dream for the next generation.”

According to Debicella, business owners expressed concerns about high taxes, costly regulations and transportation issues that cause them significant strain, adding they are uncertain about investing more money in their businesses because they are not sure what the future will bring.

“Small business is the backbone of our community and Washington simply isn’t doing enough to help them thrive,” Debicella says. “Our major focus should be creating jobs and providing an environment where individuals and businesses can thrive, and we can only do that if the bureaucrats in Washington get out of the way.”

“It helps hearing from people and business owners in our community,” adds Debicella, “my first priority as Congressman will be to represent the needs of all of our citizens here in the district.”

Many urban voters feel fatigued and disengaged from their elected representatives. It creates challenges for Democrats to inspire voters to the polls and opportunities for Republicans to provide an alternative to cut into Democratic numbers for a relative win. The mood of the city and general mood of the 4th Congressional District sets up another potential close contest between Himes and Debicella.



  1. Jim Himes serves on the powerful finance committee, as a former Goldman “Sacks” employee he will not address or change inversion. Himes refused to help his former staff member and extremely qualified candidate Dennis Bradley in his primary, so we will have yet another full-time city employee collecting full-time pay and benefits from both the city and state. Yup–gotta give Dan a chance to do better …

    1. Himes did what most Democrats (or Republicans for that matter) do, they support the endorsed candidates. Dennis Bradley was not endorsed by the party. I’m sure he will seek office in the future, but this time around, qualified as he may be, he just didn’t have a the name recognition or party backing. He’ll be back in the future.

      1. Godiva, Himes used that logic on me twice. Any reasonable person would argue this was a race where Himes needed to step up–a city employee with no legislative experience, the incumbent who was her own worst enemy–this to me is a glaring example of why qualified people who are true public servants do not run for office.

  2. That is so nice of Dan Debicella, Latino-owned businesses, now maybe, just maybe he might try to visit the East End to talk to a few blacks.

    donj, here is your chance to get on board with a Republican and you can help him meet blacks. You will fit in great with Dan Debicella because you are a young educated black male who lives in the Black Rock area. Time will tell. Dan Debicella is a real loser, just listen to him speak.

    1. Ron, what makes you think Debicella is not talking to blacks? He has hired many black individuals to campaign for him in the North End. He is wise to focus on the largest growing minority in the United States. I will be voting for Himes.

      1. Steven Auerbach, OK if you say so, he’s talking to blacks on the East End, what a joke, that’s why he didn’t even campaign in Bridgeport in the last election but now he has found out where black people are and now he needs them, he didn’t need them the last time.

          1. I can’t picture him having any impact in Bridgeport whatsoever. He’s just not a good fit. Going around to black or Latino merchants in Bridgeport is not going to do him much good. The fact his wife is Argentinian somehow doesn’t seem like a big selling point for his campaign.

  3. Ron, for one he is right to visit Latinos, they are growing at a big rate and have overtaken blacks as being the dominant minority in America. Second, black people votes have just gone down the drain whereas Latino votes are sought out. Our voices have no impact because we vote one way. Now let blacks start voting Republican and Democrats start losing races, I bet Democrats will follow through on matters blacks care about. I voted for Himes in 2008, 2010 and 2012; this year I am undecided on him. And Lennie, Black Rock a Republican bastion??? Democrats have beaten Republicans on the federal and state level by over a 2 to 1 margin at Black Rock. Obama over McCain by over 2 to 1 in ’08 and Obama over Romney by over a 2 to 1 margin in 2012. People would consider this a strong Democratic area. Registration for Black Rock is Democrats 1,738 and Republicans 474.

    1. donj, ask the Latinos how that’s working out for voting for Republicans, oh that’s right, the Republicans are the ones leading the fight to send their children back to where they came from on America’s border. How many Latinos have been appointed to key Republican positions and what has the Republican Congress voted for and passed to help Latinos? donj, please become a Republican, you keep praising them so you need to be one. donj, tell me why you are scared to join the Republican party? You are two-faced when you post on OIB how blacks have been taken by the Democrats.

    2. donj, here is a good suggestion for you, you should get in touch with Jennifer Buchanan, she is a good woman and she could direct you on how to become a Republican and maybe you could appear on her TV program and you could tell the public how the Democrats are doing nothing for blacks.

        1. Jennifer,
          Have you asked Ron to be a guest? That would be a coup for you. He has experience, ideas and viewpoints, and you might have some questions for him about things in the South End, too.

          As a bonus, since I know where the studio is, I would be willing to give Ron a ride to the station if he needs one. I am sure this would make a special show, heck, call-ins might really increase and leave too little time to get into issues, but it is worth a try, no?

          Or you could do a retired fireman show with Ron, Andy Fardy and Donald Day for starters strolling down Memory Lane together. Hot time in the old town that night? Time will tell.

          1. Ron would be a very welcome guest on the show–as would the firefighter retired brigade.

  4. Jennifer,
    As to ALS, isn’t that the Republican mantra?
    End government support for programs like that. Cut taxes. And if a cause is really worthwhile, the public will have more money to decide and give for themselves?

  5. Ron, I know tons of Latinos who are Republican and actually do not support amnesty for illegals. I for one do not support amnesty for illegals and illegals are not just Latinos either, there are tons of black and white illegals in this country. Why don’t I join the Republican party? For one, I am socially liberal. I like Rand Paul he is a Libertarian and I also consider myself to be a Libertarian.

  6. Btw Ron, since you are such a Democrat that you vote for them no matter what, then please tell them to end the war on drugs that has sent a lot of black men to jail. My candidate for president in 2016 Rand Paul is against the war on drugs.

    1. donj, I see you like for people to pat you on your back and agree with what you say. So tell me what do you know about Rand Paul and what he stands for? What do Libertarians stand for and what do Liberals stand for?

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