Connecticut Young Dems Endorse Felipe For State House Special Election

News release from Connecticut Young Democrats:

The membership of the Connecticut Young Democrats formally endorsed Antonio Felipe for the 130th State Representative District at their April 24th monthly meeting.

As a leader of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats Chapter, and a longtime
supporter of youth engagement in politics, CTYD believes that Felipe is the best candidate to represent young democratic values in Hartford.

“It’s an honor to be endorsed by The Connecticut Young Democrats. As as active member of this organization, I have grown a valuable network of young politicians, activists and organizers who care deeply about their communities and our state as a whole.” said Antonio Felipe. “I am excited for the opportunity to bring a fresh younger perspective to Hartford, showing the legislature everything that our generation has to offer.”

CTYD President Constance Vickers, a fellow Bridgeporter, commended the support for Felipe.

“The entire premise of the CT Young Democrats is to build the bench of political leaders and increase civic engagement in our great state. Antonio has been an active member in not only the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats but as part of the state chapter as well. As a young Latino who grew up in the 130th district, he will bring a unique perspective to Hartford and will be the youngest member of the House. I am proud to support one of our own in this election and I am confident that he will earn the support of his district and will join the growing cohort of Young Democrats and our alumni who serve in the CGA.”

The special election to fill the seat previously held by the late Ezequiel Santiago will be held on May 7th, 2019.



  1. I hope everyone realizes how disengenious ,unethical and dishonest the Young Democrats have behaved. They have zero credibility and have been completely co-opted by the corrupt DTC.

    Marcus Brown, the President of the YDs, has been knocking on doors with Antonio Felipe for weeks. Antonio Felipe is the Vice-President of the YDs that just endorsed him. Thomas Gaudett, a Ganim loyalist and City employee, is a member of the YDs who has been knocking on doors with Antonio Felipe for weeks.

    And that absolute joke, Constance Vickers, who is the past president of the YDs, was recently appointed in the Ganim administration, has also been knocking on doors with Antonio Felipe.

    I have to wonder if she pulls out her cardboard cutout of Obama when she knocks on the doors of black voters.

    City Councilman Marcus Brown and Ganim appointee Thomas Gaudett are constantly together on social media and in person. It was unusual. Now I get it. They both love baseball!

    Marcus Brown and Thomas Gaudett are moving in together in the 132nd District, possibly in Embassy Towers. Thomas Gaudett can no longer serve on the 136th DTC.

    As it relates to their mutual interest in baseball, I wonder which one of them cheers on pitchers and which one cheers on catchers.

    This endorsement has no legitimacy except with all 13 of their members.

    1. Maria on this I wholeheartedly agree with you, I actually took the ride up to New Britain to witness the endorsement process, There seemed to be one actual voice of reason there that said “I like Antonio, but if he didn’t think it was important enough to come…” They than tried to argue that he was knocking on doors at 8:30 pm. The same young man said that they had to be careful with how and who they endorsed because it would set a precedent, which in my opinion it has, they should Better yet, those with actual intentions of doing whats best for democracy, should start a new group. Mz. Vickers recused herself from any part of the process, yet went into executive session with the leadership in a definite appearance of everything that has been going wrong with Politics in Bridgeport and now on a State level.

  2. I need clarification. Why would the Fairfield County Young Dems. be holding the endorsement in New Britian?

    Constance Vickers is the President of the CT Young Dems., therefore why was she involved in the discussion at all?

    What could possibly be the purpose of entering executive session to discuss the nomination of candidate for PUBLIC office?

    A recusal means you do NOT participate in any discussion or vote. Period. It does not just refer to NOT casting a vote.

    Please respond because I am honestly interested in your responses.

  3. Maria the Greater Bridgeport Young Dems which is the group you may be confusing with the Ct. Young Dems another group. The Greater Bridgeport Young Dems whose President is Marcus Brown(can anyone say 1 term councilman) And Antonio is their Vice, Constance is their immediate past pres. They asked Candidates to fill out a Questionnaire than postponed/cancelled the meeting abruptly, my opinion is that their Candidate wouldn’t hold his own among the other Candidates even with the Answers to the Questionnaire provided. When they cancelled they didn’t give rhyme or reason but the local members were photographed walking and knocking on doors, hows that for unbiased support?, Not to long after I received word that a meeting of the Ct Young Dems (President Constance ) was meeting to discus and endorse a Candidate that meeting was held at Central Connecticut State University , wasn’t sure who else had not been invited so I messaged the contact people I knew from the other campaigns. I believe that when invited to an endorsement mtg if you want the endorsement you show up, so I left work and took the hour and change ride up to find that they hadn’t reached out to any of the Candidates, I believe Constance words were “we don’t chase Candidates for endorsements…” in any event the endorsement process was so skewed, as I said Constance recused herself only to have the executive board go into Executive session and allow her to not only stay but ,being you could see through the window, be a part if not the proponent of most of the conversation, after waiting for them to come out of executive session and answering their questions, it was obvious what the outcome would be, I excused myself left some business cards for those who may want to speak to me after the election I made a comment and left…Whoever these young people are learning from is teaching them the process wrong, any future Leader who is associated with either group now should cut ties and run not walk to someone who values integrity over victory….

  4. What an absolute farce.

    I have never heard of an organization endorsing candidates without inviting the candidates to interview with them prior to making an informed endorsement.

    What does the endorsement of the CT Young Dems mean to residents of the 130th District in Bridgeport? Absolutely nothing.

    A recusal means you abstain from ALL conversation/debate and voting on the matter.

    Was the cardboard cut out of Obama next to Constance in executive session? Was Obama looking down on her like she was as unethical and unprincipled as a Donald Trump cabinet member?


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