Casting Construction Line For Bass Prop Shops

Bass Pro artist rendering
Groundbreaking this summer? Rendering of Bass Pro.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Missouri-based Bass Pro Shops is still coming to Bridgeport’s Steel Point site.

The company has been waiting for the state to finalize a package of financial incentives later this month.

“You’ve heard the story–if you’re from Missouri, you’ve got to show them,” said Robert Christoph, the Miami-based developer of Steel Point. “These are true Missourians … Bass Pro’s not going to get too far out in front of this until they know it’s finished and a certainty. Logically, it makes sense.”

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  1. Side Bar: Picture this. Bridgeport Downtown–Sunday afternoon. March 16, 2014. Barnum Publick House. Brunch 11:30. So exciting with the buzz of people. Packed. Reservations only. People being turned away. Groupons available. Endless Drinks. Amazing deal. Finally, a Downtown eatery that knows how to bring people down. The chemistry in the restaurant was electrifying. The Bloody Marys were delicious. This environment on a Sunday afternoon was what some of us have dreamed of for years. The staff was excellent and I must say the management style was amazing. What a nice two hours downtown. The food was very good!

    1. Mustang, the fact they were crowded and turning people away was exciting. We didn’t have a reservation but were lucky to be seated. You get to prepare your own Bloody Mary, which I thought was interesting. Everyone enjoyed it! As usual, none of the local politicians and negative characters were there. JUST A FEEL-GOOD VIBE ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON. I GUESS THIS WAS THE PLACE TO BE FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH.

  2. Is there a toxic issue there? Who did the tests and when? Is there a plan of remediation? If all of this (or even some of it) is in place, and this does seem to be the pattern for these sites, then perhaps what was done in Stratford where two feet of clean fill (after removing major contaminants to an approved grade) followed by asphalt or structure buildings serving as a cap is what is necessary. I am not sure but I know there is a similar pattern to follow. What I do not know is that particular site. I bet someone on OIB does though. May we hear from you? There is always a cost, and some of the expense is for cleanup jobs. Time will tell.

  3. At this point, investors, residents and local businesses are wondering not just if Bass Pro is going to stick a shovel in the ground. People want to see a real development happening simultaneously. Where is the waterfront hotel and housing that will warrant major chain restaurants and become a cultural magnet? These are the articles we want to read about. Not the same redundant every-six-months article. The Mayor knows without major announcements and solid commitments, a Bass Pro will not get him reelected. It is spring, now is the time to start lining up proposals and getting a few construction offices on site with a huge billboard in the middle of the peninsula with a phone number and vision for Steelepointe, there are 150,000 cars passing through Bridgeport every day. Most drivers have no idea what is happening on the site. How about a little promotion??? Honest to G-d. Can the developers be that unconscious? PUT UP A BILLBOARD. IF THE DEVELOPER DOESN’T WHY NOT BILL FINCH? THEY PUT UP SIGNS ALL OVER THE CITY WHEN ANY IMPROVEMENT IS MADE. Seriously, this is a joke, right?


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