Business Group Names Steve Stafstrom Legislator Of Year

Stafstrom legislator of year
Kelly-Wade Bettuchi, representing AT&T, presents award to Steve Stafstrom.

Bridgeport’s eight-member legislative delegation that had been loosely aligned for years has been credited with working more closely as a stronger unit to achieve additional state funds for urban initiatives. Strength in numbers certainly applies in lobbying an urban agenda in the General Assembly. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom who represents Black Rock, the West Side and West End in the state legislature, recently received an award for his work from the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.

News release:

State Representative Steve Stafstrom has earned the Bridgeport Regional Business Council’s ‘Regional Impact Legislator of the Year Award’ which was presented to him at the group’s 2016 Annual Meeting.

The mission of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC) is to increase the economic opportunities for the people of the Bridgeport region by acting to create an environment for business expansion, retention, and recruitment that will result in jobs and tax base growth.

The award to Rep. Stafstrom was determined by the BRBC’s Government Relations Committee and is given annually to a regional legislator with a voting record in support of business and legislation relating to improving the economy.

The award was presented to Rep. Stafstrom by Kelly-Wade Bettuchi, representing AT &T, sponsor of the award.

“I want to thank the Bridgeport Regional Business Council for this honor and for their efforts in working with our regional legislative delegation to help local business grow and create jobs.” Rep. Stafstrom said. “I pledge to continue to support policies to improve our business climate, develop programs to prepare our young people for future employment and work tirelessly to grow Bridgeport as the regional economic driver the State needs it to be.”

Rep. Stafstrom is a member of the Judiciary, Environment, and Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committees.



  1. Aside from Bass Pro, which BRBC didn’t really have anything to do with, how many jobs is BRBC taking credit for creating in Bridgeport over the past two years? How much has Bridgeport’s unemployment rate gone down over the past two years? Especially minority unemployment.

  2. I’m not knocking Steve. I like him. But this is one award I wouldn’t accept unless I had strong positive answer to the questions I asked above.

  3. Again, I like Steve. I gave to his campaign. But he is a State Rep whose district is 100% in Bridgeport. His number-one focus should be creating and growing jobs in BRIDGEPORT, not the greater Bridgeport region.

  4. *** BS political Who’s Who award, no? *** How do they sleep at night with all the numbers stacking game concerning all the new or future jobs? ***

  5. Nothing against Steve, but recognition from the BSness Council is not something the constituents of a BRIDGEPORT politician would be expected to regard in any positive light, considering the BSness Council’s track record of steering desirable development away from Bridgeport.


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