Councilman Castillo Ordered To Steer Clear Of Maintenance Chief

Arrested last month for physically threatening Public Facilities Director Craig Nadrizny at the Wonderland of Ice, City Councilman Alfredo Castillo has now been ordered by a state judge to stay away from him.

On Wednesday Assistant State’s Attorney Peter Cunniff asked Superior Court Judge Ndidi Moses to issue an order for no contact.

Castillo turned himself into police last month charged with a misdemeanor threat against Nadrizny over maintenance work at the Wonderland of Ice skating rinks.

According to Nadrizny’s police complaint, Castillo subsequently “stood in front of” him as he tried to climb back into his vehicle to leave, “pumping his chest” and threatening, “I’m going to kick your a** and don’t make me go street on you!

On Aug. 3 Castillo got in the face of Nadrizny screaming about the maintenance of exterior doors at the venue. The department head notified Castillo that per its lease with the city, Wonderland management is responsible for maintenance.

The facility is located in Castillo’s 136th District.

One of Castillo’s September 14 primary opponents Carmen Nieves has also filed a harassment complaint against him asserting he body shamed her last month at the Margaret Morton Government Center on Broad Street.



  1. What a friendly judge!
    Here’s what you need to know:
    Judge Moses cannot deliver a restraining order because the case has been delayed.
    It would be tough, tough, tough to run for re-election while under a restraining order. While I’m sympathetic to Carmen Nieves, it’s better to be body-shamed than body-slammed.

      1. Nah,the DTC doesn’t need any more money…I was thinking we just get a keg of beer(from DeFillipo’s store of course),some hot dogs,and enjoy!..Maybe Maria vs Aidee can be the undercard?

  2. I saw pictures on TV of the terrible flooding in Bridgeport. I felt so bad making fun of Moyor Joe.
    Then I realized it was Bridgeport PA but Main St in PA looked about the same as CT.
    Come guys, get you act together.

  3. Perhaps, if it is the Wonderland that is at issue, the actual issues or concerns can be recalled to us? Must be serious to cause this much emotion of a City Council member, and since the Wonderland serves all members of our community as well as a wider populace, has Council Member Alfredo Castillo thought to put his ’cause celebre’ in writing to share with the rest of us?
    In the meantime why not just “ice the puck”? Send it across two blue lines and have the ref call a face-off for respectful verbal confrontation? Time will tell.


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