1. Brett Kavanaugh has shown America what white privilege truly is in America, it’s white privilege for white males because there’s no way that a black, or female orany person of color could say and act the exact same way that Brett Kavanaugh did. Plus America saw how 11 white male U.S. Senators we’re a bunch of cowards, they didn’t have the guts to questioned Dr. Ford, they couldn’t perform the the job that they were elected to. Brett Kavanaugh feels that he’s entitled to be on the Supreme Court.

  2. If ever you wanted to see white privilege in action, consider the Kavanaugh hearing as the perfect example. Had he been Black, white America would have characterized him as an Angry Black Man and had he been a woman, white men would have characterized her as a Over Emotional Woman. His behavior was disgusting as well as that of the Repubiclican party.

  3. Donald and Ron sorry but they did the same thing with Clarence Thomas come on you guys are older than me. And do you remember what Bonehead Biden told Thomas and the rest of the committee what he felt about FBI investigations the don’t reach a conclusion period period. Why didn’t Ms.Ford not bring this up when he was considered to other judgeships? Because this is just a political stunt by your Democratic party. I see the Dems aren’t asking for an investigation on the domestic abuser Keith Ellison when there is ample evidence to cooberate the accuser’s statement.And the answer is pretty easy. He’s a Democrat a Muslim and he’s black. Have a great day guys.

    1. Jose Reyes, as for Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, Joe Biden remarks on the issue in December in Teen Vogue. He told the magazine that month, “I wish I had been able to do more for Anita Hill … I owe her an apology.” Joe Biden to this day has not given that apology to Anita Hill. Jose Reyes, at what point in time should any women come forward to talk about her being sexually abuse? Bill Cosby is in jail for his crime with women that are over 36 years where most of those women don’t totally remember what happen or what day. As for Keith Ellison if he’s found guilty kicked him out in fact kick out now because he only service a two year term but the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment. Tell me, how does someone sits down for a job interview and disrespects those doing the interview and then questions those who are doing the interview while banging on the table. There other conservative Republicans that has the political to be fair and have the objectivity temperament to listen to all points of views. But again when should any women come forward to talk about her being sexually abuse?

    2. Women have come forward to claim Kavanaugh assault. Male associates have come forward to say he lied about his drinking habits. Don’t forget his appearance before the committee was belligerent and flippant. He is unfit to judge a pie eating contest let alone sit on a federal appeals court.

  4. *** This SNL reenactment of the Kavanaugh circus proceedings was so accurate as to the going’s on, its amazing! Kavanaugh throwing his hissy fits when questioned by the Dems. or the invisible prosecutor women hired by the republicans. And the ancient committee chairman that kept interrupting & banging his gabble. It seems to go right along with all the other circus performances that seem to be the norm lately in the W/H. But do not despair american’s because all this B/S coming out of the W/H since 1/1/2017 will make america great again, no? ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

  5. The only time I set aside to watch tv is for Saturday Night Live. The ever-changing cast and guest hosts are talented. The planning and execution of a live show is rare now.

    I miss the original years of SNL when their political humor was funny.

    The political skits now have only a very predictably biased, negative theme, typical of the mainstream media outlets and CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    Then we have OIB. Again, very predictably there are comments by the reining nit-wits who probably dvr ‘The View’ so as not to miss any of the clever comments by Whoppi.

    Oh well, I need to do something more intellectually stimulating.
    I think I will mow the lawn.

    1. *** Your always bringing up “the view”,you must be actually watching that boring day-time show! And the SNL skit on Kavonaugh was very funny because it really was a political circus side-show for the ages. Never that I’am aware of, has there been so much circus like incidents coming from the W/H & its political staff, aswell as Congress over the last 21-months. ***SHAME,SHAME,SHAME***

      1. Mojo, there’s a good reason that Tom White talks about Whoopi because Tom White was like a lot of other white males in America who wanted to like Sam in the long running TV program Cheers. You remember Cheer’s theme song , “Where Everybody Knows Your Name and Ted Danson portrays Sam Malone, a bartender and an owner of Cheers. Sam was the man who had flings with many “sexy women.” Mojo, in real life Ted Danson was romantically linked with Whoopi Goldberg, Tom’s hero was dating the enemy and he has never gotten over that, his hero was dating Whoopi Goldberg.

  6. Jose, what difference does it make if Dr. Ford bought this to the attention of America then or now? It doesn’t mean it’s not true does it? Maybe the difference being the SCOTUS, WHERE HE WOULD BE THE ARBITER OF AMERICAN POLICY [forever]. It is obvious to any rational thinking human, the Repubiclicans aren’t looking for justice, they’re looking for a win.

    Tom being White, I see you resort to the mentality of your hero 45, when you can’t respond in an intellectual manner, like him you go to the least common denominator, name calling.

    1. Don, now you know that black men like us can’t say what you just to Tom White being white but instead act like Jose Reyes a man of color and follow President 45 megaphone.

  7. The make up of this blog is similar to the make up of the liberal, lying press and the entitles masses in the democratic party. We see Mackey and Day trot out there same rhetoric time after time with nothing to add to the subject. Have they commented on anything Dr Ford has said. Have they shown or pointed out where Dr Ford showed what really happened. Mackey Day Mojica and others on this page believe that anyone that is a female or anyone that is a minority can say anything they want, make false accusations without a bit of proof and we must believe them.
    What about the person accused? He is supposed to sit there and be abused by a group of crooked provisional do nothings? He stands up to them after his family is torn apart and he is called shrill and out of touch. Day Mackey and Mojica the keepers of the minority light want to forget the hundreds of letters from females extolling Kavenaughs decency.
    You see these 3 and others on this blog find it easier to make up shit then investigate. I have posted man many questions and you 3 idiots could not or would not answer 1.

    1. Andy you said, Mackey Day Mojica and others on this page believe that anyone that is a female or anyone that is a minority can say anything they want, make false accusations without a bit of proof and we must believe them,” but Andy white males like you feel that you CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND HOW DARE SOMEONE BLACK OR A FEMALE CHALLENGE YOU like 45 grab women by their pussy or paying women to keep their sexual encounter out of the media for $150,000.

    2. *** Stop blaming & crying, your one of the biggest tunnel vision, one-sided, disrespectful ass-wipes on OIB that can’t handle a change of opinion. You love to throw stones,yet you live in a glass-house with all the shades pulled down, afraid of the light! You left OIB once before, no? Maybe you should of never come back so OIB readers & bloggers don’t have to read your 1800’s B/S. ***

      1. Mojica you want me to leave because you are inferior to me and my knowledge. While you were working in the jail you should have read some knowledge books instead of the skin books you read all day. The only ones I am disrespectful are people like you DUMB ASSES

        1. *** Typical raggedy andy response, pointing the finger @ others & making up excuses while being disrespectful in his blogs. Diverting blame & making up fantasy scenarios all the while claiming to be the wizard of anglo-knowledge! In raggedy andy’s world of blame, its always either racial or political or sometimes both. He like many others is in need of Zen, yoga, anger-management & a good swift kick in the derby now & then just to get him back to reality! ***

  8. Andy, Andy, Andy, no wonder you love 45, you’re as big a fool as him, and that’s hard to be. Explain to your granddaughters and other young girls in your family that the president of America said it’s ok to grab women by their pussy. Explain to them how that is presidential. Kavanaugh is exactly like your president.

  9. *** When you get the call to be nominated for a supreme court seat, your probably told that investigations will be done, political news casts about yourself,family,friends,schools,etc.. will be reviewed & put out to the public, basically you will be on a political hot seat till your actually confirmed & appointed. In other words it won’t be easy & can even be a living hell. So losing your cool & crying about your name & reputation & the suffering of friends & family members, etc…after being nominated by the jerk thats in the W/H now is something that this judge should of been told & somewhat aware, that this could happen! Instead he appears as he’s mad at the world, belligerent towards anyone asking a tough question & even bringing up political biases as being the real problem not anything he might of said or done in his past. All I got out of the hearing’s & kavanaugh was that he likes beer & that the woman prosecutor hired by the republicans was not allowed by them to do her job? However, unless something thats really damaging to kavanaugh, comes out from the FBI investigation; he will end-up being nominated to the S/C-seat. ***

  10. Andy
    Because there no pictures it’s not true?
    Because Kavanaugh speaks louder it must be true?
    He is snug and talks like a lawyer. Twisting what is said to be the truth when in fact it no way resembles the truth.
    But when he got into calling US Senators alcoholics because they dared to question his drinking habits, well he showed his true collors. White, white and more white.

  11. He never called a senator an alcholic he admited he liked beer is that now a sin. He asked a senator what he liked to drink. Whats wrong with that. are we now supposed to bow our heads when we here a senators name mentioned

        1. Andy, if you were being interviewed to be the head Fire Marshall in New York City would you investigative committee questions with another question and would you be yelling at them and accuse them of being unfair?

    1. Andy, you are a 100% right, he asked a senator what they like to drink, then you said, what’s wrong with that, well that said all, you are clueless, to think that someone who on a job interview would dare asked the person who is doing the interview a question about what they like. When you feel that you own the position that you are being interview for is your son because y are entitled to it you still don’t question the person interviewing you unless you are a real wise ass, you know the type don’t you Andy.

      1. How dare someone question authority, as if they are better than them. How dare people disrespect authority, as if they are nobody special.
        What is this country coming to?

        1. Gary Tobin, at times there’s nothing wrong with questioning authority but not for a lifetime job interview. That could find out that all of these charges are not true, in fact he could of reported sexual abuse cases and received awards for that it wouldn’t changed anything about his actions in front of the Senate, there’s no way he should be hired after his disrespectful interview for a lifetime position.

          1. I know you will NEVER publicly or say out loud that you agree and/or support any matter the President of the United States, Donald Trump or the Republican party say or do. I accept who you are and your motives.

            What we witnessed the other day was NOT an interview it was a Democrat lead interrogation. The interviews by both parties was weeks ago, during which time Feinstein was sitting on the “letter” (accusation) from the accuser. It is my understanding she had the accusation in her possession while she was personally interviewing the Judge.

            Mr. Mackey I’ve been reading OIB for quite some time and based on your writings/opinions I don’t think I’ve ever read a post by you presuming someone guilty from an accusation especially when it involves politics and their personal or party motives.

          2. Gary, what we witnessed the other day was NOT an interview it was a Republican lead interrogation.
            The Senate Republican committee “hired” Rachel Mitchell, a Repub­lican sex-crimes prosecutor from Arizona because the 11 white male Republican Senators were scare to interview Dr. Ford because they are cowards who were elected to perform the job but instead they had to hired” Rachel Mitchell.

  12. Mojo you right he knew it would be tough. He has been confirmed before. He did not know the scope of what the dems would try to do. Here is Corey Booker raising hell and calling him names yet Booker confessed to sexual assault in public school. Or Bluementhal who told him once a liar always a liar and this is from a guy that lied about seeing combat in Vietnam. The list goes on and On How come democratic candidates for the court like Soto mayer get thru no problem

  13. Chad Ludington, a Yale classmate of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s who said he often drank with him, issued a statement on Sunday saying the Supreme Court nominee was not truthful about his drinking in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

    He went on to say, ” I do not believe that the heavy drinking or even loutish behavior of an 18- or even 21-year-old should condemn a person for the rest of his life. I would be a hypocrite to think so. However, I have direct and repeated knowledge about his drinking and his disposition while drunk. And I do believe that Brett’s actions as a 53-year-old federal judge matter. If he lied about his past actions on national television, and more especially while speaking under oath in front of the United States Senate, I believe those lies should have consequences. It is truth that is at stake, and I believe that the ability to speak the truth, even when it does not reflect well upon oneself, is a paramount quality we seek in our nation’s most powerful judges.”

    Any questions?

      1. What difference does it make, Andy? The point is, Kavanaugh lied about his drinking habits. Dr. Ford and the other women came forward at personal risk. They have received death threats from the angry white males that support Donald Trump, the uneducated hillbillies that blame blacks, Hispanics, women and communists for everything that is wrong with the world.

        Kavanaugh was a a federal judge’s clerk before his appointment to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Never tried a case. He hasn’t earned his stripes. Appointment to the United States Supreme Court is not a birthright.

  14. Stop for a moment and reflect: Suppose you had seen this SNL video four years ago. How would you have termed it? Does the word ABSURD come to mind? Absurdity, contrasting the regular, the usual, or the ordinary with something else creates the absurdity in the mind of a listener or viewer, and often a humor button releases some form of laughter response.
    Context is critical. Much of what Trump does is both unprecedented and therefore to many of us unPresidential. Back in the day when Ed Koch walked around ASKING the public “How am I doing?” he hung around for a response. Open? Accountable? Transparent? Honest? And probably pretty courageous, too. Are we becoming so accustomed to the behavior of Trump that absurdity becomes the norm? Time will tell.

  15. The SNL sketch is something called political satire. Thomas Nast did it very effectively in the late 19th century and political satire has been used since at least the Ancient Greeks. It gets people talking as evidenced by the number of postings here.

  16. Political satire has long been part of American culture and part of SNL since Chevy Chase poked fun at President Ford.

    The political satire of SNL since the advent of Donald Trump has devolved into biased, distasteful tirades which the network apparently feels appeals to their target audience.

    It is slanted and unbalanced. After her defeat, they briefly poked fun at Hillary Clinton, but their skits have become totally focused on mean-spirited statements that are reflective of the hatred that NBC and the mainstream media has for Donald Trump.

    The Damon portrayal of Kavanaugh was an exaggeration of his mannerisms in a very stressful situation. Humous perhaps, but consistent with the distasteful way SNL is doing these skits.

    1. ***Trump, his staff & supporters are open to comedy satire because of all the buffoonery that goes on with them personally or around them. The idiotic things they say & do have been more than any other presidents election & post election for the past 21-months! Trump supporters however still continue to wear horse blinders & make excuses for the actions coming out of the W/H & their supporters that has & continues to divide this nation! ***

    2. OHHH..come on Tom White… SNL skewered Hillary Clinton plenty of times;. As for Kavanaugh, his nose-wrinlkeing eas noticeable to me as I saw his testiony live.
      The “Brains”
      Boss Tweed depicted by Thomas Nast in a wood engraving published in Harper’s Weekly, October 21, 1871

    3. Oh boo fucking hoo, Tom. It’s okay for Trump to mock the handicapped, prisoners of war, gold star families and victims of sexual assault but it’s not okay to spoof a privileged white guy from Maryland? You need to see an ophthalmologist.

      1. Derrick, Brett Kavanaugh will get the votes to be on the Supreme Court, the FBI investigation was nothing but a cover to protect both the 3 Republican Senators and the two Democrat Senators. Sad but true, Republicans are willing to lose the 2018 election in big numbers in order to have the Supreme Court to vote against affirmative action, Roe v. Wade, the voting rights act, immigration, the death penalty are just few items.

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