Bridgeport Lawyers Abound In Donovan Campaign Federal Probe

Chris Donovan
House Speaker Chris Donovan.

This is water torture time for Connecticut Speaker of the House Chris Donovan whose Democratic campaign in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District is in the cross-hairs of a federal investigation that so far has charged Donovan’s ex-finance director Robert Braddock Jr. with conspiring to hide campaign contributions connected to a piece of legislation involving a tax on roll-your-own tobacco establishments. The probe has Donovan’s campaign reeling while keeping a bunch of Bridgeport lawyers busy representing key figures in the case.

Frank Riccio II
Frank Riccio II represents Braddock.

Ray Soucy, a labor union official, is cooperating with federal officials in the probe of Donovan’s campaign activities. Donovan is running for the seat of Democrat Chris Murphy who seeks the U.S. Senate seat of a retiring Joe Lieberman. The district covers western Connecticut including upper Fairfield and Litchfield counties. Frank Riccio II whose dad has spent decades as a criminal defense attorney, represents Braddock, a young campaign operative who probably wishes he never took this assignment. Braddock has a decision to make: limit his exposure by cooperating with federal investigators or roll the dice. Neither proposition is a walk in the park. To say Braddock’s cashews are in a vice is an understatement.

Bill Bloss
Bill Bloss represents Nassi.

Josh Nassi, Donovan’s ex campaign manager who has not been charged but is identified in the FBI affidavit involving the case, is represented by Bill Bloss with the Bridgeport firm Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder.

Shelley Sadin
Shelley Sadin represents Donovan.

Shelley Sadin with the Bridgeport firm Zeldes, Needle & Cooper is representing Donovan. The advice these lawyers provide their clients can be the difference between liberty, a short time in the joint or ruining their lives. These kinds of cases are pressure packed, anxiety driven and financially exhaustive.

Other folks in this case are lawyered up. Stay tuned.



  1. Lennie,
    Remember the good old days with the Ganim investigation. So many people had lawyered up you had to search Hartford and New London to find one not conflicted out. Sorry Len, not so good.

  2. Donovan has done wonders for Bpt.
    I wonder what?
    So he goes to jail, Bpt will introduce him to a few butt buddies.
    By but I mean “but I didn’t do anything.”

  3. Bill Bloss? Sounds like a designer attorney. KK&B are well re-noun-ed in personal injury and social justice cases. This must be a verbal case of copulative proportions.

  4. *** As the Fed probe continues and thousand$ of dollar$ are spent on legal representation for the accused clients who are always 99% not guilty and 1% questionable. We the silent taxpaying majority know from past political debacle experience, he who makes the “first” deal gets the “best” deal, no? *** ALIEN PROBING BY MIB ***

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