City Orders Mandatory Evacuation In Low-Lying Areas

From Mayor Finch:

Following a briefing with City Officials at the Emergency Operations Center on Saturday and upon conferring with State officials, Mayor Bill Finch announced a Mandatory Evacuation for all residents living in low-lying areas as the path as of 4 p.m. EST.

“It is of the utmost importance that everyone living in the low-lying areas evacuate to higher ground immediately,” said Mayor Finch.

At 9 a.m. Saturday morning, the City utilized Reverse 911 to inform residents of an officially recommended evacuation.

At 12 p.m. members of Bridgeport Police and Fire Departments and other City staff went door-to-door in neighborhoods of concerns urging residents to evacuate. Additionally, Bridgeport Housing Authority, starting Friday, knocked on the doors of those living in P.T. Barnum Apartments and Marina Village, informing residents of the officially recommended evacuation.

At 4 p.m., after conferring with State officials the City of Bridgeport officially announced a Mandatory Evacuation for residents in low-lying areas. The City will deploy additional resources to assist in the evacuation efforts until 11 p.m.

As the City announced yesterday, Bassick High School, 1181 Fairfield Ave., and Harding High School, 1734 Central Ave., were opened for shelters at 12 noon on Saturday. Central High School has been added to available shelters for residents and will open at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Transportation to all shelters is being provided by the Greater Bridgeport Transportation Authority. Residents who are able to drive, are asked not to drive to Bassick and Harding. Parking for the shelters will be provided at the following locations:

• JFK Campus, 700 Palisade Avenue for those staying at the Bassick Shelter

• The parking lot of the former grocery store location at Park and North Avenues

• Parking is permitted at Central High School

Those who are planning on staying in the shelter should pack a blanket, pillow, medication, personal identification, and snacks. Pets are allowed at all shelters.



  1. All we got in my apartment building was a circular that proclaimed “RECOMMENDED EVACUATION.” Gee thanks, Bill and Auden. Your concern is really touching …

  2. Let’s not forget the residents only have one way out of their apartment and I’m sure we all remember the tragedy of the fire that killed a young woman and her children in their apartment with only one way out. Nothing has been done to correct that problem. And Kid don’t worry, I’m sure Bill and Auden were busy with the evacuation of the residents at PT Barnum Apartments, right!!!

  3. Bill Finch is a low-lying area. Irene isn’t the only thing that will knock him down. The smart attorneys are keeping their mouths shut so as not to ruin their bombshells in court. I wonder if Santa is packing her bags to Rio. I wonder if she knew about the jail time before she made her decision. Would have loved to have been on that wall. Santa, did they threaten to take away your endorsement next year? Big “pay” raise? Finch might be on the plane too, given the SEEC’s investigation and potential State Attorney’s investigation into his illegal PAC violations. PS casual_observer it is nice you are trying to telegraph the defense’s strategy. Either you are lying or you are stupid. If you can’t run with the big dogs don’t get off the porch!!! Buzz buzz.

  4. I stand corrected, the mayor did come to Seaside Village, I did see a picture of the mayor in the Post talking to one of my neighbors, Harriet O’Donnell, and I wish I could have heard that conversation.

  5. The evacuation of the South End of Bridgeport was essential. At 8am this morning the streets were passable. By 11:15am the Long Island sound made its way north on Broad Street all the way to the railroad. There is seaweed in front of Shiloh Baptist church across from the ferry parking lot. City officials are to be commended on their efforts to get people out of harm’s way. The Singer Substation was deliberately shut off at 11:00am as the high tide flooded the area. It was off for four hours which caused many communities and the Downtown, East Side and East End to lose power. If UI hadn’t done that the entire region would have been put into darkness for a very long time. There is still lots of water in the streets and basements in the South End. There is another high tide tonight. But the important thing is nobody lost their life. What is more important than that?


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