Compiling A Political Hit List

Mayor Bill Finch has a bunch of decisions to make in the coming months regarding hires and fires and other personnel issues. Who stays? Who goes?

That’s the luxury of having a four-year term. You can pretty much govern the way you want. In politics sacred cows will always exist, it’s the nature of the beast, but this mayor can now set his own course, implement his own agenda, policies and direction without the political influence of his first term. The clock has reset.

Some of the mayor’s advisers and supporters have been asked (or taken it upon themselves) to compile their own recommendation for changes. Wheeeee! Get out the powerwasher.

Perhaps we’ll not see huge changes, but some will come over the next few months. In his first term Finch was not bashful about making personnel changes in Civil Service, Port Authority, Water Pollution Control Authority and did we forget a state takeover of city schools? How will that play out? Waiting for a decision from the State Supreme Court. If you could cast your magic wand what changes, suggestions would you make?



  1. Don’t forget, Dr. Evans was tossed like a salad. Anastasi and Donald Neversley have to go. Bill will throw Beccaro and Adam under the bus if the SEEC comes after him and them.

  2. Had this story been posted two months ago, you’d have 100 comments. But things have drastically changed now. There is a feeling of total hopelessness in City Hall. Unless Finch makes some major changes in his administration (which I doubt), there is no hope in Mudville.

    But I will make some suggestions: Larry Osborne needs to be replaced (or at least closely supervised) by an experienced labor attorney. Andy Nunn needs to be replaced by a human being with an actual heart and soul who knows how to work WITH the employees instead of ruling by threats and intimidation. Big Charlie needs to be replaced by an experienced manager who cares more about serving the taxpayers than hiring his own family members. That would be a good start to Finch’s second term but it won’t happen. Unfortunately.

  3. I don’t know who should be fired, but I do think qualified current taxpaying Bridgeport residents should be considered above all others for positions with this City. This includes high profile, high-paying jobs as well as lower-end jobs. I know there is a residency preference consideration somewhere, but it needs to be more than said, it needs to be done.

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