Coviello Seeks Another Run For Mayor

While Mayor Bill Finch makes his official announcement for a third four-year term Thursday night at Captain’s Cove Seaport, Charlie Coviello will trumpet another run for the mayoralty at White’s Diner on Boston Avenue.

Coviello says he will call for an end “to the club that has failed to produce a positive change in the city of Bridgeport for the last 30 years. The club of Bill Finch, Joe Ganim and Mary-Jane Foster has only benefited the elite out-of-town citizens and not the working middle class of our city. They have only feathered their own nests and not those of the hard-working citizens of Bridgeport.”

Coviello, a candidate for mayor in 2007, dropped out to support Finch over Chris Caruso in the Democratic primary. Finch won the primary and became mayor. After Coviello had a falling-out with Finch he supported Foster for mayor in 2011. Finch won the primary. Coviello’s political alliance with Foster was also short-lived.

In 2003 Coviello finished last in a six-way Democratic primary for mayor.

A member of the 90-strong Democratic Town Committee from the East End, Coviello has little political and financial support. Still, his town committee presence could be a factor at the party endorsement for mayor July 21. Finch and Ganim are locked in a battle for the endorsement. Finch should have an edge but Ganim is too close for comfort. Forty-six votes are required for the endorsement.

Coviello has said his town committee vote will not go to Finch or Foster. That leaves himself, school board member Howard Gardner and Ganim.

If Coviello presses on for a September primary he’ll need to secure roughly 2000 signatures from registered Democrats to make the ballot.



  1. C’mon Mr. Coviello, are you for real? You want to run for mayor again. Tell us about the car with out-of-state plates you’ve been driving for the last few years. It looks to me like another scam to not pay taxes to the City of Bridgeport. How about that drug and alcohol infested house you own on the East Side? You need to put your affairs in order before trying to fix this city. “Make it your business to draw out the best in others by being an exemplar yourself.”

  2. Now talk about unadulterated gall–running for mayor and his car isn’t registered in the city where he is seeking to get elected. Why doesn’t someone report him? Obviously he has no shame.

  3. Mmm, mmm. White’s Diner is the best diner, at least Charlie knows “something” about BPT! Biscuits ‘n gravy! The ONLY place to get it around here! Other than that, c’mon Charlie, just stop this.


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