Cat Fight–Brawl At Frankie’s Diner

Videos gone viral capture a brawl among young women at Frankie’s Diner on Barnum Avenue Saturday night.

Police Chief AJ Perez says police responded to the scene Saturday night. He says detectives are now reviewing the videos to determine if arrests should be made.



  1. While I won’t address the young ladies fighting, I will say these young brothers need some Man training. My hope is a real Black Man sees this video who knows these young brothers and tell them what they should have done and how they should have behaved, as a Black Man.

    1. Donald Day, I appreciate your post. If the entire cast were white, it would be equally embarrassing. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with race. This is typical antisocial behavior of the youth today who have more emotional ties with their electronics than human beings. A race is not judged by the actions of a few. Not in 2017. If these folks were any race and saw an old lady falling down the stairs, they would record it first to post on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter etc. before they asked if she were okay. It is reflective of the times we live in. These “brothers” are acting no different than any other race in this same situation. At this stage in their lives it is funny. Nothing you say can change that. That of course is just my opinion. If you feel their actions were a poor reflection of the Black community, you are taking it way too personal. It is the youth of our nation these days and it isn’t a Bridgeport thing.

  2. Is this situation different from other urban areas? Or even suburban areas? I don’t think so. We hear stories of bullying resulting in young people committing suicide. Sometimes these things seem far and away from us. I once came across a situation where I personally knew of a teenage suicide. It is so incomprehensible. These events don’t happen ONLY in Bridgeport. Let’s not carried away and put a microscope on Bridgeport and keep beating ourselves. One more thing with this video. Let’s just not focus on one ethnic group. If we look around at the news today, people of all colors and all ages do cruel things to other people. All of us, all human beings, need to reflect on how we treat our fellow human beings. This video begs the question of the role of parents, the role of peer pressure.

    1. One thought. Today we have people having much greater access to guns. It’s hard to know if this is accurate but whenever I read social media after a “gun tragedy” in Bridgeport, young people themselves report the huge presence of guns.

  3. Black or White it does not matter. Clearly this is not the place or the way to air your differences. Posting nonsense like this on social media only makes matters worse. To some young people this is only entertainment.

    Mr. Day, I hope you are right.

    This type of behavior will chase away any future businesses at venues like this, Mr. Fardy is correct.

  4. *** It’s amazing what today’s youth find entertaining, the young “boys ” did absolutely nothing to stop the brawl but laugh! Sad, very sad and the girls seem to fight more often than the boys do nowadays to show off. And let’s not forget to get it on video, yo! Many urban cities across America are or have gone to “shit!” Counting the Park City, aka the armpit of CT–“Bpt!” ***

  5. The Channel 12 News footage is worse. It literally shows an adult black male browsing a menu for take-out. As the fight moves closer and closer to where he is standing, without even glancing away from the menu, he kept shifting away from those fighting.

    Not only are those brawling guilty of appalling behavior, those just watching, laughing, cheering, etc. also demonstrated a poor lack of judgement.

    I first met Nick in December when I asked him to donate to our Christmas Tree Lighting. He just donated over 500 bottles of water for our next event. He is very involved in our community and this is how he is rewarded for his generosity. Shame on all those involved, and I hope Nick is not discouraged by this major brawl in his place of business.

  6. This is just another example of what it is like to live in a war zone. Children don’t even flinch at the sound of gunfire or explosions. The person with the menu is an example where you are so used to chaos. People are just desensitized, that sums it up in a nutshell.
    To most of us this type of public behavior is stupid, to the combatants and spectators it’s no big deal.

  7. I am very surprised there was not a policeman there to begin with. Years ago a policeman was always working and available at the diners I would go to at night. The “Main Line” was staffed by police nightly, I remember police at Frankie’s too. SMH.

  8. Steve, when someone says this has nothing to do with race, it’s about to get racist. It’s racist if you want to make it about race. Take Day’s post. It’s somewhat racist and misogynist. He says the youths are not real black men and need training on how to act. If a white person said that it would be considered racist.

    The males didn’t do anything but laugh and film it, which is our current culture. Maria calls out a black male for going about his business and staying out of it. It seems like you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if don’t.

    Day says nothing about ladies who were engaged in the mayhem. No advice for them, so they can keep acting like they acted that night. Not looking to better the black ladies’ behavior or lives.

    No guns, no one got stabbed, or weapons of any kind, just a couple of weave fatalities. But overall typical kids, yes needing some guidance and growth. Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye not be judged. Been there done that.

    What makes me laugh is this video got a lot of attention. I saw people who I knew at that age, who were part of a group who were known and prided themselves for fighting. If any of them showed up a party there was going to be a fight. If they couldn’t find someone or group to fight, they would fight among themselves. That was their thing. Some of these fights got pretty violent too. Reading their condemnation like their new car smell. SMH.

    This is why I say cops are placed and walk on a tightrope “justice” and “injustice.” They have to go into mayhem or situations where violence is always in the back of their minds not knowing what to expect. Their attitude, training, bias will dictate the outcome. Good luck.

  9. This is just a sign of disrespect today’s youth shows, no matter if it’s at Frankie’s Diner or Middlebury College. Why would anyone in their right mind bother to stop in these places after midnight when all the drunks are starting to arrive?
    What the cops should do is start checking drivers who pull into the parking lot and see who is driving drunk. I bet 9 out of 10 can’t pass the sobriety test.

  10. This is an example of ‘urban’ teenage behavior. Not just the fighting, but recording it and sharing it on social media. It is a form of entertainment. I see it first-hand. Teenagers do some stupid stunts. These ‘fights,’ which are often staged, are part of ‘ghetto’ behavior.

  11. Tom, I disagree to a point that this is an urban problem. They have this problem all over the country and at many well-known colleges. The problem is the wimpish leaders who don’t want to arrest anyone and make the PD stand by and watch. Our leaders need to grow a set of balls.

  12. Steve, my concern first and foremost is about my people and everything I do or say is from an Afrocentric perspective and after all this time you should understand that. I don’t care what other kids do nor do I care how they act.

    I come from a place and time when you didn’t do anything that was an embarrassment to your family and everything you did in public you represent black people. My parents gave me knowledge, wisdom and intelligence, but it took my father to teach me what was expected of me as a man, but more importantly as a Black Man in America. In this America the Man training for a black youth is different than any youth in America because of the racism and hate they will face the rest of their natural life.

    A real Black Man isn’t going to sit there and watch their Queens beat the hell out of each other and do nothing. These young Brothers need a strong Black Man to explain to them why this is unacceptable behavior and why it’s important to us as a people and to them as Black Men. I wish I had the opportunity to speak to my young Brothers because it appears as if they haven’t fully grasped the idea of what being a Black Man in America entails.

  13. Mr. Day, you summed up the issue with today’s youth. You were, as many of us, taught how to behave in public, school, church by our parents. A lot of these kids do not have parents, just two people who were in the room at the time of conception. A teenage mother does not have the skills to raise a child since they are children themselves. Yes they can give birth but they lack the maturity. These kids group up around bad examples and no one tells them right from wrong. They grow up doing the wrong things because they think it’s the right thing to do.

    By this time they will not listen to the voices of reason no matter whose it is. They are determined to do what they want where they want. A lot of kids feel they are entitled to do their own thing and damn the results.

    The issue of today’s youth goes back to their homes and who raised them.

    If you know better then you do better.

  14. Mr. Novia,
    Perhaps it was no longer worth it for the diner to hire a cop or cops decided it was not worth taking blood money on a job there. I imagine a cop would rather direct traffic than try to keep some hard-headed kids in line. Is there any truth to a rumor I heard years ago? A cop was working inside the diner on overtime and a homicide took place in the parking lot.

  15. Here is the actual problem. The police will do absolutely nothing about this incident. They are not going to arrest one person. Thus there is no fear of arrest by these people. Ron, for argument’s sake this incident is a black problem.

  16. Can we see this from a perspective as Bridgeporters? This is our community and these are our children. This is a manifestation of a serious problem with our children and not to compartmentalize it not as a black problem or a blaming game that we should start thinking about addressing it?

  17. From D Day: Steve, my concern first and foremost is about my people and everything I do or say is from an Afrocentric perspective and after all this time you should understand that. I don’t care what other kids do nor do I care how they act.”
    That is a self-centered racist attitude. Your caring hasn’t done squat. It seems when groups of young blacks get together there is always a fight or some other shit happening. I must say you are doing a great job in Ansonia so my suggestion is concentrate on Ansonia and leave Bridgeport out of your domain because you are failing.

  18. Fuck you Andy, everyone who posts on OIB know you as a bigot or as an asshole. Get in where you for in at the time. My sole ambition in life is the uplift of my people and I’ve done that in Bridgeport for over 30 years.

    Walk your fat lazy ass to any firehouse in the city and ask any young black, Latino or female what part I played in getting them hired on BFD. Once that is done walk your fat lazy ass and ask any black officer including the two black chiefs and ask what part I played in them reaching elevated rank on the BFD. Not bragging just stating the facts.

    By the way I lived in Ansonia when I came up with the concept of preference points for Bridgeport residents that Don Clemons used as a city councilman to get this passed by the city council. Oh I forgot to say, walk your fat lazy ass to city hall and ask Clemons if I did indeed gave him a PowerPoint program to present to the city council for preference points for Bridgeport residents. Andy, all you’ve been and all you’ll ever be is a first-class bigot and/or an asshole.

  19. Andy, you’re a racist; Day, you’re a racist; Ron, Tom are racist. Tim definitely a racist. And Andy you’re kind of an asshole too. On the same thread you tell Ron this is a black problem, but you also say it’s the sign of disrespect of today’s youth and tell Tom it’s not just an urban problem but a problem all over the country. Then you say the cops should give a sobriety test to everyone who enters a diner parking lot. Yeah, you’re an asshole. Day, “if you only have love for your own race (minus the women) you only leave space to discriminate and you’re bound to get Irate.”

    1. Donald, “Fuck Me.” What an intelligent comment from an admitted racist. You are failing in your work of helping blacks only. I have a suggestion, take your black ass to Chicago and see how you make out. I would go to city hall and talk to Clemons but is he there, plus I don’t talk to tool crib attendants. I will always be better than you no matter how hard you cry.

    2. Listen shithead, you have no idea what you are talking about. Like I said yesterday check your aluminum helmet and make sure the windows are also covered. Let me ask your dumb ass a question. How many people coming into the diner and driving cars are under the influence?

      1. I checked it. It says you’re an asshole. That depends on the time of day, asshole. Here are a few questions, asshole. Why are city diners open at 2am? What customers are they looking to serve? You’re a racist and an asshole. On the bright side you’re more of an asshole than a racist. You should be proud of that, said the aluminum helmet.

          1. WOW, you hate Puerto Ricans and Capitalists too. You’re a bigger racist and asshole than my aluminum helmet imagined. However you will always be a bigger asshole than a racist. be proud of that. Wait a minute, aren’t you Puerto Rican?

    1. Small dogs for small people like you. I don’t know you and you don’t know me so mind your fucking business.
      I’ve known Day and Mackey for 30 years, both were good firefighters and paid their dues. I have argued with them for years. Teixiera, you have no say in this, you don’t have the background we have so fuck off, maricón.

  20. First of all, I didn’t start this name-calling, you did. You called me an asshole and told me to fix my aluminum helmet because my post with religious references insulted you.

    Second I’m not arguing with you, I’m agreeing with Day, when he said you are an asshole. I’ll take Day’s assessment of you since you’ve known each other for 30 years.

    When you called me an asshole, how did you come to the conclusion I was an asshole?

    PS what does “small dogs for small people like you” even mean? You did see the dog dancing, right?

      1. I have no Puerto Rican heritage and I own a real dog (Rottweiler). That little dog was just like you, yapping all the time but not knowing why. Let me tell you this. I don’t like most people period; for the most part they suck.

      2. Excuse me my friend but what do chihuahuas have to do with Puerto Ricans? (Mexicans maybe.) Teixeira (Portuguese? Italian?), try googling the perfect Human.

  21. Hey Lennie; maybe you can arrange to have the next OIB party-brawl at Frankie’s. The tenure of the “conversation” on this topic sounds like it came from the brawl-kids playbook! And we’re criticizing the kids?! If the bloggers were all together in Frankie’s during this “discussion” I bet there would have some hands moving through the air among the bloggers. Wow! And we’re supposed to set an example and give some direction to the kids?!

    1. Jeff, it was nice of you to chime in. Are you asking Lennie for home playground advantage? I see our immature conversation didn’t stop you from entering the fray. I’m rubber you’re glue whatever you say bounces off of us and sticks to you. BAM.

  22. Jeff, thanks for keeping your writing to a merciful size in either case. Screw you. Were Day and I fistfighting? No. Were Mackey and I fistfighting? NO. And I doubt if these kids read the blog and even if they do, so what. Mackey, Day and I have had some nasty arguments and they never resulted in fights. Jeff, you’re so used to being a milk toast let’s make everyone happy you don’t know squat.

    1. Andy, see, I told you you’re more of an asshole than a racist. What am I, invisible? Does my aluminum hat give me invisibility? What about Bob?

      PS You may have a Rottweiler but can it dance? Are you sure you’re not Puerto Rican? Not even like 1/4? Are you Mexican or something?

      And Andy it’s not the length of Jeff’s writing that’s merciless. It’s his philosophical element. What the fuck was that energy, psychic shit about? And what does it have to do with development and lowering taxes in Bridgeport?

  23. Jeff, I can assure you there is nothing Andy can say to me that would make “hands fly” and I am equally sure nothing I’ve ever said to Andy would make hands fly.

    You see Jeff, I’ve had man training from a strong Black Man who I called Dad. I’ve had man training from strong Black Men called uncle, brother and granddad. I truly believe in freedom of speech and because I do I know sometimes someone is going to say something that offends me and when that happens fighting isn’t an option. I learned a long time ago, sticks and stones may break my bones, but you know the rest.

    Don’t worry about Andy and I, we’ve known each other for over 30 years and I’ve said things he didn’t like and he certainly said things I didn’t like, but assaulting each other was never an alternative to conversation.

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