Bracing For ABracadabra In State Senate Battle

With six days left until the Aug. 14 Democratic primary that features the State Senate war between incumbent Ed Gomes, Ernie Newton and State Rep. Andres Ayala, the Town Clerk’s Office has received about 500 absentee ballots from roughly 1300 applications to vote by AB. Elections officials are bracing for a last-minute dump as campaign operatives urge their identified voters to mail in the ballots. Unless, of course, operatives assist voters in mailing them, which is illegal. (They wouldn’t do that, would they?)

Most of the absentee ballot action is coming from the Ayala and Newton camps. Elections officials have picked off a number of duplicate applications which generally means the respective campaign camps are going after the same people to vote by absentee ballot. Lots of luck. The Gomes campaign has filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission in the hope state elections officials try to skunk out the absentee ballot action. Lots of luck.

Primaries are all about identifying friends and dragging them to the polls. All three campaign camps say they’ve identified enough votes to win. The larger question is who has the best turnout operation?



  1. I have looked at all the candidates, I know all three. I can’t vote for Ernie Newton because he is associated with Ralph Ford who I feel is a detriment to Bridgeport. I can’t vote for Ayala for a number of reasons like he has represented the East Side in many elected positions like city council, state Rep, council president and so forth. The only one on the East Side who has benefited from his time in office is AYALA himself; example, new position under Fabrizi with a significant raise. The East Side is like the OK corral, nothing has changed in 40 years.
    I have known Ed Gomes for almost 50 years, we worked together at Carpenter Steel. I think Ed could have done a little more for the upper East Side and its flooding problem. Ed is a rarity in today’s political climate, HE TELLS THE TRUTH. I will be voting for Ed Gomes come Tuesday.

  2. When is someone going to arrest and lock up Lydia Martinez and Americo Santiago? When they turn in more absentee ballots than there are residents in Bridgeport? They are two of the biggest snakes in Bridgeport’s voting history.

  3. Andrew C. Fardy is not an Angry White Man. Here is what East Side Hispanics are saying:

    “I’ve lived here since 1972, and this was my domain,” said Edwin Diaz, who grew up on Brooks Street, two blocks away. “But no more. The kids with guns took it from me.”

    He recalled a far more pleasant era, when streets were blocked off for merchant fairs, not investigations into shootings.

    “When I was a kid, everyone had a pear tree or an apple tree in their backyards,” he said. “Sometimes, kids would steal apples. Now, they shoot people.”

    A woman, who declined to give her name, said she only goes outside to walk to her car. “Out the door and into the car,” she said.

    “It’s not good to live in Bridgeport anymore.” said Rosa Malines, who owns the house across the street from the crime scene and lives on the second floor with her husband and dog.

    “I can’t wait to sell this house,” she said.

    1. Joel, I am an angry white man. I am angry because our kids are being shot and killed and shot and disabled an very little is being done to protect them. The administration postures and the chief talks but says nothing. The people who represent these areas are too busy getting absentee ballots to raise a stink about what’s going on. There have been no statements from either the administration or the police chief that more cops will be added to the street patrols, no statement that patrols will be increased in these areas.
      The politicians who represent this area have been quiet, I guess they are too busy getting absentee ballots.
      Someone please tell me how a cop on a Segway is a deterrent to crime. Someone tell me how a cop on a horse is a deterrent to crime. These specialized units are pure window dressing, they are expensive and they are pure bullshit.
      I spent 30 years coaching kids from these areas in baseball. A lot of these kids came to us with a chip on their shoulders, a lot of them came with no gloves. We worked with these kids and when they saw someone actually cared about them, many, not all, changed for the better. Many went to city high schools, graduated and work in society. I see a lot of these kids who are now grown men who thanked me and others for giving a shit.
      These kids out there today need to know someone cares what happens to them.
      So Joel, yes I am an angry white man because the powers that are there now are just giving these kids and their parents lip service.

    1. Obviously you have to blame the Secretary of State’s office with regard to abuse of the ABs. There should be a limit as to the number of applications that are given out to any ONE (1) person. Martinez, I know, goes to the senior residences with the applications, has them filled out and gets them mailed in. When the actual ballots are received at the residences she is notified by someone on the inside of their arrival. The rest is voter fraud.

  4. We really should give less attention to the number of live ballots out there. It gives the community a bad reputation and detracts from the positive image of American democracy.

    Besides, it makes it tougher to catch the bastards dumping a grocery bag of ballots into a Middle Street mailbox outside the Main Post Office.

  5. *** Rumor has it the Feds have been working on a city case that will shake the status quo, after the state primaries. It’s a bit of a surprise yet just another day in Zombieland! ***


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