Debating Ganim’s Security Costs

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The two detectives and a police lieutenant assigned to guard and chauffeur Mayor Joe Ganim around the city and state earned nearly $70,000 total in overtime for that assignment this year.

That amount–accrued between Jan. 1 and Dec. 19 and provided in response to a Freedom of Information request–is not insignificant given Bridgeport’s and its police department’s fiscal challenges.

The former is grappling with a several million dollar deficit and the latter has spent $3.7 million of its $5.5 million overtime account halfway through the budget year.

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  2. Rowena White, Ganim’s director of communications, wrote wrote: “Since the mayor is entitled by virtue of his office and position to the services of a security detail, it is not necessary or appropriate for him personally or his campaign to reimburse the city for such services.” That’s great and as clear as it can get and it’s another reason why voters should no support and vote for Joe Ganim for anything because Ganim doesn’t give a dam about spending taxpayers money.

  3. No need to worry.
    The esteemed members of the city council will take a stand and insist on compliance to ordinances and code of ethics.

    But first, someone will need to explain to them what an ordinance is, including that ordinance relating to ethics. I’m sure the mayor’s staff will explain everything to them.

  4. It’s time to UBER His Ass around the State!

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  5. Two detectives and a lieutenent to cart Little Joe Ganim from photo op to photo op. the city is bleeding money and this asshole is so unpopular he needs to be guarded by three armed men.

    Great Caesar’s ghost…

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