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 Tuesday September 25, 2018

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City Police Officer Placed On Administrative Leave After Wrong-Way Crash Causes Injuries

December 30th, 2017 · 29 Comments · Law Enforcement, News and Events

Bucci car accident

Accident victim’s car after wrong-way collision caused by a city police officer.

Bridgeport Police Officer John Carrano, whose wrong-way driving on Broadbridge Avenue in Stratford last Saturday morning triggered a head-on collision that led to extensive injuries to a woman, will be placed on administrative status in the records room pending an investigation by the Stratford Police Department and city’s Office of Internal Affairs, according to Police Chief AJ Perez. Carrano, a member of the SWAT team, had been partying at Vazzy’s restaurant with other city police officers prior to the accident.

The driver of the struck vehicle, 19-year-old Elizabeth Bucci of Monroe, received the worst of the accident her vehicle totaled causing multiple bodily injuries requiring emergency surgery. Both Carrano and Bucci were transported to the hospital. Bucci is the granddaughter of former Mayor Tom Bucci.

Stratford police officers arrived at the scene equipped with body cameras. Stratford police have not yet revealed Carrano’s blood alcohol level that would have been taken at the hospital. If Carrano had been driving under the influence, something an investigation will show, it raises questions about city liability with Bridgeport police officers at Vazzy’s in a position to stop him or provide a ride.

Stratford Assistant Fire Chief Steven Alesevich told the Connecticut Post that it was a head-on motor vehicle accident on the northbound side of Broadbridge Avenue between Emerald Place and Second Hill Lane where the road splits in opposite directions separated by a grassy median. The occupants had to be cut out of their respective vehicles.

Carrano, currently on medical leave from the accident, will be placed on administrative leave when he becomes available for duty.


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  • Stringfellow

    Oh great another black eye for the police department. A life altering event for both driver’s.

  • lisawhite

    my thoughts go to Elizabeth Bucci for her recovery. it’s scary to have this happen to a family member, no matter the family name.

  • Donald Day

    Why hasn’t this police officers alcohol blood level been released yet? Is there something to hide or is the Stratford Police Department looking for out one of its own or would you and I received the same treatment.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      I’m wondering the same thing. This cop put a young woman’s life in peril. The public has a right to know how fucked up he was. The state police arrested quite a few people last weekend for DUI and will likely arrest a few hundred more between tonight and Tuesday morning. Some of thise arrested will lose their licenses, some will go to prison. This cop deserves the same consideration.

      • Andrew C Fardy

        How many people that were arrested for DUI had their blood alcohol level revealed to the public. When and if it is given out what does Doctor Bridgeport kid a plan to do with this information.
        This cop will go thru the same legal process as the regular citizens because that’s what he was when he had the accident.
        You want to blame people start with Vazzys bartenders who kept serving him. Blame his fellow cops that let him keep drinking and then allowed him to drive. There is enough blame to go around

    • Ron Mackey

      This is just another reason why some distrust the police and why all lies DON’T matter.

      • Andrew C Fardy

        Hey Ron why distrust the police? The arrest was made and revealed to the public what else do you want.? You dont know do you?

        • Ron Mackey

          The blood alcohol level in FYI is reported in most cases and the media reports that finding and that’s my point about trust, if it’s good enough for John Q Public alcohol level to be known then it should be for the police.

    • LennieGrimaldi

      DD, I’m no lawyer (thank heaven) but I think a chain of custody is involved here. So, the Stratford PD must make application to the court to secure records from the hospital as part of its report, etc.

  • Ron Mackey

    Lennie, is this John Carrano related to Police officer John Carrano who came on the Bridgeport Police Dept in the 1980′s?

  • Harvey Weintraub

    First,my prayers go out for this young lady who was injured.
    Just curious though,I know first responders eat for half price at Vazzys whenever they want,wondering if the half price thing applys to the bar also?.And shouldn’t Vazzys and/or the bartenders bare some responsilbilty here also?..Going to be interesting to see the results of this investigation..

  • Stringfellow

    Mr. Weitraub

    With the politics in this city I doubt it.

  • stevenl

    First of all… look at her car. Look at it. He ruined her life.
    Why is blood alcohol level the deciding factor on arrest when the officer was driving THE WRONG WAY on a divided major roadway? He was admittedly overserved. I am sickened by this. No respect for AJ Perez or any of the other criminals who ruin any possible trust the public could have in the police. WHY is he on paid administrative leave and not arrested? This is a DISGUSTING story. He had just left Vazzi’s. With other police officers present who let him get on the road. They we’re undoubtedly shitfaced too. There is no justice. 19 years old. Think about your innocent children.

  • stevenl

    My bet is a lawsuit where the victim wins but before that this will take years and the officer will remain on paid administrative leave from his role until or unless there is massive public outcry. Joe Ganim- Chris Meyer- if you’re reading this- you have to – have to fix this as much as it can be – this is a most terrible awful grotesque story.

    • Harvey Weintraub

      Steven,don’t expect Joe to say anything, he will be laying low, hoping the story about him wasting $70.000 of our tax dollars on his “protection” just blows over.

      • The Bridgeport Kid

        Little Joe Ganim is indifferent to others’ suffering. Narcissists are like that. I’ve seen Little Joe in action. His performances rival anything onstage at the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan. Once the lights and cameras are switched off he’s whisked away. He will make a statement explaining that defendants are innocent until proven guilty in an American court of law. As if the Stratford Police Department is staffed by a ignorant hicks…

    • Andrew C Fardy

      Grow up

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Those who uphold the law should obey it. The public has a right to expect it.

  • Local Eyes

    In an unrelated note, here’s what winners in Bridgeport know:

    If speed matters, nothing is better than first.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    This officer was definitely in the wrong. Steven he has been arrested. Just so you know a person can drive up a one way street the wrong way and be sober but confused by traffic patterns.
    I am sure the victim here will get a proper hearing and settlement from Carranos insurance company. In no way is the city of Bridgeport liable. If people want to lay blame anywhere there is plenty to go around. Lets start with Vazzy’s who obviously do not train their bartenders to shut off intoxicated patrons. Lets look at all of the people at this party that should have stepped in and given this guy a ride home. Steven you know the other officers at this party were also drunk? How do you know this? pure BS on your part.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    The only liable party is John Carrano. His employment as a uniformed officer with the Bridgeport Police Department is not a factor. He was at a party in Stratford, a small banquet with food and a lot of booze. It’s a safe bet he was in an altered state.

    Hold back the anger unless and until nineteen-year-old Elizabeth Bucci, who suffered serious injury, is not adequately compensated.

    Then there should be a public outcry.

  • Stringfellow

    Some years ago another Bridgeport cop was involved in a DUI in Trumbull or Monroe and cause an injury to his passenger and the driver he hit. The MAAD organization got involved and made an example of him. He was fired and did some time in jail.

    This is another one of the times where a person drives themselves to an event knowing full well they are going to drink. There was no planing ahead to make arrangements for ride. Instead they decide to drive themselves. The fact this guy is a cop only magnifies the situation that much more. It makes better reading in the paper since it’s cop and not just John Q. Citizen driving drunk.

    High insight is 20/20 perhaps the bartender should have noticed he had too many and perhaps the people he was with should have made sure he did not drive himself home. Clearly none of that happened. All that is going to be called into question.

    All that is left is the aftermath and future is uncertain for all involved.
    Both lives have been changed forever, career changing for one and
    who knows what hopes and dreams she had.

    Good luck to them both.

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