Civil Service Cans Jacobs, Plus: Library Statute Wars

Saturday update: The Bridgeport Civil Service Commission Friday afternoon, at the urging of Mayor Bill Finch, fired Personnel Director Ralph Jacobs citing breach of city loyalty and setting up a legal battle over control of the historically non-political position.

At issue was one charge in which commission members say Jacobs overstepped his authority when he urged a legal representative for a city employee to seek arbitration if the employee could not resolve issues with the city’s labor relations department. The Civil Service Commission had reinstated Delores Smith, through seniority rights, after she challenged her job layoff. City labor officials, however, saw it a different way.

Jacobs and his lawyer former Mayor Tom Bucci protested arguing that Jacobs was merely following up on a job restoration action sanctioned by Civil Service commissioners after labor relations did not honor her rights per NAGE agreement. Even so commission members including Eleanor Guedes and Rosa Correa said Jacobs had an obligation to clear the letter with commissioners before urging an attorney to seek arbitration.

Finch, who sat through most of the meeting, accused Jacobs of “practicing law without a license” in a meeting that featured several intense exchanges between the mayor and Jacobs. Bucci intends to appeal the firing to the Superior Court.

Finch has made it clear that his relationship with Jacobs is unworkable and clearly more seems to be at play here than just the one charge. This is a power struggle for control of jobs and Finch believes that Jacobs has been unaccommodating in interpreting Civil Service hires.

This gives Finch the opportunity to fill Jacobs’ job with his own person on an acting basis before a new test for a permanent personnel director is issued. Look for the city to take its time administering a new test.

I sat through the first 90 minutes of the meeting. A prior commitment precluded me from staying for the full three-hour session. The hearing portion of the meeting was held in public at Jacobs’ request. Commissioners went into executive for the vote to terminate Jacobs. I don’t think the firing has anything to do with the act for which Jacobs was dumped. It was simply a means to get rid of him, for now. This is a personally clash between Finch and Jacobs and Jacobs and the commissioners. Finch thinks Jacobs is a big pain in the ass and the commissioners agree.

The session was broken down into two pieces. The first piece allowing Jacobs to respond to the charge written up by labor attorney Mike Devlin, a partner with the law firm Berchem, Moses & Devlin hired by the city to prosecute the case. The second act, in executive session, was the commission action to terminate.

During the public portion of the meeting Finch, sitting several feet from Jacobs, accused Jacobs of wasting taxpayer money by urging a NAGE lawyer to seek arbitration for the city employee. It was a curious argument since the city will spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to prosecute and defend the case in addition to a large pot of money–and possible reinstatement by the court–if Bucci is successful. Sitting at the table during the hearing were two lawyers (from the Bridgeport law firm Durant, Nichols) representing the city peppering Jacobs with questions about this one act.

No other allegations were part of the hearing beyond the dereliction of duty accusation. Bucci and Jacobs emphasized on numerous occasions during the hearing that Jacobs was simply defending his bosses (the commissioners) in his letter that pushed for arbitration. They suggested that urging arbitration was a prudent means to solve a dispute emphasizing that Jacobs did not suggest litigation. Can the commission produce a written directive to Jacobs ordering him to clear all advance correspondence to the body? Nope. If Jacobs can be canned for this an awful lot of city employees can be canned for not clearing correspondence. Bucci is a seasoned labor attorney with a long history of winning unlawful discharge cases. He will argue to the court no just cause for termination and ask for back pay, reinstatement and who knows what else.

Finch, of course, just wants Jacobs out, so perhaps a deal could be struck to buy out Jacobs so he’ll go away quietly. Or maybe Jacobs wants his day in court even if takes six months, a year or more.

Either way, this allows Finch, at least in the near future, to control many Civil Service hires through his own person. More on that Monday.

Dueling Statutes

I’ve been researching Connecticut General Statutes regarding the push by library supporters for a voter referendum to determine funding. A court hearing is scheduled for Monday. City officials don’t want a referendum and maintain library supporters are wrong on the law. Check out Connecticut General Statutes language below:

Sec. 11-32. City council may establish and maintain a public library. The city council of any city may establish and maintain a public library and reading room, together with such kindred apartments and facilities as the council approves; and may levy a tax annually on all taxable property of the city. Such tax shall be levied and collected as other taxes, and shall be known as the “library fund”. Such library and reading room shall be free to the use of the inhabitants of the city, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the board of trustees may adopt in order to render the use of the library and reading room of the greatest benefit. Such board may exclude from the use of such library and reading room any person who wilfully violates such rules, and may extend its privileges to persons residing in this state outside the city upon such terms and conditions as it may prescribe.

Library complaint argument

Sec. 11-36. Town or borough tax. When fifty electors of any town or borough present a petition to the clerk of such town or borough, asking that an annual tax be levied for the establishment and maintenance of a free public library and reading room in such town or borough, and specify in their petition a rate of taxation, not to exceed three mills on the dollar, such clerk shall, in the next legal notice of the regular municipal election in such town or borough, give notice that at such election the question of an annual tax for the maintenance of a library is to be voted upon in the manner prescribed in section 9-369. The designation of such question on the voting machine ballot label shall be “Shall a …. mill tax be levied to establish and maintain a free public library and reading room?”. Such notice and such designation of the question on the voting machine ballot label shall specify the rate of taxation mentioned in such petition. If, upon the official determination of the result of such vote, it appears that a majority of all the votes upon such question are in approval of such question, the tax specified in such notice shall be levied and collected in the same manner as other general taxes of such town or borough and shall be known as the “library fund”. Such tax may afterwards be lessened or increased within the three-mill limit, or made to cease, in case the electors of any such town or borough so determine by a majority vote at any regular municipal election held therein, in the manner hereinbefore prescribed for voting upon such question; and the corporate authorities of such town or borough may exercise the same powers relative to free public libraries and reading rooms as are conferred upon the corporate authorities of cities.

State statutes possess a library section for cities and a section for a town or borough. How does the Liberate Libraries Committee, which has taken the city to court for rejecting the referendum petition, overcome the language in 11-32 that gives the city’s legislative body the power to establish and maintain a library? Look for city lawyers to argue that a referendum cannot go forward without approval of the City Council.

Himes Job Track

News release from the congressman

Himes Launches Online Jobs & Recovery Act Map

Map database increases transparency and provides most in-depth Recovery Act tracking to date

Washington, DC-Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) today launched a map database tracking the Jobs and Economic Recovery Act funding in the Fourth District. More detailed than either the federal or state administration websites, pinpoints the location of the each Recovery Act project announced in Fairfield County, explains how the funding will be used, and provides estimates of the local impact of each project.

“This map shows where Recovery Act dollars are at work in the area-keeping and creating jobs and improving infrastructure, education, healthcare, and opportunity for families and businesses throughout Fairfield County,” said Congressman Himes. “A great deal of work remains to fully implement this two-year program, but most indicators point to an improving economy, which means the Recovery Act is starting to have a positive effect.”

The map features the ability to sort Recovery Act funding by town and categorizes the wide range of economic development projects into seven different groups: community development, education, health care, energy and environment, housing, public safety, and transportation. Clicking on a project icon provides a short summary of the project along with its award amount and economic impact, including the number of jobs created when available and the overall benefit to the community. For instance, a Recovery Act grant to a health center may highlight the number of nurses retained or additional number of patients the facility is able to serve given its increased staff or space.

To view Congressman Himes’ Recovery Act map visit the Congressman’s homepage and click on the button labeled “Recovery in Connecticut’s 4th District.”

News release

– Project will allow league officials to address repairs and maintenance issues at the ballpark –
Same outstanding company.
Same strong leadership.
New name.

FARMINGTON, Conn., August 20, 2009 – KBE Building Corporation (KBE), formerly Konover Construction Corporation, recently presented a check for $1,500 to help support the Park City Little League (PCLL) to Mayor Bill Finch at City Hall. The funds will allow league officials to complete some much-needed repairs and to paint the ball fields where the PCLL teams play.

The areas needing attention include the batting cage, fence, park and field grounds, and some painting in the dugouts and recession areas. The PCLL board is working with a local contractor who will complete all of the needed repairs.

The donation is a part of KBE’s “50 Ways To Make A Difference” community outreach initiative launched in January 2009. The goal of 50 Ways is to offer support to people in the communities where KBE works and lives. The year-long community support initiative is in celebration of the company’s 50th year in business.

“We are proud to help the PCLL, its players, parents, coaches, and administrators make improvements to their ballpark,” said Simon Etzel, KBE senior vice president for Procurement and 50 Ways program chairman. “It’s important that corporations reach out to the communities during these trying economic times and make a difference in the lives of others. That is what our “50 Ways To Make a Difference” initiative is all about.”

“KBE’s donation will make a big difference for the children and their families who are members of Park City Little League,” said Mayor Finch. “We are extremely grateful to KBE for choosing to donate funds to a very worthwhile cause in our city. The much-needed repairs and some new paint will go a long way to help increase the kids self-esteem and expand their team-building skills at the same time.”

KBE has completed more than 35 community outreach initiatives this year in support of the 50 Ways program.



  1. I have looked at Himes’ site and again as is usual the upper east side gets squat. Our flooding issues are again ignored and not mentioned. These politicians come here every 2 years, spew a lot of bullshit and leave. That goes for Musto whom I walked the neighborhood with and who now barely says hello. That includes Caruso and Clemons. We are lucky we have 2 state reps the problem is they don’t know we exist.
    On anther front 4 murders in 5 days, are you kidding me? Do you think that if we had adequate police coverage maybe we would not have 4 murders in 5 days?
    There are 21 street cops per shift. TWENTY ONE. That number comes directly from the police chief. Is it any wonder it takes so long to get a response to a call? These guys are overworked.
    By doing a little math there are 5 shifts X 21 street cops equals 105 street cops. We have and pay for approximately 450 cops where the hell are the other 345?
    We have cops on horseback, we have cops on segways, we have cops on bicycles, we have cops on motorcycles, we have cops on ATV’s. We have cops on old town road that are community cops??? We have 105 cops that are in the upper ranks from sgt on up.
    When the hell are we going to get more cops off their collective asses and help these overworked street cops? These guys do all the heavy lifting and take all the heat for what is wrong out in the streets. What we have is 1 street cop for every 7,000 citizens.

    1. 21 is all the union will allow under the current contract??? Now isn’t that a complete crock of shit. What good is a union if they interfere with the public safety and cost this city more than they are worth. Oh … I know … union members vote in droves. Apathetic constituency don’t. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

      New Haven 68 patrol officers per shift

      Stamford 55 on patrol per shift.

      These numbers may include detectives.

      Aren’t New Haven and Stamford smaller than Bridgeport?

    2. *** Public service & protection is lacking; however a few of those shot hanging out @ hot spots these past weeks had long criminal records. You mess with fire long enough, you’re bound to get burned. The P/D is down in numbers & up with too much management in general. ***

  2. Thanks Bpt Finest: What I can’t figure out is where is the anger from the present sitting council members? Their constituents are being robbed, beaten, killed & living with out-of-control drivers (speeders) and not a word.
    Most of them are now on the fundraising circuit. Where is everything-is-wonderful Tom McCarthy on this? Why isn’t he leading the charge to make the police leadership answer up? Tom, leadership is more than doing the mayor’s bidding.
    May I be so bold as to ask the bloggers to contact their council people and demand the protection we are entitled to?

  3. “town committee,” you said, “What I can’t figure out is where is the anger from the present sitting council members? Their constituents are being robbed, beaten, killed & living with out-of-control drivers (speeders) and not a word.
    Most of them are now on the fundraising circuit. Where is everything-is-wonderful Tom McCarthy on this? Why isn’t he leading the charge to make the police leadership answer up? Tom, leadership is more than doing the mayor’s bidding.” Andy, while I agree with your points about the police, the question that you asked, “Why isn’t he (Tom McCarthy) leading the charge to make the police leadership answer up,” Andy, have you asked the mayor, the police chief and Mr. McCarthy for the answers that you are rightfully entitled to know? Andy, you were a senior inspector and know that you must have a paper trail to get at the truth. As for the other city council members they all know the name of game, do what is best to get elected, so don’t make any big splashes and less is more.

  4. Ron to answer your question and it’s a good one. I have asked the Police Chief in person about the lack of police coverage. I also reminded him that he used to live in my neighborhood.
    Here is an example of what we talked about. I reminded him that we have had 9 armed robberies up here in the past year. Not one arrest. I reminded him that we are staffing this area with 1 car that is always on the lower east side or downtown when they are short manpower. I reminded him that they are manning this area like it was 1960 when we basically had no crime to speak of. I actually received an answer that they now have a SET unit that is mobile and can blanket certain areas when requested.
    I then spoke to the LT in charge and he stated that they will come to high-crime areas when they are not investigating murders and such. I then asked where the hell the detectives were. No answer.
    I have not asked the mayor because I don’t see the mayor and I am not high on his list (that time is coming).
    I have asked McCarthy and he shrugs his shoulders.
    I was critical of McCarthy because he is next in line for mayor and does carry a lot of weight.
    You are right about the paper trail and I am building one. I am not going to let this drop. We the citizens of Bridgeport are entitled to have our safety and to have our lives protected. Asking 21 street cops to do it is like spitting into the wind.
    Today in the paper the mayor says we need tighter gun laws. That’s the pollyanna approach. You can have all the laws you want but if you don’t have the cops in the street to enforce the laws they mean squat.

  5. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I getting fed up with ***MoPho’s*** constant homophobic and blatant racist remarks. I know you all agree that he is an illiterate monosyllabic unibrow knuckle-dragger whose opinion isn’t worth spit. I genuinely feel that his thoughtless remarks actually hurt the city. I’ll bet he voted for Phinch.

    1. *** Seems you can’t handle it when the dirty shoe is on the other foot! You love to be disrespectful with bloggers on just about anything & think you have all the answers to all of Bpt’s problems. Now that I’ve given you & a few others a deeper taste of your own B/S you’re crying! For your info I voted for Caruso & got thrown off the district town committee for voting for J. Stafstrom instead of Mr. Roach a few years back. One of the reasons the D/leader did not want Stafstrom @ that time was because he was gay! For me @ the time, between John, Mr. Roach & Mr. Ford I felt he was the best man for the position due to his ability to raise money for the Dem. Party. Personally, I as a born-again Christian do not believe in a same-sex relationship, it’s counter human production in the natural order of life, man & religion. It’s also one of the 7 deadly sins & a host of other things I will not get into. So if you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen! Also as far as being prejudiced, everyone is a bit from time to time depending on the circumstances & their personal upbringing, only too scared to admit it in public. I’m to a certain point a product of the American Urban environment which @ times can be very cruel on racial issues! I talk it like I walk it, life is short & I don’t believe in hiding behind a mask or front like you, fool! Now it’s time to cry about Mojo & all the nasty things he blogs towards the pretenders! Just like a BITCH, every time! *** Your world, squirrel! ***

  6. When I was a board member at Seaside Village Homes ten years ago we invited Police Chief Sweeney to our board meeting and he came with two of his assistants. We had the same concerns and asked the same questions that your group had with the same replies. One thing the chief did provide for the board was a list in numerical order of priority calls that the police department respond to. You have to have the list to understand what phrase you must say when reporting a crime so that you can increase the response time.

    Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs are the same, they have elected officials scared to question their day-to-day operation. Chiefs make their job seem so technical and confusing that elected officials have no idea what is going on in those departments. The only time that elected officials will question anything is when the chiefs go over their budget. Andy, the question you have about deployment of manpower should be submitted in writing for a proper answer and trust me they don’t want to tell you.

  7. While we all solemnly await the results of the scrim in the Civil Service Commission, does anyone have any idea what the fund balance for the budget was Aug. 1?

    1. You will get the fund balance information after the November elections. The question is whether the information is going to be truthful. I doubt that the current budget is balanced in the first place. Remember that the true financial situation in 2007 was kept a secret–listen to the first Pol Pod interview with Council President McCarthy–until Finch took office. Now the favor is being returned to the City Council to make sure that they get re-elected.
      If or should I say when the City Council gets re-elected in November, this game may just keep going into the 2011 elections when the council and the mayor will all be running again. If Caruso runs and wins in 2011, he will most likely find out that there isn’t much left in the fund balance.

    2. Let me keep “enlightening” you. The city’s 2010 projected fund balance can’t be good. A good indication of this is the Fitch report and downgrading of the city’s bond rating. In January 2008 the city had a $29 Million fund balance. When Finch took over he inherited the $22 million deficit left behind by Fabrizi, Andres Ayala, Ralph Mojica aka Mojo and many of the current Bridgeport City Councilmen. The Finch administration and the council had to use up $19 million from the $29 million. Before Mojo finishes doing the above math by Sunday, the city should still have $10 million in the fund balance–by the way Mojo “Fund Balance” is the same as the “Rainy Day Fund”.

      The Fitch report and bond rating downgrade points out the high chance that the city faces some serious future economic problems. About six months ago, the Finch administration mentioned the possibility of a 2009-10 deficit of up to $40 million. Within months the city had a balanced budget in June and the $20 to $40 million projected deficit went away.

      Feeling “Light”?

      These type of economic miracles don’t happen too often in economic times such as the one the world has been experiencing. Chicago Illinois has a budget deficit of $500 million which is equal to the entire City of Bridgeport budget. When the Chicago city administration first had to announce their projected deficit, they said it was $200 million. Sooner or latter the real projected deficit or fund balance has to come out. Hundreds of cities across America are not only facing deficits in 2009, they are projecting deficits to 2012. Let you in on a secret I learned when I was a Democrat City Councilmen representing the great 131st district from 1995-2001–five of those years I served with Finch. By early 1997 I was let in on how the city would conceal a deficit if it had to. Want to hear the secret? Promise me you won’t tell anybody?
      Ok! Keep two books. The practice is known as “Trucker”. All long-distance Truck Drivers know to keep two log books to avoid being charged for driving too long without sleep if stopped by a State Trooper.

      Hey Lennie, talking about State Troopers, the other day Speedy Gonzalez was doing about 75mph on I-95.
      Before speedy knew it, he noticed a Statie on the right side of the road and flew by with heavy traffic coming behind. Speedy Gonzalez watched the Trooper turn on the lights on the rear view mirror. Speedy began to make plans to start pulling over to the right, but heavy traffic was coming from behind and the Trooper had some difficulty getting on to the first lane. Speedy asked himself “can speedy get away?” The next exit wasn’t too far considering he was still going around 65 mph. It was time for speedy to do some quick math. A $250 ticket. Hit the pedal to 85 mph to get to the exit faster. Speedy has the Trooper like for a mile and reaches the exit. Drop speed; start moving to the right lane; drop speed to 60; drop speed to 50; 40; get off exit with trooper about 1/2 mile away. Right; Right in 2 blocks; Left the next corner; and finally another left and straight up. Did speedy break the law or does speedy have to get caught breaking it?

      1. Joel,
        I too am interested in light, truth and becoming enlightened. In that regard I want to ask you to indicate the source for your Unreserved Undesignated Fund Balance info? I just went to the Audit of June 30, 2008 when the City Fund Balance stood at $10,600,000. Mayor Finch, as stated previously, toured the City in the Fall 2008 showing the decade-long decrease from $55 Million to $9 Million.
        I have previously asked the knowledgeable and voluble contributors to OIB the question as to the City Fund Balance on June 30, 2009 and no one seems to have an answer.
        Your math disputes the Mayor’s figures and poses a higher undesignated fund balance indicating it might have been much higher in the previous year than the audit indicates and suggesting that the public will only get to know the real number after November 2009 elections.
        Were the real number $10 Million this number would still seem to fall short of the requirements of the City of Bridgeport “Designated Fund Balance Policy” as stated on page 21 of the recent budget. When a reserve of this type “to be available for unforeseen contingencies” has trended negatively for 10 years, is below a number set by City policy and is not known to smart people, including City Council persons, what is one to think? So, if you are a reader of this question, and a Bridgeport taxpayer without a For Sale sign on your home, this number is important. It’s one of the ‘bottom line’ numbers showing whether City financial management is improving or sinking. Does your Council candidate know? Do they care? What numbers do they deem important in measuring financial results over a period of time?

        1. You ask What is the City’s Fund Balance as of 6/30/09? Nobody knows at this point, because final adjustments to the books have not been done yet. They won’t be done until Blum Shapiro completes the audit field work. Blum Shapiro might not show up on site until late October, or whenever. The deadline for completing the City’s Official report is December 31, I believe.

          This is normal. It takes time for departments to send in their June bills. Also, collections of FY09 taxes in July and August ( 60 days after the close of the FY) get counted as Fy09 revenue.

  8. “Shall a … mill tax be levied to establish and maintain a free public library and reading room?”

    Lennie, I also think that the city lawyers will argue that the referendum can not go forward without City Council approval. Moreover, I would expect the city lawyers to argue that the city is currently funding the city libraries at a mil rate higher or equal to the (1) mil in the referendum at question. I think that it would be wise for the city lawyers to argue that the city’s funding cost of school libraries should be included with the current 0.70 mil funding for the Bridgeport Public Library. When or if the cost for the establishment and maintenance of both the Bridgeport Public Library and all libraries in our schools are calculated, I’m sure that the judge will decide in favor of the city by ruling that the Liberate Library Committee must seek city council approval. Do I hear an appeal?

  9. Joel Gonzalez, interesting points about the library referendum. But at the end of the day the voters will vote yes to this referendum no matter who is opposed to it just look at the trend. Shall there be a constitutional amendment Bridgeport was like the only town in CT to vote yes for it and remember there were people at every polling place telling people to vote no but they voted yes.

    1. donj: You are wrong. If the machine goes to work against Ann and me they will be doing us a favor. The pulse in my district indicates anti-Finch anti-administration is alive and well. If you remember the last mayoral election Finch and Company did not do too well.
      People want honest answers to their questions and concerns. I invite you and others to look at our website and see what we have accomplished in a few short weeks.
      Our campaign is a grass-roots campaign. We have used our own money to finance our campaign. We are on target. Our lawn signs will be out shortly and our closing literature is printed and ready to go. If you live in the district join us. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

  10. They fired Ralph Jacobs just like that? You are shittin’ me, Lennie??? And you were there to watch the whole thing. I have so many questions I don’t know where to start?

    Did they buy him out? Give him any kind of severance pay?

    Was it unanimous? If not, who voted yes and who voted no?

    Who did they put in as acting director?

    Did Finch actually try to go toe-to-toe with former Mayor Bucci? Bucci could run circles around him.

    Please give us more details. This is very scary for City employees. Now they can hire whomever they please with no regard to education, experience or qualifications. Oh My God it will turn into the community development office!

    1. What if Finch hires or promotes knowledgeable, experienced, qualified for the job, hard-working and educated people? Would you be happy? Could this be good for Bridgeport taxpayers–Finch can cut jobs he could not eliminate before.

      Remember when the Finch administration wanted to layoff high-ranking police officers under civil service?
      Could Ralph Jacobs’ support for the police officers have played a role?

    1. You’re such a fool that you can’t understand that the health care bill I oppose is the Obama Healthcare plan which does not include a public option. Dr. Howard Dean agrees that the Obama Health plan is not good.
      You have been blogging in favor of the Obama Plan all along and now you are switching sides and trying to kick me to the side you were on. donj (the switching) Rasta.

    1. That’s the rumor TC, but that would be the biggest mistake ever. Osborne is the worst, most unqualified LR Director we’ve ever seen. I don’t have direct contact with him but I’ve heard stories from those who do. He has let the job go to his head and he has no clue what he is doing. Dangerous combination.

      As Joel blogged above, the City could use this as an opportunity to hire a qualified CS Director. Someone that looks out for the employees but also gets along with the administration. Maybe they can find a happy medium. Maybe. But what a way to treat Ralph Jacobs. Wonder if he saw it coming.

  11. A black cat (it wasn’t Larry) was seen walking under Jacob’s Ladder yesterday.

    Mr. Jacobs and his attorney are going to make a mint on this slip and fall case. Finch is going to have his bell rung one step at a time. C’mon Rosa, give me a break that the guy didn’t consult the commission.

    This is a Done deal!

  12. Joel: Firing Jacobs still will not allow Finch to lay off high ranking PD officers. They still have bumping rights and it will be the patrolmen that ultimately get laid off. What this does is allow: Finch to get his yes men in place and he can continue his massacre of long-time civil servants thus allowing him to put more incompetent friends in their place.

    1. C’mon, isn’t this is a continuing routine with this administration> It’s so obvious. As far as Larry Osborne’s rumored position, he did sit in at one of Fire Chief Brian Rooney’s kangaroo court “railroad” jobs on Thursday, along with Mark Anastasi. They are now planning on firing the Fire Marshal. This is the first time Osborne has ever been to one of these “due process” hearings the chief holds for the many terminated employees in his sights. I would say that Larry Osborne is indeed the next CS head.

  13. Riddle me this, “fired Personnel Director Ralph Jacobs citing breach of city loyalty,” breach of city loyalty???
    Was this what he was technically terminated over?
    Then let’s fire Finch. He obviously does not feel any loyalty to the city!
    Then let’s fire Sherwood. He obviously does not feel any loyalty to the city! And he drives his take-home car to Fairfield. No loyalty, off with his head.
    Then let’s fire Nunn. What kind of loyalty does he feel to the city! He is the former selectman in Monroe and he drives his take-home car too. No loyalty, off with his head.
    Then let’s fire Woody. What kind of loyalty does he feel to the city! Rumor has it he “rents” a condo in Bridgeport from an individual who is a contractor in the city! No loyalty, off with his head.

  14. Riddle me this. Finch, who sat through most of the meeting, accused Jacobs of “practicing law without a license,” does this mean Finch will soon be resigning for the same reason? Or worse, he is following the legal advise of Anastasi and we know nothing Mark comes up with has a basis in law.
    Finch has dove off the diving board in the shallow end of the pool one too many times. Send him packing. This is just another complete embarrassment for the city of Bridgeport under the leadership of Finch.

  15. Little bit off-topic but I think NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg is toast. Did you hear about his comments that those ceo’s who make $30 million are not rich? WTF type of statement is that? This guy is so out of touch with normal people. If I had 30 million dollars I would be more than rich damn I wish I had even half of that $30 million.

    1. Mike Bloomberg may be right. If I had $30 million, I would be a millionaire. If donj had $30 billion, that would make donj a billionaire. Who would be the rich one above?

  16. Oh Lennie, Lennie, Le-e-e-neee: I think you said you covered Bridgeport Civil Service when you were a newspaper reporter. Do you or anybody on the board know a spiritualist that can conjure up the late Mayor Mandanici to talk to Mayor Finch about Civil Service? I can hear it now: “Oh Mandy … Man–dee … come up to us mayor!”

  17. Said Mandy to Civil Service Commissioner John Kennedy: “You’re a dummy … a dummeee!” Said Kennedy in return, “And you’re an ignorant ass!”

    Said Mandy to Commissioner Leo Redgate, funeral home owner. “Leo, no matter what I say to you, you’ll always get me in the end!” Leo just smiled.

  18. WTF! Breech of city loyalty? This has to be something dreamed up by Mark Anastasi and the rest of the swivel heads in the city attorney’s office.
    Isn’t it wonderful how they find these rules? When was the last time someone was charged with breech of city loyalty? I bet NEVER. Where is it stated that a person can be terminated for this alleged offense?
    Finch and crew are amazing.

  19. A few years back I had submitted as a change to the city’s Ethics Ordinance language that would make it an unethical act to knowingly and deliberately violate the City Charter or a City Ordinance.
    Who argued against this and convinced the council it was illegal? Mark Anastasi; the number one violator of both.
    He claimed that it would conflict with union rules and state labor laws.
    I pointed out that there would be no consequence if the Ethics Commission agreed since they cannot imposed fines but it would provide for a manner in which citizens could file a complaint if city officials ignore such behavior.
    Mark said it was still illegal. My proposal was defeated. But disloyalty to the city, well that’s another story.

  20. I think what we have here is disloyalty to Finch and Anastasi is trying to lawyer this up the best that he can.

    However, if Lennie can conjure up Mayor Mandanici for us, perhaps Mandy can explain.

    This could start a run on chicken parts at the supermarket if a Santería ceremony is called for.

  21. Grin Reaper mentions people who take their city cars home, not sure if they are allowed to or not, but people in the BOE say that electrician/civil service commish/union steward McBride takes his van home every night to Trumbull and is definitely not allowed to take it home!!! But people in the BOE say that the favorites get away with murder, like the mechanic there who spends more time at the liquor store than working. Imagine if he runs over a kid? I commute from Bridgeport to Stamford every day and sit in nasty traffic every day, I wish I had a take-home vehicle and can use my boss’ gas. These city workers have no clue as to how good they have it and yet they still want to stick it up the asses of the taxpayers who pay their salaries who do the right thing every day. Can you imagine my boss smelling booze on my breath and not giving a damn, lol, not in the real world.
    Baaad example.

  22. donj, thanks for the link to Dr. Frankendean’s bullshit site.

    First, Dr. Frankendean is trying to make money out of this national debate. Did you order the book? Just reading the web page, a logical and smart reader can see that Dr. Frankendean is full of shit.

    Here’s a quote from the site:

    “In addition, even if the American people would buy the notion of a co-op which amounts to ghastly political sleight-of-hand, a co-op would ultimately be vetoed by Republicans lusting to defeat any healthcare reform at all. So, I ask, why are we even playing this co-op game?”

    “a co-op would ultimately be vetoed by Republicans lusting to defeat any healthcare reform at all.”

    The fact is that the Republicans can’t veto anything. The President vetoes bills. The Republicans can’t even filibuster as Obama has 60 Senators–two Republicans switched over–in his pocket. The Republicans are the least of Obama’s problems with the passing of a health care bill. Obama is having problems convincing some Senators and Congressmen from his own party. Like I said before, “Obama will sign any bill that has ‘health care’ on it.” His problem is that the Democratic majority has not put up a health care bill–at least not one that Obama wants–for Obama to sign.

  23. *** I love to hear about all the great things done & how well intact the city’s rainy day fund was in during Joel’s terms. I can just recall all the professional pictures on the city clerk’s office, Mayor’s office, etc. with all the important politicians & guests in pictures with then city councilman Joel with his favorite sweatshirt & jeans. Wow, those were the glory days where nothing seem to go wrong! But it ended in 2000 for the great one who decided to travel to Central America to find a wife he met on the internet in the past. Love is where you find it & now Joel has moved up to the Republican party that doesn’t seem to want him but hell there’s always the Independant party or back to the Dem. where he worked his magic long ago in his mind. I can only dream of the possibilities had Joel been around to show me the ropes & just how it’s done by an 8th-grade graduate with a masters in solar organic maintenance. You’re my hero! ***

  24. *** Now getting back to reality, I’m sorry to see Mr. Jacobs manipulated by the Mayor’s Admin. & city attorneys for wanting to do his job the best way he felt possible & fair for everyone involved with civil service. The saying you can’t fight city hall was not in Ralph’s vocabulary no doubt. Good luck to Mr. Jacobs in his quest for a fair shake. ***

  25. What little I know about Ralph Jacobs tells me that he won’t go quietly. He’s got himself a skilled attorney in Tom Bucci, Sr. They’ll both probably get rich when they win the lawsuit. Finch will have to raise the taxes another mil just to pay the settlement. Stupid.

    If Civil Service Commissioner/BOE Electrician Willie McBride voted yes to remove Ralph, he’ll be getting more than a take-home car.

    1. Just another one of Fabrizi’s entourage who is allowed free reign by Finch. I spend 9 hours a day in Stamford and I know one thing for sure, the mayor has balls and the city has good jobs and great night life. Maybe being so close to NY has a lot to do with it, but good leadership from the top isn’t hurting either. Why Finch has blown off everyone who got him the job, and has become Fabrizi #2 is beyond me. Sherwood, Nunn, Carrol, McBride , McCarthy can do what they want, can’t be that Finch is that clueless, can he be? It really troubles me and my friends when they say a guy in a city vehicle is drinking and has been saved by McCarthy and McBride numerous times. I know these people wouldn’t be making up this story, too many friends have said this. My parents are taxpayers and I rent a condo downtown now which makes me a taxpayer and I’m a registered Democrat. Caruso wouldn’t stand for this crap.

      1. Wille needs that take-home van so that he can do all his side jobs with the city vehicle, city gas, city insurance and city tools. Fabrizi thinks he owns the civil service position. He held it for years and then passed it down to Charlie Carroll who passed it down to Glen Mudre who passed it down to Willie. All BOE employees. That’s how Fabrizi got the raises voted through for his groupies a few years ago. That’s why Fabrizi liked Ralph Jacobs because he helped him put through the unjustified and undeserved raises.

        1. I might be young but I’m not a stupid woman, and what you are saying isn’t making sense to me, harley. Why would McBride and his commission get rid of Jacobs if Fabrizi liked him? My friends say McBride is just a puppet for Fabrizi, so this doesn’t make sense. They also say he wants to be mayor and it doesn’t make sense; he pals around with a bud who drinks and drives. Guess nothing in Bridgeport makes sense anymore.

          1. Fabrizi got what he wanted from Jacobs so he doesn’t need him anymore. Willie knows that he has to please the person in power, who is currently Finch, so that he can continue to keep his benefits (take-home car, etc.). Do what the mayor wants and he leaves you alone, looks the other way, cuts you some slack. Vote against the mayor and he can take away your car, watch your time and make your life miserable. Make sense to you now?

            Of course I’m only guessing. Until we see how Willie voted we can’t know for sure.

    1. Smoker, the commissioners went into executive session for the vote so I haven’t confirmed how each commissioner voted, I only know they voted to terminate. Jacobs asked for the hearing portion to be public as was his right, but the acual vote on his future was done behind closed doors.

      1. I would think that if Ralph wanted the discussion in open session that he would want the vote public as well. Make the commissioners face the public when they vote. Were there other people in attendance besides the commissioners, Ralph and Bucci? Did Finch pack the room?

        1. harley, I was the lone media member in the room. Finch did not pack the room. He walked in alone, took his position at the table in the Wheeler Room adjacent to the City Council chambers. This vote was a foregone conclusion irrespective of arguments made by Bucci and Jacobs. Jacobs asked for the open session and was granted such during the hearing process of the meeting. The commissioners decided to go into executive session for the actual vote. Bucci says that violates Freedom of Information statutes. I’ll have Bucci’s comments in my morning post. He rips the commission to pieces.

  26. *** Whether you agree to disagree about a subject & voice an opinion is the American way; however it’s how you go about it that’s important to the readers & writers. In the end if Mr. Jacobs was right in the way he handled his work business, he will be the last one to laugh so to speak! Let’s hope everyone who’s been wronged while employed by the city will be vindicated in the end, someway, somehow! *** Everything comes around full circle, sooner or later. ***

    1. harley, thanks for clearing up the Jacobs/McBride thing for me. You make sense in what you said. I wonder if Finch realizes that the people who he aligned himself with now would slit his throat in a second to have Fabrizi back in. He is sleeping with the enemy and doesn’t know it. In a primary all these people who are kissing Finch’s booty now will be on Fabrizi’s side and not do a thing for Finch. I would love to not have to commute to work daily and have a great job in Bridgeport but it is not possible to make good money and have the kind of job I have in Bridgeport. I hope someday a mayor will bring in good office jobs to Bridgeport which would bring in people to work and to live, but right now it seems the politicians only care about stickin’ it to people and not in bringing Bridgeport back to respectability. Caruso will wipe the floor with these crooks next go-round, unless another good respectable candidate emerges.

  27. Finally on here just burned 700 calories at the gym. I swear there are more people from Bridgeport at that gym than Fairfield people. Uhhh the weekend is over but I am looking forward to tomorrow to see what happens with that library question. I sure know I do not want to pay a red cent more for taxes; we are already overpaying and what we get back for it is nothing. You would at least expect to have safer streets and more cops on the road but we do not. If the Library question raises taxes I say vote no. TC what do you expect the turnout to be?


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