Bradley Urges Lamont To Back Tribal Casino For City

State Senator Dennis Bradley, in a letter to Ned Lamont, is calling on the governor to support a  joint casino venture for Bridgeport between Connecticut’s tribal nations that operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

Bradley letter to Lamont:

Last week at your speech before the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC), you spoke of many issues of real importance to the city and the region. However, your comments regarding the possibility of a casino in Bridgeport seemed to ignore that fact that we already have legislation that has bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate just waiting for the call of a Special Session.

You made a point in your remarks to say that the Tribes need to “step up and make sure that Bridgeport is a part of the solution.”

With all due respect, the Tribes have done exactly that. Since the end of the legislative session, my colleagues and I have had discussions with both the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot Tribes about the kind of investment that would lay the foundation for real success in Bridgeport. The $100 million direct investment from the Tribes, part of a $300 million dollar economic development project, is exactly the kind of new foundation we want to set in our city.

The spinoff effect will benefit the exact people you spoke so passionately about–the small businesses that represent the backbone of our city who will grow and expand once this facility is operational.

Far from “shooting elephants,” this is a realistic project that will employ people in my community and bring people to my city. In stark contrast to MGM Springfield, this is a project that won’t threaten people who paid out of their own pocket for training and certification with layoffs just a few months after opening its doors or fall dramatically short on revenue projections month after month.

You’ve said from the beginning that whatever agreement is reached is “going to have include Bridgeport.” I can’t thank you enough for advocating so strongly in favor of the interests of our city. I would urge you to support the Connecticut Jobs and Revenue Act so we can bring these plans to fruition.



  1. Honestly I stop going to foxwoods and mohegan last year and been going to mgm in springfield. Its usually faster drive to get to mgm in springfield and 2 there is a lot of things to do in springfield if you don’t want to spend money on expensive casino food. Fooxwoods and Mohhegan is in the middle of nowhere so there’s nothing to do outside the casino which sucks!!. A casino in bridgeport would be great!!

  2. Dennis Bradley knows or should know that a casino isn’t coming to Bridgeport now or ever. The Native Americans aren’t motivated nor is it in there best interest to bring a casino to Bridgeport. The bullshit that they were proposing was a beer hall casino which wouldn’t compete with any casino in the tri-state area.

    Dennis, find some other way to help Ganim or are you doing this crap so that you can say in four years when you try to run for Mayor, look what I tried to bring to Bridgeport people. PLEASE!

    1. Don, Dennis Bradley totally understands exactly what you said is true, this is Bradley keeping his name out there and that he’s fighting for the golden egg that will solve all of Bridgeport’s financial problems and a promise of each voter a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage in his future effort to run for mayor.

  3. Dennis Bradley said “my city”! Sorry Dennis, this is my city. A tribal casino in Bridgeport is not the answer. Our lawmakers need to grow some balls, rip up the compact. Time to start playing hardball with the tribes.


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