City Students Attend Military Academy

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Overshadowed by the opening of the $125 million Fairchild Wheeler Complex–three regional magnet high schools in one–the Military Academy is another opportunity created for city high school students this year.

An idea brought to the district by Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas, the school will open Aug. 29 to 150 freshman, mostly from Bridgeport. About 10 other freshmen will come from Trumbull, Stratford, Monroe, Ansonia and Stamford through the state’s open choice program.

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  1. yahooy, it’s an alternative for secondary students from Bridgeport and the suburbs to put in a half day of academics and the balance on police, fire, emergency and military subjects. I’ll bet there is a lot of physical activity, too. Imagine how you shape up when there are consequences for the entire class when you personally foul up!!! Everyone becomes a teacher. Learning about control, becoming confident in personal skills, real life instruction in subjects requiring judgment?
    And starting with a ‘boot camp’ that had one suburban grandad excited (former Marine) because his grandson was also excited about a schooling alternative. Win-win-win. Need many of those in the City. Time will tell.


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