Bridgeport GOP Chair Slater, Democratic State Party Chair DiNardo Urge Christina Ayala To Resign Office

Statement from Bridgeport Republican Town Chairman John Slater:

“It remains to be seen whether the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s referrals will result in criminal prosecutions and convictions. Like all Americans Rep. Ayala is innocent until proven guilty. But, this issue goes beyond criminality.

Throughout her brief career as a candidate and a state legislator, Rep. Ayala has continually conducted herself in a manner that is simply unacceptable for a member of the House of Representatives. That behavior has reflected badly on Rep. Ayala and, unfortunately, on the city that she represents. Indeed, since her election stories about her bad behavior seem to have exceeded stories about her legislative accomplishments.

The fact that the Speaker of the House quickly stripped Rep. Ayala of her committee assignment speaks volumes about how her behavior is viewed by her colleagues in the General Assembly.

At a time when the city of Bridgeport faces many challenges it can’t afford a state legislator who behaves like Rep. Ayala. Her actions have unfortunately led to yet another scandal further darkening Bridgeport’s black eye. She should resign and allow the voters to select someone better able to fill this important position. I believe the voters in Bridgeport will begin to take a proactive approach in reforming the city’s politics this November. The alternatives to Miss Ayala’s contemporaries are out there. I am proud of our Republican candidates both for their political promise and their integrity.”

Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo announced today:

“Given all the allegations surrounding Rep. Ayala and given all the time and energy she’s going to have to expend in defending herself, the right course of action would be for her to step down.”



  1. Nancy DiNardo may be low-key and collected in her presentation, but she is NOT fooling around if she makes a statement like this on the wire. She will not stand for legislators making a mockery of the Democratic Party. Heed the advice Tita, step down. Yesterday.

  2. *** She will not resign; so what happens if all charges and investigations are dropped against both Ayalas on everything pending? Who will be left with egg on their political face then? *** WHEN YOU SEE A MUD PUDDLE AND DECIDE NOT TO AVOID IT AND GET MUD ON YOUR PANTS, WHOSE FAULT IS IT? ***

  3. Mojo–you of all people! You are all about do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Are you going to sit this one out? BTW, it isn’t just about the fraud charges. This is about a whole year of mishaps. Are you suggesting Christina Ayala is qualified to represent you or anyone else in Hartford???

    1. And that made me laugh out loud. She was elected–the voters decided she was qualified–vote her out the next election cycle are the familiar words that echo down the halls of city and state offices. As the sitting elected officials laugh in our faces …

    2. *** It’s not about the right thing nor whether I think she’s qualified. My blog implies they’re not about to resign any time soon and who actually put them there in the first place! Second, they still are just allegations, nothing more or less, which makes me wonder who’s pushing for this and is the SEEC finally going to start really doing their job in matters like this from now on or is this just a way to get rid of two strained-your-welcome pols? ***

  4. She needs to resign immediately. It’s one thing to make a fool out of yourself, but it’s another thing to humiliate the whole city. Please don’t give me the “innocent until proven guilty” routine, this is becoming a non-stop series of distasteful behavior that is unacceptable for an elected official. Enough already.


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