Chief Perez: I Will Never Allow That To Happen Again

Negron body
Jayson Negron’s body lies on the street after the fatal shooting on Tuesday in Bridgeport. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.

From the CT Post:

One of the most upsetting aspects of the shooting of Jayson Negron by a police officer was the way his body was treated.

Negron was left on Fairfield Avenue in full view of passersby for about six hours, authorities said, while detectives secured the crime scene and waited for state police to arrive to carry out their investigation.

Following protocol, local police shooting investigations are carried out by state police detectives.

Now officials say leaving Negron’s body in plain sight was not the way the situation should have been handled.

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  1. It’s kind of late in the game Chief Perez to make this change. What the hell has the department been doing, haven’t they noticed all of the police shooting of black males by the police all over this country and how leaving s dead body in the street for 7 hours will bring more grief. As for dashcam and body cameras and storage is much cheaper than paying out for lawsuits against the City and the police department. Lennie, could you post the video that is out showing the teenager still alive and moving on the ground with his hands behind him with handcuffs?

    1. Ron, you could have posted a link to the video. I watched it and didn’t see the movement you describe. He was still alive you believe? You noticed that the person taking the video kept moving the phone to the ground and then to the body? The video was taken soon after the shooting and the ambulance was on route. I’m not sure if it was a twitch of the body or moving of the cell phone made the appearance of the body twitching. Dead bodies are know to move minutes and hours after death. I’ve even heard stories or burned dead bodies moving. Thank god you never saw something like this in your career as a firefighter. I’m sure if it’d happened, you shit in your pants.

      1. Joel, you never did address my point about about cameras and leaving a dead body in the street for 6 hours uncover. I ask for the video to be posted because the Conn. Post saw the video and I couldn’t find the video.

        1. Ron, the camera issue has been discussed and explained way before this incident. The State Police Unit in charge of investigating police shootings is NOT located or stationed at Troop G located blocks from the scene of this incident. I understand that the unit is located about one and a half hour from Bridgeport. The unit is not on a 24 standby like firefighter. It takes them a while to get here with all their equipment.

          The most important issue is being ignored or simply flying over eeveryone’s head. I place my most critical of blame on the 21 year old African American passenger who was lucky to come out of this with a shoulder injury. In this incident we have a 21 year old with a 15 year old (a minor) friend. There was an opportunity for this adult friend to do the right thing and take control of the situation and activity of the 15 year old minor. What did the 21 year old do? He got in the stolen car with the 15 year old driving. If you go to the fb page of Frank Parker Recchia, you can read what the mother of the 21 year old said in a News12 interview. In short, what mom said was, “my son is a good boy.” She didn’t even mention Jayson J. Negron.

  2. The Chief of police can’t say this it is not his department that conducts an Officer involved shooting. Yes it looks bad a dead handcuffed body lying on the street. In this case the Bridgeport Officers were following their protocal.

    A dead teenager lying on the street is bad no matter who ended their life. To most of us it would seem a sheet should not disturb anything and perhaps it would not. Yet it was not done but with good reason.

    We all know all public safety radio transmissions are recorded along with the times. Let’s say for the sake of argument an ambulance crew was in the Walgreens parking lot. They begin to render aid to the victim but he expires on the way to the hospital. Would this change people’s minds? Not in this case since it was the police that did the shooting and people have made up their minds. I think releasing this video would only further cause pain to the Negron family they are going through enough.

    By the way a man was run down and killed by driver in Bridgeport who was under the influence. I did not see any protests or demonstrations on the evils of driving under the influence.

  3. What I said about chief Perez holds true today “He is not qualified to be Bridgeport’s Police Chief.
    I don’t care what arrangement you had with the state police. This kid should not have been left uncovered for 6 hours. That really is a bull shit protocol. You could have covered the body and then uncovered it when necessary. This is just one more time that the PD looks like a circus, Its not the street cop its the wishy washy upper command They suck

  4. Considering the circumstances,there is not a lot of opportunities for re-do’s. ACTING Chief A.J Perez will need to live with this response as he seeks permanent stature as Police Chief. So does the Entire Police Department. I don’t know all the details of this situation so I will not make any final conclusions. However,putting out a statement that the ACTING Police Chief would not do things in the same way is not a vote of confidence to make this Acting Chief(A.J Perez) into a permanent Chief. I think Chuck Paris needs to answer a lot of questions as well. Will The Board of Police Commissioners ask the questions. As things stand right now,the answer is NO. Bridgeport has not dealt with the Police Department since Joe Walsh. The Police Department has become the playground for whomever is the “current” mayor. As of today, The Mayor of Bridgeport is the head of the Police Department,whoevet that Mayor be. WE HAVE A CRISIS OF GOVERNANCE IN BRIDGEPORT. This crisis is even greater than the fiscal/economic/tax base crisis.

  5. The media does not help when it post photos like this.

    It seems there was no one thought about the family and what they are going through. Photos like this does more harm then good.

    1. FREE PRESS. A picture is worth a thousand words. No pic “may” imply some type of institutional cover-up. Who makes the decisions that a citizenry is not mature enough to see the facts. Cover-ups are not a good thing.

      1. Covering things up does more harm than good. There is the old cliche/adage,”If you live by the gun,you will die by the gun.” First of all< I will say I don't know all the facts. preliminary info is that we are looking at the possibility of a stolen car and an attempt to injure another human being in an attempt to escape the circumstances of personal decisions. All of us need to acknowledge facing the consequences of our own personal decisions. We all await the decision/investigation of other legal entities.

  6. Thought-provoking essay by Michael J. Daly in the CT Post:

    “Outrage needs to come before the tragedy”

    On a related matter:

    At this time, the misuse of the term “murder” to describe the shooting and killing of Jayson Negron helps no one.

    It certainly is not accurate, based on the meaning of “murder” and the evidence that’s come forth to date.

    Are people just trying to makes things worse or do they not know the meaning of “murder”? See

  7. Isn’t this what some people are upet about the fact Mr.Negron wasn’t covered yet here is this photo. A photo called free press.

    There has to be a line drawn by someone.

  8. How’s this folks, before all the demands for cameras on cops, transparency with the investigation demands for justice and demonstrations let’s try this. Where are the services that recognizes kids that might go the wrong way? Can these kids be reached before they drop out of school, end up in the criminal justice system or worse.

    There were some things that have gone wrong on Mr. Negron’s short life. He is not alone and there will be other kids like him if things do no change. You are supposed to learn from mistakes and not keep making the same ones. Some kids need a little more push that some other kids just to stay on track and not go off in the wrong direction. A lot of this starts at home,perhaps mentors in schools,and in the community. If some kids had better role models to follow, this might reduce those lost to the street or lost forever.

    1. Stringfellow, right on! That’s then of Daly’s essay as well as the brilliant essay Daly cites by Central High biology teacher and Bridgeport resident, Alex Torres.

  9. Come on folks.
    “I asked one of my Deputy Chiefs and he said it would contaminate the evidence.
    Why didn’t he immediately call the State Police and ask them?
    Poor excuse.

    1. Hey Bob, lets talk about the one who did get a blanket. Julian Fyffe was the 21 year old adult injured on the shoulder as he sat on the passenger side of a stolen vehicle driven by his 15 year old minor friend Jayson Negron. The 21 year old adult could have prevented this tragedy. I take it the the public is satisfied knowing that Julian Fyffe is comfy on a hospital bed and having his bed sheets, blanket, and pillow-case changed daily.

  10. From the CT POST

    BRIDGEPORT—Police are searching for a man who they said shot two people in Washington Park Monday afternoon and then fled on a scooter.

    There were a number of people enjoying the sunshine in the East Side park at noon time when police said a man opened fire.

    A man was shot in the torso and a woman in the arm, police said. Both were taken to Bridgeport Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    Police said they don’t know the motive for the shooting or if the two victims were the intended targets.

    Detectives were interviewing witnesses in an effort to identify the shooter.

    No protest or outrage

    1. maybe hard to watch but maybe it’s reality. We need to see realty. Yoo often,everything is covered up and papered over and we become desensitized and oblivious to the “ugly” and “unpleasant” facts of life. Maybe we would be better off if we see all the truth and consequences of life decisions.

  11. A few weeks ago Robert POOKIE Bowens was stopped by some State Troopers and pulled a gun. These troopers used tremendous restraint and this incident did not result with Mr.Bowens being shot and killed. Someone commented after Mr.Negron was killed Mr.Bowens was not raised properly. So much for personal responsibility, what happened to that?

    What happened to it takes a village to raise a child? These days you chastise a kid about what they are going you might get assaulted and cussed out by their parent and told to mind your own business.

    It is a shame there isn’t this outrage at all the violence and murder that plagues this country.

    I have not heard about the progress on the investigations of the murder across from Tiago’s and the one on Read Street.

    Has anyone?

  12. It makes my blood boil to hear the City’s Police Chief make a promise to not leave a body uncovered for that long rather than a promise to prevent such a tragedy from happening in the first place.

    The more information that comes out of this tragic fiasco, the more I think the City should sue the Officers involved because there is no way they followed any acceptable protocol. By not following proper procedure, they got themselves injured, killed a very young man and injured another.

    I can’t imagine police academy training leading to this level of ineptitude and callous disregard for the health, safety and welfare of citizens and self.

    It’s hard for me to imagine the Officers involved carrying out their duty in such a hazardous manner had they been equipped with functioning body cameras. Which is sad. Law Enforcement Officers should ALWAYS conduct themselves as if every citizen is watching them in plain sight.


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