Crunch Time, State House Candidates To Debate Issues

Here’s your chance to watch candidates face the fire. The Black Rock Community Council will sponsor a debate Thursday 7 p.m. at the Burroughs Community Center, 2470 Fairfield Avenue, just days from the February 24 special election in Connecticut’s 129th State House District to fill the seat vacated by Auden Grogins, now on the state bench.

The candidates: Democrat Steve Stafstrom, Republican Enrique Torres, petitioning candidates Bob Keeley, Bob Halstead and Hector Diaz. All five candidates have either served on the City Council or in the State House so it’s not like they are new to district concerns or issues. Keeley had represented the district until he was knocked off by Grogins in a 2008 Democratic primary.

The district covers Black Rock, the West Side and portions of the North End and West End.

The candidates will debate taxes, jobs, education, transportation, government reform and quality of life.

Stafstrom and Torres campaigns are flush with public money while the other three challengers raise it the old fashioned way. Halstead is conducting a campaign fundraiser at Bridgeport Yacht and Athletic Club on Sunday 5 p.m. in Black Rock.


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  1. Wasn’t Steve Stafstrom a Republican in another town not too long ago?
    Voters from their old party may see the move as opportunistic and disloyal, and voters from their new party may be skeptical of the politician’s motivations.
    In Connecticut, state Rep. Diana Urban switched from Republican to Democrat without problem, as did Oregon state Sen. Ben Westlund. He was elected to the legislature as a Republican, then became an Independent and then a Democrat.


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