Calace “Resigns” As Housing Authority Chief

Looking into this. Dulce Nieves, chair of the Bridgeport Housing Authority, issued a memorandum today alerting the resignation of Nick Calace who served as executive director of the BHA for about eight years. In addition to Nieves, the BHA commissioners, according to the letterhead, are Shante Hanks, Sulton Stack, James Brown and Americo Santiago.

DATE: March 4, 2013

TO: BHA Employees

FROM: Ms. Dulce Nieves, Chairperson, Board of Commissioners

SUBJECT: Executive Director Resignation

Please be advised that the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport has accepted the resignation of Nicholas Calace from the position of Executive Director. While Mr. Calace’s resignation is effective May 31, 2013, we have agreed to allow him to not be in the office, effective immediately.

During the interim, any and all matters which would require the attention of the Executive Director should be directed to me. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Authority’s outside general counsel, Rolan Joni Young Smith, Esq.

We appreciate Mr. Calace’s eight years of faithful service to the residents of the Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport and to the City of Bridgeport and wish him well in his future endeavors.



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