Bridgeport Hospital Loosens Patient Visitation Restrictions

From Bridgeport Hospital:

Since mid-November, Bridgeport Hospital has strictly limited in-person patient visitation only to special circumstances for the safety and well-being of patients and staff as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For several weeks, across the state and our health system, we have seen a downward trend in hospital admissions, positivity rates and asymptomatic patients. Wastewater studies predict a further decrease in community cases and hospitalization. As always, we must balance safety with the provision of compassionate and patient-centered care.

After careful consideration and deliberate discussions with our clinical leadership, we have decided to move toward expanded visitation. This keeps many of the current restrictions in place, while loosening the guidelines for certain patient populations.

Effective Monday, March 1, patients in the following categories at the hospital will be allowed one (1) visitor per day. No visitor rotation or swapping will be permitted with the exception of end-of-life circumstances. (Please note that these categories are limited to COVID-negative patients only.)
— ICUs: one visitor from 2 – 6 pm, no swapping
— Inpatient units, for patients with a length of stay of eight days or more: one visitor, from 2 – 6 pm, no swapping
— Inpatient Psychiatry: no length-of-stay requirement, one visitor from 4 – 6 pm, no swapping
— Inpatients with planned surgery or procedure: one visitor the day prior to surgery
— Patients with same day surgery: one visitor or support person to accompany patient
— Emergency Department: one designated support person for duration of visit

Bridgeport Hospital will continue to monitor trends and new developments with regards to COVID-19 and adjust the visitation policies accordingly. Having the support of family members or care partners can enhance outcomes and the overall patient experience. These guidelines balance safety with the provision of compassionate and patient-centered care.


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