Bridgeport A Destination? Maybe Daddy Warbucks Got It Wrong

Home sales are up in Bridgeport. They’re surging in the Bridgeport region fueled by virus-fleeing New Yorkers.

“People are buying vacation homes in areas like Lake Tahoe; Bend, Oregon; Bridgeport, Connecticut; and the Jersey Shore,” according to CNBC’s Diana Olick (who) joins Shep Smith to talk about the surge in vacation home sales as people continue to work from home.”

Those internet trolls are tooling on our town for being roped into the report, as Hearst Connecticut’s Lidia Ryan reports.

Bridgeport does have some coastline–Seaside Park, Pleasure Beach, St. Mary’s by the Sea–and destinations like the Beardsley Zoo, the Stress Factory and a forthcoming amphitheater. Still, Twitter users cracked some jokes at CNBC’s unusual characterization of Bridgeport.

Ha, what does Daddy Warbucks say to Little Orphan Annie? “After New York, every place else is Bridgeport.”

Well New Yorkers, The ‘Port is sounding pretty good right now.



  1. The EXIT27A region is the logical destination for the NewYorkNewYork-themed web site turning visitors into residents. Bridgeport is the featured touchpoint and occupancy rates prove it. It’s hard to ignore the NY plates. New Yorkers are used to bridges and a city named after them makes sense.
    Any ‘port in a storm?

  2. when we listed our house in June, we were told that New Yorkers were headed east on I95 because houses here were cheaper than in NY. And from what I see on Zillow, the prices in Bridgeport keep going up!


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