Bronin Bails On Guber Bid, Ganim Sees Opening

Bronin, Malloy
Luke Bronin with Dan Malloy. CT Mirror photo.

About four weeks from the Democratic Party convention, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, whose city received a controversial financial bailout from Governor Dan Malloy, has ended his bid to replace Malloy who’s not seeking reelection.

Too soon to determine which Democratic candidate for governor will benefit most from Bronin’s decision, but Mayor Joe Ganim, for one, sees Connecticut’s cities as his path for candidate relevancy. Bronin, who features an impressive resume, is a disciple of Malloy, the most unpopular Connecticut politician. Want a third Malloy term? Then Bronin’s your guy, not exactly a viable platform to jump start a campaign for governor.

More on this from the Hartford Courant:

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin is abandoning his bid for governor, weeks after a sweeping, state-funded bailout deal for the distressed capital city roiled lawmakers and his political opponents.

At 38, Bronin has risen swiftly in Connecticut politics. The son of a doctor and a former teacher who was raised in Greenwich, he attended Yale University, won a Rhodes Scholarship, joined the Navy Reserve and was deployed to Afghanistan. Before running for mayor, he was Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s top legal adviser.

A Democrat serving his first term in elected office, Bronin opened an exploratory committee in December and has crisscrossed the state attending candidate forums. He raised nearly $230,000 over the past four months.

But Bronin’s quest for the governor’s seat never caught fire and, in a crowded field, he had trouble gaining momentum. The ambitious attorneys’ frayed relationship with organized labor, a key constituency within the Democratic party, further hampered his political climb.

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  1. “It is not surprising that mayor brining could not see a path to victory…….” according to Lindsay Farrell…..politicians expect to be in the water, some of the time, especially hot water….but to be kept in salted water, brine, makes you not unlike a pickel, and gherkins may be out of season at this time.

    Being mayor is a full time job in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport. That’s what the folks are compensated for. Bronin woke to an apparition? Ganim still is pursuing a personal dream that is fanciful until he is able to post some real numbers to his core city economic driver comments. Until then any comments from him run the risk of being termed a “serial liar” as in STOP RAISING TAXES. Who approved Ganim2’s bridge to long term bemefits stitching first Mayor years, eliminating 12 years or so, and then 2016 for two years? What does Joe deserve? Taxpayer generosity? Time will tell.

    1. Lennie, why this about, ” Ganim sees opening?” Is Ganim the only Democrat with the gift of sight? Seems to me like Lamont’s chances improve with Bronin out of the way. Joe’s chance of reaching the magic 15 got a boost with Bronin dropping. Could a deal between them be ironed out?

      1. Joel and Joe Ganim. Give me a break! Let’s talk about Ganim’s quality of sight. Joe Ganim goes to his PR dates and as he leaves.. HIS EYES ARE DOWN TO THE GROUND AND HE TRIES TO NOT HAVE ANT EYE CONTACT. I truly believe that Joe Ganim is both emboldened and ashamed of himself. It’s like being in Hell.

    1. You got that right. The voters in the ‘burbs will never go for Little Joe Gnim, a convicted felon and disbarred attorney. Hell, the legislators representing the lavender belt cinched aound Hartford vote as if new soccer fields for Avon, Glastonbury and Farmington are way more important than public education for Bridgeport’s school children.

          1. The lavender belt consists of the suburban bedroom communities ringing Hartford, New Haven snd other cities.

  2. From day one Governor Dan Malloy was a Albatross around Mayor Luke Bronin’s neck, this doesn’t change much for delegates because Luke Bronin didn’t have much support with the Hartford DTC especially with black delegates the same as Ganim does with the delegates in Hartford.

  3. Bronin was not a front runner. I expect there will be more shakeout before the convention.
    I did receive a call from Bronin last week asking for my vote as a delegate. I spoke to other delegates I know and none of us had committed to him.

  4. WAIT!!!
    DON”T GIVE UP!!!!
    Announce some pie in the sky development plan that nobody believes will to fruition. Sprinkle it with hidden tax breaks that are negotiated in the dark. Add on to it free space downtown and bingo!
    You’re right on par with Mayor Joe.

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