Brown Versus Hennessy Primary Outcome–When Will It End?

Maybe before 2023 we’ll know a decision about the August 9 Democratic primary between incumbent State Rep. Jack Hennessy and City Councilman Marcus Brown who has a two-vote lead following an order by Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens to hand count all the ballots.

The judge has weighed a motion for this, an argument for that, the discovery of missing ballots,  repositioning oceanic tides to return absentee voters on a raft to Tahiti, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Okay, not the last part but when summer transitions to autumn, as the leaves turn brown will Marcus wear the North End crown?

Even if Stevens rules for Brown, or orders another primary, this case could be headed to the Connecticut Supreme Court. Ugh.

Evidence, oral arguments, may wrap up by Friday.

Please …



  1. Are they real, the 9 missing votes, went missing for a week, right now State Rep Jack Hennessy is still the winner until Judge Stevens rules other wise!
    Mr. Shillie you can spin it anyway you want, Jack is the voice for the 127th not Mucus Brown!
    I’m not sure that the Judge has the confidence’ in the week long missing bag of votes.
    Most people I talk with feel the same way.

  2. Remember November 2, 2010 Election this is Bridgeport!
    At least 10 polling places in Bridgeport were without ballots late in the afternoon.
    The registrar of voters’ office is independent of the mayor’s office, and Wood said he was unsure how the shortage occurred, though turnout was high for a mid-term election.

    In addition to the photocopied ballots, which cannot be counted by the optical scanning machines and must be counted by hand, the secretary of the state’s office was sending more ballots to the city.

    Caruso said the registrar’s office sent over photocopied ballots in bunches of 100, but they quickly ran out.

    “The turnout was so high,” he said. But he also faulted the registrars for having insufficient ballots.

  3. Hmmm– On Election Night Mr. Brown won the election by a slim margin that required a recount. During a recount Mr. Hennesy gain and won by 1 vote.. Now- the mndated by a judge- Handcount- Mr. Brown won by a couple of votes. Mr. Brown won by all voters that came out to vote 100 degree temperatures at the the poles. That included a piece of literature that had ONE of the Councilmen and district leader endorsing Henessy. Those that voted chose Mr. Brown. Personally, I would be ecstatic to have a re-election. I think Mr. Brown deserves to have a huge Margin WIN!! I also think his campaign manager that receieved 1000.00 a week should just spend time in her own district. One thing about absentee ballots- Seniors should not be bullied into voting for a candidate. This will be a humiliating loss for Pereira. Her style doesn’t work in the North End. We tout the positive qualities of a candidate not bullshit- Rematch!! Brown deserves to crush Pereiras aspirations in the North End. She has burned so many bridges. It is sad, considering she had so much potential for her own political career. If her only goal is to replace Mayor Ganim, she may want to take a look at her goals. Time is moving on without you. Great things are happening in the city of Bridgeport. Primaries are good- They wake people up. Hennesy has been endorsed and nominated by “the Machine” that Pereirra has a problem with for over a decade yet being a true hypocrite Maria Pereirra had been a complete contradiction to her usual set of beliefs.

    I thank Mr. Hennesy for his years of service. Time to move on. Time stops for nobody. Rematch Please.! Would like to mention I thought it was shameful having a state Rep that not only endorsed Jack Henessy but also had her picture and comment on his campaign literatute invite non endorsed candidates to the Jewish Home. Imagine that- A social worker no less- You know- those that could help with absententee ballots. Nice to have friends on the Board and grateful That friends and family supported Mr. Brown. Honestly, I don’y knw how these people think they can get away with this shit.

    As usual, I thank all candidates that take the time and have a genuine desire to serve. They can not be totally responsible for the horrific and shameful tactics 0f their campagn managers. Please frgive all gramatical errors. I am heavily sedated but needed to support my candidate that I nominated .

    On a side note. Most sincere condolences to Marshall Marcus on the recent passing of his wife. We overlook politics when dealing with real life issues.

    when dealing with real life issues.

    On a side note

    1. I’m glad to see your comment. It’s a sign you’re recovering. To me it looks like Steven’s already indicated how he’s ruling. He stated something to the extent that he was not going to disenfranchise a voter for what other voter fail to do. Brown leads by 2 votes, if Stevens takes one vote (he said he’s not) and gave it to Hennessy, there would be a tie and another election. There could be an appeal that can lead to another court order recount. Look at the recount order by Steven’s. He starts by ordering a recount prohibiting any of the defendants from participating in the recount and then goes on to assign the Registrar of voters (The principal Defendant) as the person to lead the recount. I’m sure the attorney will try other grounds for appeal. I can’t estimate the approximate cost to the candidates and the city. The Registrar of Voters screwed up royally but, most folks are used to that happening. You gave up a little too much information. I heard Maria Pereira is going to challenge you to a drug test. My condolences to Marshall Marcus and the family. A wife, mother of the children, the foundation of a husband is a painful loss. Rest her soul. Speedier recovery Steve.


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