Commentary: Prosecute Trump, Bar Him From Seeking Office

By John Marshall Lee:

Readers of OIB, lend me your eyes (for oversight) and ears. I come to praise democracy, not to bury it.

The eighth hearing just concluded Thursday evening and the presentations at each time have led to an increased public understanding of the role President Trump took to remain in office by any means possible, legal, illegal, or use of incited power.

Along with a number of other citizens, taxpayers and voters, who look at the structure and operation of governance through the roles outlined in our documents by those elected and appointed, my opinion is that no one is supposed to escape the rule of law. So I expect indictments to continue in several locations and courts for the illegalities that have been exposed in great detail. And I expect those cases when tried to bring about convictions and consequences, so as to create a future expectation of same, for folks who mess with the rule of law, especially when the actions prevent equal opportunity to participate in fair voting procedure and to have a person’s vote count, on its own.

The outcome most desired by me personally is for prosecution to occur of the President for any of several acts of harm to the person of the Vice President and Congresspersons, public-safety personnel defending the Capitol and assembled persons, when he alone failed to act promptly to quell the folks he sent on a fool’s errand because of THE BIG LIE. Let a major consequence of his trial be the inability to ever hold elective office again, specifically the Presidency. Perhaps putting an end to his power ambitions will provide him time to defend actions in other courts regarding financial misdeeds ultimately and cost him dollars to repair.

Outrageous lies and illegal behavior would lead to time behind bars for most people, but at this time, sending others to prison is a more effective way to warn potential conspirators in future law-breaking of the downside they face. And the consequence of eliminating a pursuit of future office will be enough to keep the public safe and Trump supporters a time to consider and join in repairing the body public in the United States of America. Have patience with our entire judicial system where we have equal rights, or not? Time will tell.



  1. John, it’s a good thing you didn’t ask for OIB readers’ brains. However, was that by divine design or evolutional happenstance? 🙂

    Has the BIG LIE become the ” BIG DEFLECTION” of the current Presidency? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to discuss the current state of affairs of the nation and its sitting president than an election more than two?

    In any event, I don’t think many Americans are paying much attention to the Prime-Time “BIG LIE” being televised as gas paise soar and inflation has gotten those who believe in the “BIG LIE” or think it’s a “FANCIFUL IMAGINATIVE CREATION” as they pay twice as much for the commonly needed commodities like food while their income remains to stagnate.

    P.S Young Sheldon beaten the Prime-Time “BIG LIE in the ratings 🙂

  2. John, while it’s very questionable if we can take 6 more years of Democracy’s “BIG GUY” considering how its first years have been. I do concur, though. We can’t have another Republic “Orange Sin” in the Oval Office either. too soon. 🤣

    P.S Prime numbers should not be confused with Prime-Time, Hallelujah 🙂


  3. I would prefer a legitimate, fair trial for President Trump instead of the incredibly one-sided, partisan, sham hearings that we have seen to date.

    1. @Denis

      Perhaps they would not appear so one sided had most Republican Congressmen not refused to serve on the committee.

      As far as I’m concerned he committed treasonous acts and it’s time for conviction and execution (of sentence).

      1. I understand and appreciate your view regarding Trump but these J6 hearings were not the way to go. These hearings come across as rigged with guilt a preordained conclusion. The Watergate hearings are a far better example than this Kangaroo court.

        No minority counsel. No Rep. legal staff. No cross-examination. No transparency from the hundreds of hours of testimony, only hand-picked sound bites supporting the already decided verdict.

        This article does a great job making my point –

        Trump was/is a deeply flawed person but should he not have the same fair treatment as Nixon?

  4. Legitmate and fari trial Please?

    It’s a one-sided spectacle, IMO, Considering the civil unrest leading up to Trump’s reelection on the Jan 6 rally/protest/riot Sure it got out of hand, but it was more peaceful and less fiery than what took place after George Floyd’s death with the left’s anti-government Antifa/BLM protests/riot of it the government.

    That being said it was far from an insurrection attempt to overthrow America’s government and its constitution, that the Prime Time hearing is making it out to be. JS

    Besides, either Trump’s assertion that our election system is rigged or Gen Now’s campaign to unrig the Bridgeport election system is wrong, can’t have it both ways. It is like saying God is love and peace yet showing exclusion and hate.

    At any rate, meanwhile in the church of pathology. Try this a the Wailing Wall or Dome of the Rock, Hallelujah, 0101010100110001 🤣

  5. I would prefer a legitimate, fair trial for President Trump instead of the incredibly one-sided, partisan, sham hearings that we have seen to date.

    Ironically this is a one-sided partisan statement. So what’s the alternative? Trump’s declaration that we won the election is not one-sided and partisan? Let alone a complete disaster of a fabrication. There is less evidence to support this fabrication and more evidence supporting showing that it is false. If people want to provide otherwise then Trump’s cronies should appear and testify under oath.


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