City Cop Charged With DUI, Assault With Vehicle In Wrong-Way Crash

Bucci car accident
Accident victim’s car after wrong-way collision caused by a city police officer.

Bridgeport Police Officer John Carrano, whose wrong-way driving on Broadbridge Avenue in Stratford triggered a head-on collision in December that led to extensive injuries to a woman, was charged on Tuesday with driving drunk, second degree assault with a motor vehicle and driving the wrong way. Carrano, then a member of the SWAT team, had been partying at Vazzy’s restaurant with other city police officers prior to the accident. The driver of the struck vehicle, 19-year-old Elizabeth Bucci of Monroe, received the worst of the accident her vehicle totaled causing multiple bodily injuries requiring emergency surgery. Both Carrano and Bucci were transported to the hospital. Bucci is the granddaughter of former Mayor Tom Bucci.

John Carrano. CT Post photo BK Anglett

Police say Carrano’s blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. He has been on administrative status in the records room pending an investigation by the Stratford Police Department and city’s Office of Internal Affairs.

A Stratford police officer arrived at the scene equipped with a body camera. A Bridgeport police officer who was with Carrano that night was also at the scene. That officer had a tense exchange with a Stratford cop. A Stratford police report reveals, in reference to the city officer, “The male kept trying to talk to this officer to where I had to tell him, ‘get out of my face and to stand on the esplanade. I’m going to check on the victims.'”

Stratford police report 3
Stratford cop tells Bridgeport cop “get out of my face.”

The Stratford police report also notes that Carrano had denied being involved in an accident or that he had been drinking. The crash occurred shortly after midnight December 23.

“He is a good officer who made a terrible mistake and is going to go through the judicial process,” Police Chief AJ Perez told the Connecticut Post. “This will be a lesson to other young officers that they have a super responsibility and can’t drink and drive. Hopefully the young woman is continuing to recover from her injuries.”



  1. *** They will try their very best to get a minor “slap on the hand” infraction for this officer. He & everyone else involved was very lucky to still be alive! The hard incriminating facts will be pushed very quitely under the rug & “blue justice” will be served in the end. ***

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