Cemetery Manager Ousted For Altering Gravesites

Accused of throwing out old bones and caskets, burying new bodies over old graves and removing headstones, Park Cemetery’s manager has been ordered by a state judge to stay away. The cemetery is located on Lindley Street.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

LaPrade has been accused of burying new bodies over old graves and moving headstones to accommodate new graves at the 140-year-old cemetery.

During a previous court hearing, police detectives Jorge Cintron and Kimberly Biehn testified that dozens of headstones, some dating back to the 1800s, had been moved so that the newly dead could be buried in plots stacked on old graves.

“New dirt was put over older graves and new graves were put there,” Biehn testified.

“There was fresh soil over old head stones and they were in the process of building an access road through the stones,” Cintron testified. “In the woods we found old head stones and human bones that had just been thrown around.”

Cintron said a grave digger told him that he had been ordered by LaPrade to throw old bones and caskets away to make room for new graves.

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