Celebrating 10 Years Of OIB

Newton, Dudchik, Keeley
What a crew. Former State Senator Ernie Newton, former State House member Tom Dudchik who runs the popular CT Capitol Report and former State House member Bob Keeley at OIB party.

At OIB we love blackmail photos and we have a bunch for you following our 10th anniversary party at Trattoria ‘A Vucchella Wednesday night. Yes, it was a quite an eclectic gathering. Thanks to our loyal readers for the past decade. More to come.

Frank, Caruso
City Council candidate Gage Frank chats with the Big Wave, former State Rep Chris Caruso.

Parziale, Bruce
Former City Council members Lisa Parziale and Mary Bruce catch up.
Diaz, Feliciano
Police commission member Hector Diaz and City Councilwoman Milta Feliciano.
Lennie, Young Dems
Sure, put the old guy in the middle. Your OIB host flanked by young Dems from left Rowan Kane, City Council candidate Marcus Brown, Gage Frank and Constance Vickers.
Vickers, Auerbach
Is there a real party without OIB friend Steve Auerbach? Here with President of Young Dems Constance Vickers.
Lennie, Adams, Herbert
Your host with Shannon Rice Adams, mayoral aide Ed Adams and Mickey Herbert, president of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.


  1. Lennie unlike Jerry Mcguire you lost me at one drink.


    PS. Moore and Gomes sold out Bridgeport. While the lines are drawn on our President Trump in making America great. Moore and Gomes choose to make East Windsor greater than Bridgeport. Way to go on your support for a casino for them and not fighting for it for your constituents here in Bridgeport.

  2. Lennie, thank you for the decade of “prose, poetry and occasional outlet for poster pusillanimity” as part of the record of Only in Bridgeport. Your parties are fun, too.
    With Ganim2 taking on a role as “travelling man”, embracing environmental programs with concern for community sustainability (inherited from Finch), and a seeker of statewide office when he has shown no willingness to embrace OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST governance or support “public integrity” in any meaningful way locally, your blog has its work cut out for another decade or more. Will Hearst Media come looking for you as a positive variant of old-time investigative journalism? Time will tell.

  3. Lennie. I’m sorry that I was not able to attend last night. I saw three people in the pictures above who are first good friends and mentors to me, first Mary Louise Bruce, who pulled me into getting involved with the DTC. Mary I would fuss about everything all the time especially in City Hall but all of good. Chris Caruso taught me the technical and policies of the DTC. At first I didn’t like Chris because some of his statements in the media but at his suggestion we sat down and talked and we became friends, he has always been a great man who truly cares about Bridgeport and it’s residents. Lisa Parzialle has always been there for me, in her style of talking she made things easy to understand and who always had my back just like Mary and Chris. Along with the late George Pipkins I just want to say thanks for encouragement and advice. Lennie, well done.

    1. Lennie thank you so much for another event that brought old and new friends together for a few hours of nostalgia, humor and a little benign political discussion. I missed my dear friend Ron Mackey even more when I had the opportunity to see Donald Day. Donald is so “cool,” a retro word but appropriately descriptive. I was proud to see that seven of us that served together on the CC were also there. Chris, Mary and me from “83 on, and the rest as we went through our time on the Council. So many memories, stories, experiences, and through it all our friendships prevailed after all these years. The new wave of public servants were there in force, listening and enjoying the banter. You did it again Len, I look forward to Saturday and your take on Bridgeport history.

  4. *** As usual, another nice OIB gathering with old & new friends and faces. Thanks Lennie & Family for a great time with great people to chat about the political past & present and more still to come! Where the rest of the usual OIB bloggers we’re goes without question? They missed a great opportunity to see & meet the people behind the blog handles new and old, too bad! Thanks again Lennie & OIB. ***

  5. Nothing better than compromising photos in the clutches of Lennie’s files! Congratulations- wish I could have made a return appearance for your party, life just got in the way.

  6. Good seeing you as well Lisa (Honey) best hug I’ve had in years. Good seeing Chris and nice meeting you as well CC, I can’t imagine why Maria doesn’t like you. Kinda nice Lennie.

  7. Always a pleasure to run into sparring partners. Thank you Lennie for your generosity. It was great chatting with everyone and especially nice to see the next generation of leaders.


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