Come On In, The Lava Is Lovely

2018 Dem candidates
The eleven Democratic gubernatorial candidates attend a forum in Glastonbury Wednesday. From left are Dita Bhargava, Luke Bronin, Susan Bysiewicz, Sean Connolly, Joe Ganim, Jonathan Harris, Ned Lamont, Guy Smith, Mark Stewart Greenstein, Lee Whitney and Jacey Wyatt. (Peter Casolino / Special to the Courant

The next person to jump into the Democratic gubernatorial fray will make it an even dozen. The Republican side also features an army of pursuers. At some point the field will thin out. On Wednesday the Dems were featured at a forum in Glastonbury. Yawn or excitement?

From Russell Blair, Hartford Courant:

Democratic candidates for governor separated themselves into two categories at a forum in Glastonbury Wednesday night: seasoned politicians who have the skills to get elected or outsiders who will use their business experience to revive the state’s economy.

“We’ve seen what happens when we look to Washington and we put a person in office who has no government experience,” said Susan Bysiewicz, the former three-term secretary of state who is exploring a gubernatorial bid.

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  1. Ned Lamont has the money. Joe has the experience. Maybe Joe should make a deal. Ned could be Lt. Governor. 🙂

    When the field is down to 2 . I will be excited. Now, yawn.

  2. It is too soon to be picking the winners and the losers (except for Joe Ganim, who doesn’t have a rat’s ass of a chance at making the final cut).

  3. I’m not picking a winner yet bot I heard Guy Smith speak briefly and I liked his position on 45. Smith vowed to hold elected Republicans in Connecticut accountable for Trump’s actions.

    “If they won’t renounce it, they are complicit in causing that harm,” he said.

    I’ve been asking where is David Walker and all the other Republican candidates for governor on speaking out against 45. Hopefully 45 will come to Connecticut and campaign for the winner of the Republican primary.

  4. ***Its not hot yet but hang around a while and things should get quite messy in the world of Ct. politics & its closet skeletons! Who wants to be Bpt. Mayor if Joe pulls a repeat political win to Hartford? ***


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