CT Post: City Waters Down Ethics Reform

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

A year after promising a sweeping effort to weed out conflicts of interest, Mayor Bill Finch’s administration is instead requiring something far less onerous of city workers and saving paperwork.

Finch, a Democrat, pledged last August to require department chiefs and other city employees involved in purchasing and procurement to fill out annual statements of financial interests modeled on those used by state government.

So city employees would have divulged the same information required of state elected officials, state department heads and some other Connecticut employees–business associates, sources of income over $1,000, securities, blind trusts, real property owned by the individual, spouse or dependent children, and creditors on debts over $10,000.

Instead, Bridgeport city workers will be trained to self-report any potential conflicts on a one-page form, then have the opportunity to explain in writing why those relationships are no big deal.

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  1. Connecticut and Bridgeport are without ethics. The congressional delegation are bought and paid for by the Pequots and Mohegans. The city politicians are afraid of Malloy stopping the City welfare; but the saddest of all is the people’s apathy by continuing to vote them in!

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