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Christina Ayala: “Lord Provided I Will Be Able To Advocate For The Needs In My Community”

December 7th, 2012 · 29 Comments · News and Events

Christina Ayala

Christina Ayala

OIB has had an email exchange with State Rep.-elect Christina Ayala. She politely declined to address any specific details regarding her latest legal challenges but indicated she’s looking forward to serving in the State House.

“I am so eager and hungry to advocate for what is needed in my district,” she wrote … “Lord provided I will be able to advocate for the needs in my community! I have no ulterior motives for running other than being the humble voice of those that I serve.”

In November Ayala was elected to Connecticut’s 128th State House seat that serves the city’s East Side and Hollow neighborhoods. The Democrat is scheduled to receive the oath of office next month. Some party officials have questioned her ability to serve in light of two separate misdemeanor charges since August while others have taken a wait-and-see attitude.

Connecticut Post reporter Keila Torres Ocasio interviewed several voters from the district. See here.


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  • indices

    The beginnings of a long and glorious career–dynastic, even: think Kennedys or Bushes. Like P.T. Barnum said (or did he?) …

  • Chosen 1

    Step 1: Denial

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      In Ms. Ayala’s defense, her attorney probably told her to not answer any questions about the pending criminal cases. The prosecution would be able to use her comments against her in a court of law.

  • Bridgeporteur

    And the party establishment remains conspicuously silent. Just as they did on the education vote.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      The party establishment is not that silent. The cutouts are questioning her ability to lead. This is scandalous, her boyfriend is a convicted drug dealer.

      • Joel Gonzalez

        That is one area where I feel the CT Post went too far. It was a 1998 charge when he was like 22 years old; about 14 or 15 years ago. Anything during or after Christina Ayala entering the race is okay. Keep in mind the CT Post reporter knew of the 49 Millhill Avenue address the day of the motor vehicle accident, but it wasn’t a big deal then. Whoever said one can’t open a can of worms with a cell phone call?

        • The Bridgeport Kid

          2 + 2 = 4, Joel. Ms. Ayala is 29 years old. Whatever happened when she was 22 is SEVEN YEARS, not 14-15. This woman is a train wreck. Left the scene of an accident, is arrested for domestic violence after slapping her convicted drug-dealer boyfriend. Maybe he ought to take her seat in the legislature.

          • Joel Gonzalez

            Here is evidence the biggest problem with Bridgeport education is Bridgeport kids don’t have a good reading comprehension level.

            It was reported the boyfriend is 37 years old–no exact DOB given. In 1998 he was around 22 or 23 years old. 22+15=37; 23+14=37

            Your homework for the weekend is this: How old would the boyfriend be today if he had been convicted in 1897?

          • Joel Gonzalez

            Okay, I’m going to make you think even harder. For extra points on your homework answer the following question:

            1) Had the arrest or conviction taken place in 1897, in what year would his future girlfriend be slapping him and getting in trouble for it?

            2) What was his approximate age in 1897?

            Whoever gets this right will receive free tickets for the Bijou Theater Christmas show this coming Sunday, December 9, 2012. You will also get free pizza from Two Boots.

          • Booty

            Joel, your premise is wrong. In 1897 domestic violence and drug use/sales were not crimes, so there would be no convictions or getting into trouble for non-crimes.

          • Joel Gonzalez

            Booty, it wasn’t intended to be a premise, are you making an excuse not to do your homework? Don’t try telling me your dog ate your homework–that’s so Seventeen Hundred.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            As if it really matters, Joel. She was shacked up with a convicted drug dealer, leaves the scene of an accident in an automobile with an expired registration and is arrested for domestic assault a few months later. I know this is Bridgeport but more than a few people are tired of “business as usual” politics. This broad needs to resign from office because she will never be able to advocate effectively for her constituents.

  • John Marshall Lee

    Advocacy for the needs of those in her district is one role for a representative. However, if the representative-elect has been reading the paper, she also will need skills, experience and training to make the decisions on a multitude of votes and issues where choices are made. Life as a public figure means she lives in a glass house personally, and OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT will be expected on the public issues. Her use of words like ‘eager, hungry, ulterior motives’ show a certain defensiveness, perhaps appropriate to her current situation. She did not reference the specific platform shared with the voters, if she had one. And the news articles do not confirm the “humble voice” she claims. Perhaps the party supporters cannot find anything to say, so quiet is the best course. No? Time will tell.

  • Chosen 1

    The mayor is staying out of this, I can see that.
    Bill was first to ask for Joe Ganim’s resignation, would like to see him take a stand against Ms. Ayala.

  • Antitestoo

    So Mario, who’s running the DTC now?
    A real boss would never let this happen!

  • Mojo

    *** The Mayor would probably only intervene if there was something to gain from his comments. In this case it’s a Bpt machine pol and he doesn’t need any more enemies within the party, no? *** ZOMBIELAND POLITICS ***

  • Jennifer Buchanan

    She says … “being the humble voice of those that I serve.” I hope she puts her absolute brashness and disregard of the laws of the land to use and not use her humble voice to better serve her people in the most underserved part of our city.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Last night, I wrote a little analysis and e-mailed it to Lennie for consideration. In it, I touched upon what angle I felt the CT Post reporters were going to take. After I sent the piece I noticed another follow-up piece by Keila. It had not crossed my mind the reporters would or could go to the East Side neighborhood and interview people. One thing I don’t get is this part about raising or asking questions. Who is raising and asking the questions is obvious. One part I forgot to mention in my analysis and not covered by Lennie is this: Remember when Keila Torres interviewed Santa Ayala during the Mary-Jane Foster petition invalidation by Santa Ayala?

    “… Ayala was quoted in an Aug. 24 Connecticut Post story saying she was aware the Foster slate’s nominating petition was flawed before the campaign circulated it to obtain voter signatures. Ayala in court Monday denied ever saying that …”

    Santa Ayala called Keila Torres a liar under oath. I saw Keila a few days later and I asked her if she lied when she wrote the article. Keila Torres made it clear not only did she write exactly what Santa Ayala stated, she would have gone to court and testified to that fact had she been called to testify. This is not the first time local pols have done this–lied to or about a reporter’s report. There is karma and there is Keila.
    Read more:
    www .ctpost.com/local/article/Ayala-Foster-aide-testify-in-hearing-over-2146590.php
    www .ctpost.com/local/article/Despite-2nd-arrest-Ayala-will-not-resign-4101093.php

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      I received your letter yesterday
      about the time the doorknob broke
      When you asked how I was doing
      Was that some kind of joke?
      All these people that you mention
      Yes, I know them, they’re quite lame
      I had to rearrange their faces
      And give them all another name
      Right now I can’t read too good
      Don’t send me no more letters, no
      Not unless you mail them
      From Desolation Row …

  • Zena Lu

    Well, the city of Bridgeport is eager and hungry for politicians who don’t bitch slap their boyfriends and decide the precise moment they get into a wreck is a fine time to go for a jog.

    And BTW if she is so hungry why doesn’t she join the Food Police? I hear they are looking for patrol officers.

  • CT Taxpayer

    I think religion is a good thing, but I don’t like politicians who reference God to make political gains.

    For the record, God isn’t going to be directing Ms. Ayala as she serves. God will leave that to Ms. Ayala’s judgment, which doesn’t seem to be very good.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    I love all these politicians who claim they are now being guided by God. Or God forgave me. What a crock. I am surprised Ayala didn’t claim the devil made her do it.
    It’s time for her to listen to God and resign and get her life in order.

  • Bob

    For the record, neither incident, the car accident nor the domestic violence will result in jail time. Ayala is working the system by laying low until the two court cases are either dismissed (the domestic violence situation, more likely) or she gets a fine and a slap on the wrist (the car accident, hopefully not).
    The problem is she has no sense of moral values that make her worthy of representative office.
    But I digress, there are no moral values in politics.

  • BlackRockGuy

    First of all why is SANDY Ayala still even holding office after her well-proven incompetence as Registrar of Voters? And why was she allowed to get away with not recusing herself from her daughter’s primary against Angel Reyes who would have made a much better State Rep than Christina Ayala who clearly needs some serious psychological help.

  • Donnyboy

    I love Bridgeport, but man oh man it’s difficult. I know all the players here, and yes, she should definitely just walk away for the good of the city.

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