Debicella Concedes To Himes

Democratic Congressman Jim Himes, riding a huge Bridgeport plurality and running competitive in several GOP strongholds, has won reelection to a second term. Barack Obama’s visit to Bridgeport certainly helped Himes. Debicella statement:

“Tonight, the voters of Fairfield County have spoken. While the outcome was not what we hoped for, I’m proud of the campaign we ran.

“Over fifteen months ago, we embarked on a journey to take our country in the right direction again. We ran a campaign of ideas, talking about improving the economy, helping small businesses, making permanent the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, as well as forcing politicians to cut spending and live within a budget. My hope is that these values of free enterprise, small government, and individual liberty will prevail in Washington.

“I congratulate Congressman Jim Himes on his re-election tonight. We’ve enjoyed a spirited debate on the issues, and I wish him nothing but the best as he returns to Washington. The stakes for our country are too high not to hope for success in the next two years.”



  1. *** Polling places sounded like places of mass confusion today from some reports, glad I stayed home! Now starting Jan 2011 the Republicans can take their nylon masks off as obstructionists & feel more comfortable about their power & how they’re going to turn government around after 2 years of Obama’s socialist rule. Should be very interesting in the DC capital for sure, not much change but interesting! *** SOS ***

  2. There ain’t no hole big enough for the DTC and the registrar to climb in. Gonna be worse for them if Malloy does win. Between that comin’ to dinner and now this stuff. OMG.


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