CT Report: Racial And Ethnic Disparities In Earnings

From Tom Hopkins, CT Insider Investigator:

A new report by the Connecticut Data Collaborative(CT-DC) shows inequities in earnings, education and employment along racial and ethnic lines in the state. The report draws off of U.S. Census data from 2016 to 2020 and found that Hispanic residents’ median annual income was lower than all other racial or ethnic groups, except for American Indians or Alaska Natives.

The report further found that Black residents’ median earnings were 40 percent less than Asian residents, the group with the highest median income, and 36 percent less than White residents who had the second-highest median income in the state.

The report also presented data centered around Connecticut’s five largest cities by population: Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury and Stamford.

Though these five cities contain just 18 percent of the state’s total population, they constitute 47 percent of the state’s Black residents and 39 percent of the state’s Hispanic residents.

In these five cities, according to the report, Black and Hispanic residents’ median income was “significantly less” than White residents. The only exception is Black residents in Bridgeport. White residents’ median earnings in Stamford were double that of its Black residents and two and a half times the median earnings of its Hispanic residents.

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  1. However, technically Latinos are white like Portuguese, but let’s parse and gerrymander words and definitions another day.

    What I do find interesting is that “According to the report, White residents were more likely than any other racial group to have a high school diploma with 95 percent. Hispanics had the lowest rates both of having at least a high school diploma or equivalent or any kind of college degree with 73 percent and 18 percent, respectively. Black residents were less likely than White and Asian residents to have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree.”

    Considering “Black and Hispanic residents’ median income was “significantly less” than White residents. The only exception is Black residents in Bridgeport.” We can say the Port has come a long way.

    There was a time when black organizations and black supporters would advocate, because of such dates that whites had a higher education level than black and “brown” people. They would seek to look beyond education and test scores when hiring cops for the police force. JS


  2. Saying that there are racial disparities in CT on any subject is like saying the sky is blue or rain is wet. CT should change from the Constitution State to CT the State of Iniquity.

    1. P.S didn’t I see you condemning the Italian heritage day, Columbus celebration, then on a float celebrating Puerto Rican Heritage day, Puerto Rican Day? both share the colonization history of the new world in fact you can say Spanish had far more of a hand in the colonization. if you are seeking equality try to be equal yourself BAM🙈


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