Bridgeport Death, Investigation, Illuminates White-Black Media Bias

Lauren Smith-Fields Instagram image.

The national media’s fantastical preoccupation with the Jennifer Dulos murder case, and others of that ilk, has morphed into the duality of another lamentable death involving 23-year-old Bridgeport woman Lauren Smith-Fields found dead in her apartment last month following a night of tequila with a white male she met on the dating app Bumble (where women initiate contact). He reported her death to police.

The medical examiner’s report, when finally released, will shed a brighter light on the cause of the young Bridgeport woman’s death and if foul play had a role.

The law enforcement details aren’t generally the same, the cases are different, but social media efforts and that of the lawyer hired by the Bridgeport loss goes to the question of media racial bias and law enforcement’s enthusiasm, by comparison, to the disappearances of white women.

The media glows the white woman’s disappearance from tony New Canaan, Connecticut, dims coverage on the black woman from urban Bridgeport.

Right now the Bridgeport Police Department is the marketable monster of family lawyer Darnell Crosland, a pro in his own right highlighting government injustices. He represented City Councilman Ernie Newton in the state’s bewildering prosecution accusing him of falsifying $300 in donations to leverage a $90,000 public grant for his 2012 run for state senate.

Crossland, Newton
Attorney Darnell Crosland, left, with Ernie Newton. Photo Michael Mayko, CT Post.

Long story short, the state case went to trial, Newton got dinged on the lesser charges, appeal followed and the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled the presiding judge had screwed up jury instructions. Newton negotiated an eventual plea without jail time. Big waste of taxpayer dollars that easily could have been handled civilly.

In Crosland’s representation of the family, it makes no sense for him to barbecue the knee-jerk media out of the box. Dangling the police department is the raw chicken the alligators maul. Larger media outlets are starting to bite.

In case you’ve been on a raft in Tahiti the past two years, well-to-do Jennifer Dulos and her husband Fotis were engaged in a contentious divorce. She disappeared, her body has not been found, police uncovered DNA fragments of her up state, her husband became a suspect, he offed himself, his girlfriend and lawyer have been charged. Mass media hysteria, national stories, documentaries, film, television, you name it.

The Bridgeport case is logistically different, according to police accounts thus far: Meet on a dating site, connect at her apartment, shots of tequila, she becomes ill, visits the bathroom for 10-15 minutes, returns, resume shots, presumably falls asleep, hours later she’s unresponsive, he calls cops. She’s pronounced dead on a Sunday. Family does not learn this from police until late Monday.

The family is underwhelmed by the local law enforcement response a month or so later. They want the guy scoped as a suspect. He has not been named as such.

When law enforcement rushes to appease public sentiment, screw-ups may follow and then it becomes messier. Still, the contrast of cases certainly highlights the inequity in media coverage while questioning law enforcement zeal to the task.

From the Connecticut Post:

In a prepared statement, Bridgeport Police Chief Rebeca Garcia said police received a call Dec. 12 reporting an untimely death.

“Upon police arrival it was found that Ms. Lauren Smith-Fields passed away unexpectedly,” the statement said. “This incident is currently being investigated by the Bridgeport Police Department’s Detective Bureau. This investigation remains open and active.”

Garcia’s statement said police are waiting for a report from the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office on the cause and manner of Smith-Fields’ death.

The medical examiner’s office said the cause is “pending further study” and the manner is “pending investigation.”

Crosland says he’s poising legal action.

From Rolling Stone:

“It’s happening all too often with Black girls missing across this world, across this country, and no one says anything,” said Darnell Crosland, the family’s attorney. “When a white woman goes missing, the whole world drops everything. We are done with this valuation.

“We’re suing the city of Bridgeport for failure to prosecute and failure to protect this family under the 14th Amendment,” Crosland said, invoking the post-Civil War addition to the Constitution that aimed to provide equal protection under the law for all citizens–including Black people who’d previously been enslaved.

Comparisons include Florida woman Gabby Petito whose remains were found in Wyoming after trekking across the country with her boyfriend. She died by strangulation. An arrest warrant was issued for her fiancé Brian Laundrie whose skeletal remains were found in a wooded area in North Port, Florida.

Every place you turned last year, be it restaurants, bars, grocery stores, news headlines, this was the story. Would she turn up and how? Would he turn up and how?

So now we wait for the medical examiner’s report and what’s to follow. Crosland will keep up the heat on behalf of the family.



  1. While I don’t understand the comparison of two missing/death cases of white women at the hands of domestic violence other than the white, black racial narrative. This case has its own merits for media coverage. Teh circumstance and death alone warranted a crime processing scene. With the lead Det. removed and being investigated along with the attorney for Lauren Smith-Fields suing the city and department, claiming cover-up and the Det. in question may have prior contact with LaFountain before the police were called. There is more to come from this case. If true, this shit is going to hit the fan. This is not a drunk hitting a parked car people. JS


  2. This IS a great example of media bias or sensationalism, if you will. Black, White, Latino, Asian whatever- there’s no difference, people are people. We know the media IS biased both on the left AND right.
    Imagine what they’d be doing to Biden right now if they disliked him as they did Trump!!

    1. Rich, I will give you the biased views in the national/social media, for the most part, it has become a business with its marketing targeted demography and indoctrination with a philosophical element when it comes to politics. I think the latter is a cabal and is an underlining focal point though.

      Everybody says there are two sides to every story but when it comes to their national/political news they tend to only get/want one side that fits the needs of their own biased views, like a Jedi mind trick.

      While the race angle is sensationalized in a biased, black, white manner it is a way to garner up support or awareness, especially when there is a white and black element that revolves around the police or politics. Outside that sensationalism the news is met with silence, like black on black police “abuse” or “missing/death” women cases, even black racism crime basically go “under-reported” on the Left News outlets. As I said this case has its own merits for coverage and protest.

      The same can be said for the Right (Fox news) and other Right news media outlets who tend to report on the sensational of black, white stories that target/indoctrinate their demographic, philosophical groups. Like the case with the college girl’s death in a furniture store, while they “underreport” on white crime that involves white officers abusing/deaths of whites. They seem to tend to stick to their own sensationalism.

      However, you being a cop and making such a statement said a lot about the police and their conduct that has been on been national headlines, for better or worse. As biased as it may be and silent on a broader element.

      During WWII, the Germans had to come up with a way to kill Jews because it was having such a sociological effect on soldiers

      It seems your deflection on the police handling this women’s death shined with your own bias sensational indoctrinated views, seemly just the biased media does, the left or right. Those are lying/misguiding words, but you know this, which is why I can assume you capitalize IS. We lie and hate on so God damn much we created an entire system to counter its and its effects. Think about what you stated, why you started it, and How you stated it. JS

      P.S Rich, it seems like Det. Garcia might have played good cop/bad cop, on the bad cop.

  3. Rich this story isn’t about media bias more than its about incompetence and malfeasance. You had the police saying they didn’t consider the white man a suspect because he was a nice guy! This is an indictment of the BPD, the Chief who lacks the knowledge and expertise to run an urban police department and Mayor Joe Ganim who appointed this lady, not because of her qualifications, but to appease the Latinx community.
    The only media bias associated with this story is how the editor invoked the name of Ernie Newton in a story that had absolutely nothing to do with this Brother! The media uses every opportunity it has at its disposal to tear down a Black man and it appears as if OIB is no different.

    1. Cheap shot DD. I’m tearing down Ernie Newton by pointing out he and the family of Lauren Smith-Fields share the same lawyer who calls out government abuses? From day one 10 years ago, I editorialized the state’s campaign finance case against Newton was thin. Why did they prosecute him? They wanted Ernie’s pelt. Why was that? They didn’t get it. The lawyer became a strong advocate on behalf of Newton. He’s doing the same for the family. The medical examiner’s report will share details about the cause of death in the Smith-Fields case.

      DD, sometimes you’re a beauty. For weeks you savaged Newton here for “selling out” his own people for supporting market rate housing while he’s been a strong benefactor of affordable housing as well. Now you come on here spewing your pretextual bullshit.

      Don’t ever again accuse me of tearing down Ernie Newton because he’s a black man. Don’t ever accuse me of tearing people down because of race.

  4. Ouch Lennie, the culture has a saying that only a hit dog howls. Pretextual bullshit? How is my post trying to cover up the truth or does it just offend your sensibilities? Black folks all across this America has seen numerous examples of how a media story somehow makes reference to another Black person who at best has nothing to do with the original story except, it was his Brother, cousin a friend or who happened to retain the same attorney and they then become part of the story. Do I think this was a deliberate attempt by you to cast aspersions on Ernie or any other Black, probably not, but could very well be implicit bias on your part. I’ve never savaged Ernie or any other Black in this forum, but I do hold our public servants that are Black accountable when they aren’t living up to the trust and expectations that the people who voted for them expect and deserve. I hold Ernie and other Black’s to a higher standard of excellence, but I’ve never savaged him, nor will I let a white person savage him in this forum. There are enough white people that need to be excoriated for their failures to the community that y’all can address without always trying to beat the hell out of Ernie. Was my post a cheap shot or merely a shot? I think the latter! Or maybe before I post I should ask myself, what would Lennie do or better yet send it to you to edit to make it pleasing to your sensibilities? Lennie were still cool, I love you like a play cousin.

  5. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, my comrade Day is right, while I won’t go as far as to say it was a hit piece to tear down a black man, Ernie. I am sure Ernie though don’t want to read about his past bad life decision either.

    On the other, Lennie’s piece gives awareness about an unjust investigation into a black woman’s death using the racial media bias narrative.

    However, on the third hand, Comrade Day could have easily claimed Lennie’s piece was to rise up a black man. Because there is another black man standing on the side of Ernie in which the piece is extremely favorable and actually about. who is out to seek justice on behalf of Lauren and her family, But instead, he chose to use it to tear down a white man.

    The point being. perspective people, perspective. JS


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