1. A mature citizen with much national experience, financial skill, and professional respect to help tackle the problems of Connecticut long-term structural and current imbalances??

    The contrast between the two individuals referenced is apparent. Ganim2 has not been about “serving the public” in his “second chance” walk-on. It’s about “connecting” his pre-felon time in office with his current gig to provide a “bridge” in benefits. How does the taxpayer get a “bridge” in terms of rising real estate values? Can Ganim2 talk about the sharp increase in taxes, to fund last year’s budget with padding of multiple departments in terms of salary and benefit expenses not used last year that create a surplus (READ: Unnecessarily increased mil rate because expense discipline is not practiced by current City Councils)? And what will he say about current projects coming on line that will pay full taxes?? Economic development must be a pipeline (with explanations for deal sweetening details) to increase the Taxable Grand List and full annual revenues to pay for budgeted services.

    What if two of our local potential gubernatorial candidates were to meet, speak openly and honestly about their best ideas, would Joe be pursuing another pension obligation bond solution to a problem created by labor relations movement of Police and Fire pension from local Plan B to State MERS?? Does it only benefit the retirees at the expense of an unknowing taxpayer? Is it a model that the State can employ with its larger pension problems? If not, why not? Would you like to learn? Time will tell.

      1. Democrats state-wide will never accept Ganim as their party’s candidate. I have a much better chance to be on the general election ballot than Joe. At the same time, I would love a chance to run against him for Governor. It would be the Constitution Candidate (Walker) versus the Corrupticut Candidate (Ganim)!

  2. How fast will Governor David Walker get rid of health benefits and pensions of firefighters and police? What is Republican David Walker’s position on his party’s President Donald Trump?

    1. Ron,

      I have never said that I would get ride of such benefits. My middle brother was both a police officer and a Fire Marshall. I have said that I would restructure pension and health care benefits at the state level in an equitable and sustainable manner. I have also said that I would take steps to facilitate the restructuring of the finances of troubled and non-competitive cities, including Bridgeport, Hartford and Waterbury. I am also committed to eliminating conflicts and convicts from certain public offices. Come to the event on 6/29 if you want to learn more.

    1. Don, Walker is scare to tell us his position on President Trump and Walker’s Republican Party on there plan to take away health benefits by giving Walker and others a big tax cut by not providing health care for those who truly need it. It’s amazing how silent Walker has been about Trump, he shows NO leadership, now he’ll speak out against Joe Ganim, that’s easy.

      1. Dave has made many public statements regarding Trump. Just as with presidents he has served under at the federal level, Regan, Bush 1&2 and Clinton, he does not support every policy these presidents put forth. Very few critical thinking person support platforms 100%.

      2. Ron,

        Wrong again. I have said many times that Trump was not my preferred candidate for the GOP nomination. I supported several candidates financially. I did, however, vote for President Trump in the general election because I believe that Washington is badly broken and needs real change. I also know that Hillary Clinton is very different from Bill Clinton who appointed me as CGOTUS.

  3. Did everybody watch the Trump cabinet meeting yesterday?

    It was so embarrassing listening to his top brass kissing his ass in public!!!

    I do not think Mr. Walker can speak for Democrats across the state. I do not think anyone is going to be so quick to support a Democrat after the Trump nightmare . Being a Bridgeporter , the largest city in the state, I would not rule out Ganim. Walker most definitely would have to give his position on Climate change and Healthcare . How does he feel about Trump alienating us from other countries ?, How does he feel with the US aligned with 3rd world countries , Syria and Nicaragua?

    I hope the Sessions testimony today makes an impact!!!

    1. Steve, Nicaragua is on the record stating they do not think the Paris climate accord does enough, which is why they don’t support it. That’s a far cry from implying they are an ignorant 3rd world country. Granted one could argue you must start somewhere, and fault countries for lack of cooperation.

    2. Steve, Dave is on the record supporting national healthcare. He thought the ACA was in need of serious reforms, which has proven to be true. Numbers support universal single payer national health care, Dave is a numbers guy.

    1. Steve diner at the restaurant of your choice a republican will be the next governor of CT. Just because the voters of Bridgeport are dumber than dirt it does not mean the whole state is

  4. What about the current Connecticut nightmare? Once it becomes clear that unfunded liabilities threaten all programs even Democrats will vote Republican!

      1. Jennifer, I’ve never met you but I love how loyal you are to a lack Rock and to David Walker. I’ve seen nor heard anything from Walker about Trump. Walker doesn’t have a problem with Americans not having health benefits, sad.

        1. Thanks Ron. I’m a fan of yours also. While we don’t agree on some issues or opinions of candidates, I learn much from reading your stories of experiences and viewpoints. First, Walker supports national healthcare for everyone. If you would friend Walker on Facebook or attend just one of his public events you would both see and hear. I completely understand you don’t like Walkers party affiliation and probably never will, and nothing is going to change your mind. I vet candidates I endorse and work for, being able to completely support honest, ethical candidates who are truly interested in improving the lives of everyone. Walker absolutely meets this criteria, it’s easy to google him, it does take time to sort through all the written and televised links. It’s going to be a very interesting primary season on both sides of the isle. Peace be with you my OIB friend.

          1. Jennifer, I have no problem in supporting and voting for Republicans but I want a candidate Dave Walker to speak out against policies that hurt American like Trump’s health care bill that Mike Pence is trying to push through the senate. Like the 60 Minutes interview Walker did he could step up and speak out against national polices that would hurt Connecticut and the country as a whole, show some leadersip and speak out.

    1. I have already conducted about 20 mini town hall meetings in all 5 Congressional Districts. People now seem to understand that the state is in serious trouble. If I am the GOP candidate, I will be the next Governor. I already have a lot of Democrats and Independents who are supporting me in addition to Republicans. Merit matters in 2018 and it may our last chance to save Connecticut and Bridgeport.

    Like the 60 Minutes interview Walker did he could step up and speak out against national polices that would hurt Connecticut and the country as a whole, show some leadership and speak out.

  6. There’s no way Ganim can, as it stands, run for Governor State wide for the Democrat Party. The two things he ran on are still an issue, crime and taxes. Let’s not forget about his past. I know Dave won’t.

    The nightmare Dan is going to leave the state, most likely, it’s going to give the Republican the win. As for Trump, he came close to carrying the state, I think.

    I would give Walker’s experience the edge against the other Republicans, but let see who the party wants, unlike the Democrats, the Republicans are more in lock-step with in its leadership, they tend to fall in line with it.

    Dave if your party nominates you and you win. You can have that race against Joe or Constitution VS Corruption in four years.

    Walker, you can always run for mayor against Joe, but you would have to become a Democrat again, if you want to win. BAM

    1. Can’t argue with you on this. With the cries that Bridgeport is the ugly step child of CT, getting behind an ethical and qualified Bridgeport candidate would be in the city’s best interest. The fiscal disaster that is CT is going to be a long painful process, putting the wrong Governor in the seat will only make it a longer and more pain$ful process for everyone. If the state were in stable financial shape, almost any of the well qualified people exploring the nomination would probably be a good governor. This is not the case now. Your state absolutely needs an expert in government accounting and finances. Walker is that man.

      1. Jen, you’re preaching to the choir and so is Dave. He is running as a Republican right? I think he needs to win the Republican nomination first before he starts courting Democrats. Just being well verse in government accounting and finances doesn’t mean he knows how to lead a state or his party wants him. Based on his expertise JML should run for governor. Dave fight is not with Joe. It’s with the Republican Party.

    2. “I would give Walker’s experience the edge against the other Republicans,” what experience? Walker has NEVER held any elected position in government and he ran for Lieutenant Governor during the last Republican primary and he was rejected by his own party. Walker doesn’t have strong support in Bridgeport his home base. Yes, he has Black Rock and certain section in the North End

      1. Ron, if you’re only speaking of being elected, rather than appointed by 4 elected presidents of the US, and 100% approval vote yes by federal elected representatives for each appointment, then you are correct. Losing state wide by fewer that 2000 votes in a 3 way race would hardly be a rejection by the Republican Party. Especially for a candidate who had never run for office before, as opposed to his two seasoned political opponents.

        1. Jennifer, Donald Trump is showing the world what happens with the experiment of having someone to governed with out any political experience in elected politics plus Walker has the same trait as Trump, he’s has thin skin, Walker doesn’t like to challenge or questioned, Walker has no middle ground, it’s his way or no way.

          Jennifer, Bridgeport has the largest population in the state but Walker can not carry his own City.

      2. What experience? I have direct and successful experience in making major government transformation and financial restructuring happen. That is what Connecticut needs. Traditional politicians are part of the problem and not part of the solution! The people now get that.

        1. Dave when you say “TRADITIONAL” politicians would you put the Clinton’s and Bushes’ in that category of “part of the problem and not part of the solution?. You know was is also part of the problem with “TRADITIONAL” politicians, the people they hire or appoint. SMH The the bullshit ever end?

          1. Bush (41) and Clinton were both good President’s but Clinton was s stringer fiscal steward and ran as an outsider in 1992. My comment was focused on CT.

          2. Jen, Dave’s trying to ran as a outsider and not as a traditional politician, and he’s been, as far as I can tell, in government for decades. That’s what traditional politician do. 🙂 It’s all red boots season. 🙂 You know who is really not a traditional politician, TRUMP 🙂

  7. Ron, you’re right about Trump, good or bad, he’s never had any experience working with or for the government. Walker has experience working for the federal government, and very successfully with elected officials. He knows his way around government departments (he has served on 3 and headed one) and how to find bipartisan solutions.
    During the Lt Governor primary Walker was given the option to have this candidate removed from the ticket. Here’s a link to the issue.

    He chose to accept her apology and move on. Hardly thin skinned or vindictive. When statements are repeated over and over for many years and are attributed to him, which are completely false, he will correct and defend.

    1. Jennifer, has David Walker ever done a walking tour of the East End, the East Side, the South End or any public housing besides giving hot dogs at PT Barnum Apartments?

      1. He has. A few years ago Joel G. called because the Greens hallways were. Dangerous, elevators out of order, and the stairwells had areas full of human waste and he asked Walker to tour the buildings. I went with him, we walked the stair wells, toured the grounds and spoke with the grounds managers. We also walked the surrounding area looking at boarded up houses that appeared to be drug dens. I’m not sure about the walking tours of other parts of the city.

        1. Jennifer, thank you, I do remember that but let me ask you this, what happen after that visit?

          Jennifer, Dave Walker has been in Bridgeport a number years now and he should have on walking all over Bridgeport and should met with different pastors, community groups, school teachers, firefighters, police officers in just living here, he could have stop a basketball court or a soccer game or a baseball game in different neighborhoods. Just a visit as a resident and not as a candidate.

          I don’t have a problem with drop in candidates like Walk and Hillary Clinton. Hillary moved to New York in order to advance her political career but what she did was she did a listening tour of the State of New York. Hillary Clinton was a hard working and a good senator but a terrible candidate for President. Dave Walker has paid no dues here in Bridgeport for voters to support him. Dave Walker is a honorable man and I thank him for his service to our country but he has a way to go in order to be a elected state official.

          1. I hear you Ron. Dave has met with every mayor, offering his expertise with the struggling budget, for free. He was refused. Dave has had a career requiring focus and travel. He worked hard to establish CW4BB, doing all we could to reach out across the city in support of candidates. As you are well aware, some success – you may not be aware, Dave and CW4BB embraced and supported Marilyn Moore, without his work and CW4BB Morre would not have been as known and supported in Black Rock. My opinion is, Dave did the best he could as a private citizen, with no plans to run for office. I know you perceive his goal has always been to run for office. I believe he has tried as a private citizen to offer his help where it would be most effective.

        1. Dave Walker, let’s talk about now, President Bush and the Republican Congress plan taking 800 Billion dollars away from health care from Americans in order to give large tax cuts to the rich. Connecticut residents will be hurt with those cuts but where is your outrage? Where are your concerns about the Trump administration and their divisiveness, I haven’t read anything on OIB and in the Post?

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