Check Out Primary Ballots, State Rep. Felipe Qualifies For Public Financing

About four weeks from August 11 primary day, ballots are being printed for absentee voting starting July 21. The pandemic has led Governor Ned Lamont to issue an executive order allowing all eligible primary electors to vote by absentee by checking the Covid-19 box.

In-person voting will also be available. Check out select sample ballots below that also include primaries for state legislative seats. Joe Biden is on the presidential top line by virtue of a lottery pick by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill. Endorsed candidates follow on the top line.

On Wednesday the State Elections Enforcement Commission approved a $30,575.00 public campaign grant for State Rep. Antonio Felipe who’s being challenged by Downtown businessman Kelvin Ayala also vying for public dough. The deadline to submit the application is 5 p.m. Friday.

Sample presidential primary ballot for State Senate and State House.
Presidential and State House 130.
GOP presidential ballot including 128th State House.


  1. Congrats to all members of the endorsed Democratic Ticket. Vote Joe Biden top line across. That is a team!!! I will assume line B will team up for some Photo- ops as well they should. Good luck to all the candidates looking to serve. Serve the city not their Ego’s. I will be supporting all top line candidates. In my area Bridgeport/Trumbull/ Monroe — Joe Biden, Marcus Brown, Jack Hennesy. (got a little nervous with Bob Keely in the race– NOT!). I have been invited to support other districts- I do – Dennis Bradley ,Christopher Rosario (Got a little nervous with Wanda Simmons – NOT) ,Antonio Felipe, Charlie Stallworth and Andre Baker.

    We need Joe Biden and the entire top line of endorsed candidates working together to defeat Donald Trump in Novemer. Remember the Primary August 11th, 2020– I will vote in person and working my normal school as I have for the past 20 years unless my district leader Dennis Scinto requests I stay home. ( Like that is ever going to happen) :-).
    Just thought I’d put my 2 cents in. I respect everyone’s choices- these are mine.

    1. Stevie A, still the cheerleader for all of those candidates that Mario and Joe support. By the way do you run into Stephanie Thompson in your travels all over the City?

  2. Ron Makey the forever supporter of losers and always the miserable negative individual year after year. I can honestly say that I have never met Stephanie Thompson- sadly due t your age you will probably repeat yourself many times imagining you are insulting me. Well you are not. Why I am responding to an idiot like yourself is still making myself curious. It is sad tht a loser like yourself continues to post negatives about the DTC and Mario . You sometimes sound intelligent and most times you sound like a bore. As redundant as can be day in and day out. You never give up – well I don’t either. I am glad your fat ass will remain on the sidelines while others work, and walk and knock on doors. Your agenda is limited and selfish. You bore those in your very own community. I am not sure what your followers think of me. My supporters think you are pretty sad. I have to agree. I do believe Stephanie Thompson is a fake handle. A very clever fake handle. It is not mine. Iwill continue to thank you for always making me the center of attention. Dude honestly, I think you got me under your skin. You have me , deep in the heart of you. So deep in your heart you really a prt of me. You got me under your skin. ]You know Ron, You are like a little kid. People might think you are interested in me. No problem here. Not at all interested. But thank you for all f the attention you give me everytime I post. It is flattering and re-enforcing my belief that I am the star of this blog even when i take a hiatus. I can only imagine that Mario treated you like a dirty ignorant scum bag or you wouldn’t be talking about him incessantly. It is sad that you believe Mario is a dictator and has everyone wrapped around his finger. We can all learn from his leadership across the state, the respect he has across the state and the ability to raise money for the endorsed candidates. That is what a chairmen does. Personally, I couldn’t imagine who could possibly replace him.? Any suggestions? This will most likely be the last time I waste my time responding to you. Your disrespect -redundant commentary is tiresome. Do you actual have a fan club that likes your comments other than Day? What do you do to make Bridgeport a better place? Absolutely nothing. Keep up the good work!! Your contributions to the city are legendary. Nice job.! I can honestly say I am proud to be a member of the Democratic Town committee. I am proud to be a cheerleader for the city of Bridgeport. I support and patronize every corner of this city. You? Nothing. Just a bore. I am never chagrined by your comments. Just curious.

    1. Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character traits or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence, in a general sense, hypocrisy may involve dissimulation, pretense, or a sham. Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.[1] According to British political philosopher David Runciman

      1. Steven Auerbach // Oct 20, 2015 at 9:28 am
        I don’t dislike Joe Ganim, but I voted for Bill Finch in the primary and now I am supporting Mary-Jane Foster because I am dead set against another Ganim Administration riddled with corruption, greed and Mario Testa. I felt after 11 years of Ganim the people have had enough. I figured after he destroyed the reputation of the city, the city had enough. I figured it took two administrations to wipe away the black eye given to us by Ganim, the people would have learned. They did not. We have two weeks to educate. Joe Ganim has done an amazing job while enjoying $500 bottles of wine, fancy clothes, home enhancements, cash in his pocket to let the little sycophants of Bridgeport think he was one of them–he isn’t a snob, just a wealthy suburbanite who hasn’t paid a dime in taxes to Bridgeport for 15 years. He will meet and greet anyone but always go home to the comfort of his Easton home. Personally, I do not care. I am supporting Foster for the Future of our city.

  3. Stevie A, you continue to do what you always do when you on OIB, year after year and that is your cheerleading whoever is in office and what have that gotten Bridgeport Stevie, the feds in the City with all type of investigation and the tax dollars that the taxpayers of Bridgeport must pay. That’s the type of leadership you keep cheering on but why should you be concern because they gave you your job. Stevie, why are your post are always late in evening and on weekends only, oh nevermind, you got your orders to stay off. It’s amazing that you and Stephanie Thompson paths have never crossed, it’s like no one ever saw Michael Jackson and his sister Janet in the same room together.

    1. Actually I have seen Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson in the same room together live . I want you to go back and look at every single post of Stephanie Thompson. Each and every amazing post that made her a superstar on this blog, Than I want you to imagine it is me wiping the floor with you and your candidate. I want you to piece it together. Than I want you to imagine the type of man I would call eye candy. 6ft4 260 of solid muscle, I want you to get a good visual of myself. I am not going to tell you again I am not an alias. I will assume you are correct that we are one and the same . Now what???? This is why Lennie continues to fail. He allows this to continue. It helps his blog but bores the crap out of me. catch you after the Primary. Congrats to Stephanie Thompson for creating the perfect persona . I must have embraced my Black female essence. Not bad for a white Gay Jew. Close your eyes Ronnie. Imagine- If it makes you feel better. I don’t have a problem with you sleeping easy believing I have a fake handle. Can’t imagine why I would- There is nothing that individual stated that I wouldn’t state. So while you are looking for more statues to take down helping Trump give red meat to his base , I am working to get Joe Biden and Marcus Brown elected. I can assure you this blog is not the platform to help a candidate nor is wasting time engaging in redundant banter with yourself a constructive use of time.

      Marcus Brown for State Senate. If Stephanie Thompson does exist I would like to meet her. Introduce her to Wayne Rodriguez and take this show on the road. Primary August 11 2020. Time for a change.

      Good luck Ron Mackey, I am hoping you will be supporting Dennis Bradley for State Senate and Antonio Felipe for State Rep. However, Unlike yourself I do respect your choice. I am a very bury man Mr. Mackey , I have a demanding job, I am the president on the board of directors of my condominium, I am working on a few campaigns take care of a 92 year old mother and do my best to keep my social life aside from politics alive. I am glad you follow my posting times. I really have little time for these ridiculous diatribes. Life is good and better without your incessant attempts to humiliate me. You are living in the wrong decade. You are a dinasauer. I am a self actualized individual and the day I need validation from the likes of you I would jump out the window. 🙂 Seriously. lolololololololololololol SMH

      1. Stevie, the best thing that you have said is that you, “take care of a 92 year old mother,” that puts you in a different light, 92 year old mother, God bless her.

      2. Stevie, you are sounding like President 45 right now during COVID-19 pandemic who won’t talk about the science of COVID-19 instead he’s out there cheerleading the country to open businesses and schools to get the country and Wall Street going but nothing the 138,000 deaths from COVID-19. You also act like Republican Senate who wouldn’t that 45 is doing anything wrong. The country is in a movement of change against systemic racism and that systemic racism Stevie is right here in the Ganim administration and there’s not a single word from Mayor Ganim, Mario Testa and you Steven Auerbach. Stevie, there are federal investigations going on right now again with the Ganim administration but Stevie these issues don’t concern you at all because your job is to be that cheerleader while Rome burns.


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