“Confused” Perez Flip-Flops Testimony About Assistant Police Chief Appointment

The times they are confusing for former Police Chief AJ Perez who’ll report to prison soon for rigging his own top cop test. One day in court he said this, the next he said that in the civil complaint brought by his former underlings challenging the appointing process for the assistant chief position.

Perez also declared under oath that one of the plaintiffs, Captain Roderick Porter, was offered the second spot in the department. Porter testified no.

CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer has more:

Former police chief Armando Perez took the stand for a second day of testimony Friday in the civil trial challenging the appointment of Rebeca Garcia as assistant police chief–and promptly retracted much of his testimony from the day before.

“I think I was a little confused yesterday,” Perez volunteered as the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Thomas Bucci, prepared to question him for a second day.

“What are you confused about?” Bucci asked.

Perez then said that everything he had said Thursday about the process that had been used to select Garcia as assistant chief–resumes being requested from staff and the names of candidates being sent to a consultant hired by the mayor–didn’t occur. He said he confused it with the deputy chief position.

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  1. This is what happens when you lie,after enough of them it’s hard to keep track,you get “confused”.Does anyone believe Perez thought he was being questioned about the Deputy Chief’s job and NOT the Assistant Chief’s job??..Of course not,Perez knew what he was testifying about,what Perez was really doing was AGAIN trying to cover Joe’s ass,then after consulting with his lawyer(and no doubt Joe Thursday night),Perez came back Friday and tries the “I was confused” angle..If anything,AJ is a true friend of Joes,after all the legal trouble Joe got him into,AJ is STILL covering for him.But Perez can’t keep the lies straight and is actually burying his “good friend” Joe deeper and deeper.
    This paragraph tells you all you need to know as to why Perez suddenly got ‘confused”,his lies weren’t coinciding with Joe’s lies,it’s as simple as that.Meanwhile,we the taxpayers are once again going to be paying a 6 figure settlement for Joe’s lies.

    “Bucci had told Perez Thursday afternoon he was being called back Friday to be questioned regarding a deposition Mayor Joe Ganim had given regarding Garcia’s promotion. That deposition apparently conflicted with the answers Perez gave in testimony on Thursday.”

  2. Before the Public Safety Task Force Recommendations or any other action is taken to make any changes that has to do with the police chief and the police department all of the facts must be on the table like the two recent news articles from the Connecticut Post. When you read read these two news articles you will see that AJ Perez should never had been selected as police chief and that the problems all start with Joe Gamin.

    In the article Chief Perez said, “I had requested help from the mayor’s office and the mayor and the CAO (chief administrative officer),” he testified. “I was getting killed on the overtime, it was a lot and I knew it… Every Friday there used to come this memo out of the CAO’s office telling me something I already knew that you’re over budget, you are not managing the department. I was managing the department. I had a finite number of officers and crime was up.”

    “Former Bridgeport chief Perez testifies in trial about acting chief”

    “Perez does an about-face in testimony for Bridgeport trial about assistant police chief role”

  3. As Judge Judy says: “If you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory.”

    Perez doesn’t tell the truth and doesn’t have a good memory.

  4. Confused????
    There is a whole lot more than confused.
    Someone got to Perez and told him to recant. Don’t know who and why but this is looking bad for everyone.

  5. Talk about confused.
    I’m confused about why Mario Testa got $12,400 and Gus Curcio only got $5,500 in COVID relief money!
    Maybe Gus can look at the list and figure out who need his lending services.
    Good reading in CT Post. Good job by Brian Lockhart.

  6. All the “confused” testimony is likely to lead to lots of questions that might not have demanded presentation/asking to this point… And those questions might lead to other questions. The net (shorter-term) result could certainly take the form of other investigations by various entities…

    And, wasn’t there a very “hot” investigation going on about a the quashing of an investigation by BPD concerning a sexual assault?

    What a mess!!

    What prospective BPD recruits in their right minds would actually consider serving here with the chaotic leadership situation in the BPD and City Hall?!

    1. Jeff,obviously Bpt is desperate for new cadets,if you’re a 20 something yr old,why not take the job on the Bpt Force,learn the job,then move on to another town that isn’t as chaotic?.Seems to be what has been going on over the years here.Bpt is sort of a training ground,then you move on as soon as possible..

  7. Harvey: I think that this time things are going too be perceived as much more career-risky than they have ever been before in Bridgeport (for all career-path jobs). Nothing with the BPD is secure at this time. With the leadership chaos in BPD and City Hall, even training could have major glitches/interruptions. Bridgeport has had major trouble recruiting qualified BPD candidates for years because of degrees of this problem. But now, things are beyond crisis stage in Bridgeport, truth be known. I think that the (few) candidates that show up will be largely potentially-problematic future street officers… I hope that this isn’t accurate (for obvious reasons), but the cops from other towns that I know that do the hiring talk about their “rejects” winding up in Bridgeport, and other recruits that apply in their towns disclosing that they avoided Bridgeport, or deciding not to reply when notified to report for an interview… With an apparent excellent jobs outlook, along with the competition from other towns (bucolic/wealthy towns that pay much better than Bridgeport for a much more gratifying work environment), I fear that the present, deepening taint of Bridgeport will leave police-recruit ranks quite short (and this isn’t even considering the job-perception effect related to the present societal perceptions of policing/police officers)…

  8. What an embarrassment to the City and the badge!! After all the crooked shit you have done, luck finally ran out.
    Enjoy your vacation. Hopefully Joe will come and visit ya.


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